9 Awesome Body Exercises For Ripped Arms

We all love to have ripped and toned-up body muscles. But not many people prefer going to the gym because of some or the other reasons. So, here are some simple bodyweight exercises which you can do anywhere and anytime and get those tight shoulders and arms within few weeks. The bottom line is to keep your body active and busy with tough exercises. So, have a look:

1. Toss the heavyweight: The first and the foremost mantra to an amazing body is to give away with the stereotype of doing heavyweight muscle pulling. With just a simple exercise carried in a daily regime, you can tone up your triceps, biceps, forearms and shoulders in few days only.

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2. Do Dips: Believe it or not, dips are an amazing technique of exercise which not only will build the shoulders and pecs but will also show spectacular results in no time. On a dip bar, your chest must be kept outwards and lower your head such that your elbow should make an angle of 90 degrees. Your neck must hold pressure for good results.

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3. Towel Pullups: It may look like a fun activity but, it’s a great way to strengthen your forearms and grip strength. Around a pull-up bar, wrap two strong towels and hold the ends of it. Grab them and pull yourself with all your strength and do it daily.

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4. TRX bicep curls: We all know that the traditional way of doing the bicep curl can lead you to some internal injuries in your elbows. So instead of that, get a TRX and curl it towards yourself keeping your posture straight. This way you surely can enhance the results of muscle building.

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5. Crab Walk: Yes, it a bit weird but it’s a great way to build all the muscles of your body including arms and triceps. Keep your hand and feet flat onto the ground while getting into the crab position and keep your chest forward, bend your knees and point your fingers behind you. Take baby steps while crawling forward and backward (if possible).

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6. Band Pushdown: It helps you to put in a lot of pressure on your triceps without giving much pain to your shoulders. On a sturdy object right above you, place the band and grab it with your hands. Do at least 50-70 reps at a single stretch for great results.

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7. Chin ups with narrow grip: It’s a proven experience that a chin up will increase the emphasis of the workout routine to a much larger extent. Grab the chin up rod with your palms and pull up yourself till your chin goes over the rod.

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8. Narrow width pushup: Your shoulders, triceps, pecs, etc. just by this technique of narrow width pushups. While getting into the position of push-up, bend your elbows by your sides and lower down yourself for a better result.

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9. TRX triceps extension: Take a TRX and while keeping your body in a forward position, lean to the front. Keep your body straight and rigid while extending the forearms in the front. Through this way, you can activate your triceps muscles quickly.

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These are some very quick and sure shot ways to build your muscles like never before. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay your hard earned dollars on the gym anymore.

Have a Healthy Day!

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