10 Shocking Deaths In The Midst Of Sexual Activity

Just 2 months back in February 2016, Social Media was abuzz in circulating a disturbing video clip of a prostitute hanging with the genitals of a dead old man. The body of an old man was being taken to hospital on a stretcher with the woman still hanging with his body under the blanket. This was not the first time when a man or a woman had breathed last while having sex. Cases like this have been witnessed before as well.

Why deaths are reported sometimes during sexual activity. Health experts say there are many reasons for it. One they say death can occur due to physical strain. Another reason they give is a heart attack since the heart beat rate increases to the highest capacity level of human beings during sexual activity.

A study conducted in 2011 shows that if a person particularly aged persons increase their sexual activity by one hour in a week, chances of deaths increase. The study also claims that out of every 10,000 cardiac arrest deaths, one occurs due to increased sexual activity. Euphemisms during sexual activity can also lead to the death of a person during sex.
Here is the list often shocking deaths during sex. The list is shocking also because it includes the name of a former Prime Minister, President and a pope. Scroll down the page to know the shocking stories of their death yourself.

1. Death of a 91-year-old Portuguese woman

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In December 2015, a 91-year-old Portuguese lady was found dead in her bed. Who busted the secret that the lady has died in the midst of sexual activity. The semen of her 49-year-old neighbor and a sex vibrator lying on the bed.

2. Former French President Felix Faure

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We are not sure about this incident because it is believed to have happened a long time ago in 1899. It is believed that he called his mistress into his bedroom. As the oral activity began inside the bedroom, heartbeat rate of the President increased and he died with his hands still tangled in his mistresses golden hair.

3. Mexico couple died while having sex on daughter’s wedding day

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This couple from Mexico decided to have sex on their daughter’s wedding day. The dead bodies of Charles and Dorothy Mackenzie were found floating in a hot bath tub with their arms tangled around each other. It is believed that Charles died first whose body then held his wife underwater which led to her death.

4. Dressing his Girlfriend as Nazi proved costly for this man

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Before actually going for sexual activity, this man decided to have some extra fun. He dressed his partner as Nazi and tied a knot around his neck to pretend a hanging. The knife turned out to be blunt and hence it could not cut the rope. Till the girl would have managed to bring another knife or blade to cut the rope, the man had already died due to asphyxiation.

5. Russian man gulps a full Viagra bottle and dies

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This Russian man whose name is said to be Sergey Tuganoc was promised by two beautiful women that they will engage in a threesome with him and with each, he will have to spend half of the day. The man gulped entire Viagra bottle live a successful day but his beat stopped forever before this young man would actually begin the action.

6. Lift from the Piano crushed man during sex

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A bouncer at Condor Club in San Francisco was busy in having sex with his girlfriend atop the piano. Lift from the piano turned and killed the man under its weight.

7. Death of Pennsylvania woman due to nipple clamp

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This incident occurred in Pennsylvania and the husband initially tried to hide the cause of death of his wife. He blamed electrocution for the cause of her death. Later police found that death had occurred due to nipple clamps.

8. The vehicle rolled and the couple drowned in flowing water

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Throughout the day, Anita Harold and Richard Lang had been searching for some secretive place to begin action. After failing to find a nice place for the action, they decided to start in their own car. They parked the car along the river side, it rolled into the flowing water and drowned both.

9. Fun in the balcony proves costly for the couple

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This incident happened way back in 1996 when a couple decided to have some fun in the balcony and in the midst of the action fell down and died.

10. Shocking death of vice president Nelson Rockefeller

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This is the most shocking incident of death during sex. Way back in 1979, Former vice president Nelson Rockefeller was having sex with his 27-year-old secretary. At the peak of the action, he breathed his last.

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