7 Things Men Shouldn’t Say While Having Sex

There’s always a time when you have a conversation with your friend and he/ she starts becoming more than “just friends”… and you end up having sex with that person. Although it wasn’t ever on your bucket list but for many people, sex us majorly unplanned. Your heart says that it’s the right time and so, it happens.

But, there’s a catch. Especially it happens with the men out there in bed, which they tend to say things which they never meant or they couldn’t express in a better way. It leads to a lot of confusion in the girl’s mind. Men never had any bad intentions but the words spilled out of their mouth can’t go back, and you might lose her that instant.
So in order to stay away from such forbidden experiences, here are some “don’ts” which you can follow in order to end up having a great sex:

1. “I could get used to this”
Now what exactly you mean by “this?” The other person may feel something awkward because the word “this” is very subjective to individual perspective. And at that time, your sex partner might abruptly get up and go because you don’t have any explanation to it.

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2. “You know, this will change things between us”
Of course, it’s going to change certain things between you and her; there’s no need to say it out loud because it may give an entirely different meaning to the other person. By now, you two have gone far beyond just talking.

3. “We should name it”
Yes, the name is “sex.” What else would it be? Being overly creative can also lessen the enjoyment level in the love making. It’s not like you want to get married to her, right? So keep it cool and simple.

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4. Saying her name while doing it
Most of the women would take it otherwise. Yes, you say her name because you want her to realize that “she’s special” but it might be perceived as you are tricking her into a jig-saw puzzle. So, avoid taking names while getting physically intimate.

5. “Let’s not fall in love”
And, you just made her conscious! Probably she wasn’t even thinking of that word and when you say it out loud, it might look like you are getting attached to her. This might ruin your sex part. True that, for the specific moment, you are in love because of the hormone release but that’s just a dry spell and temporary.

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6. “If we ever go for a date”
If you are really serious about it, then only spill your words because girls hate false promises. Don’t get caught-up in the flash moment and blabber anything. Be honest and true to what you say because your words matter a lot to her.

7. “What if I get addicted to you”
Don’t! True that, sex can be very addictive but don’t think about getting addicted to her. This word “addictive” gives a bit of a negative connotation. We know that you are feeling romantic and melodramatic but somethings are better to be kept within your own mindset.

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And even if you can’t help it but say such things, bring it out with a disclaimer that it doesn’t have to be dealt seriously. Also, if you have had some of such experiences, do share them with us. Your personal experience might just help!

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