Body Building: Slow and Steady Wins the Great Body

Well said: “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” Exercising is a great practice to remain healthy and active. Exercising for musculature is often termed as body building. According to experts, body building is defined as the process of developing and controlling the musculature by using progressive resistance exercise. Body building is a slow and steady process. Well-defined strategies are the prime requisite for body building. Body building improves the personality of a person.

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A. Steps:

(a) A basic plan

Body building requires tailored and continuous efforts. A basic plan is required for fruitful results. One has to decide the time for work out and the type of workout according to their body type. It is advisable to consult the experts regarding the dirt plans and other do’s and don’ts of body building. Randomly moving for any workout can produce the undesirable effects like damage to muscle mass.

(b) Weight lifting

Lifting cannot be started from the middle or from the top. Weight lifting is the gradual process. It works on the theory of progressive overload which explains that muscle gain is directly proportional to the consecutive addition in the weight to the bar. The sheer amount of weight is to be increased progressively till there arrives a stuck point at which the weight is not bumped up higher.

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Progressive overload is a theory that suggests you to increase your weight to overload the muscle in order to force it to grow.

(c) Compound exercises

These are the functional exercises which encourage the body to use the groups of primary muscles, secondary muscles, stabilizing muscles along with core. These exercises may be supplemented by addition of weight once the compatibility has been achieved. Pull-ups, push-ups, reverse crunches, etc. are the examples of this kind.

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(d) One-two rep short of failure

Rep short of failure is the practice of lifting to failure each and every single set. Improper management in this exercise may lead to CNS exhaustion. It is being advised by the experts that one may go for one-two rep short of failure.


(e) Muscle training till fatigue

When the muscles undergo wear and tear, the body repairs the muscles and produce the new muscles to support the increasing workload. Fatigue is the refection of this phenomenon.

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(f) Body fueling

It is must to fuel up the body both before and after the work out in order to garner the required results. Body requires the nutrients for building the new muscles especially the proteins. In absence of proteins, the body adopts an undesirable route of utilizing the carbohydrates to serve the purpose.

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(g) Plateau bursting

Plateau is any point in time characterized by stable state with no progress for more than two weeks. This situation can be averted by altering either the set of exercises, type of exercises or even the resting time in between the exercises.

(h) Healthy and nutritious diet

During exercise, body burns a lot of calories and requires proper nutrition for keeping pace with the increasing requirement of new muscle mass to support the increase work load. Taking a proper diet is the most vital step in the body building process:

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(i) Frequent eating

Frequent eating at every 3 hours boosts metabolism and help in fat loss.

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Breakfast: King-size breakfast provides energy and improves the metabolism. Carbohydrates and proteins should make a regular diet plan.

(ii) Whole organic foods

According to experts, whole foods are more advantageous than those in box. Vitamins, minerals, proteins (meat, poultry, whey, fish, etc.), carbohydrates (brown rice, oats, lentils, etc.), veggies (spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, salad, carrot, cabbage, etc.), fruits (banana, orange, apple, pineapple, etc.) and fats (olive oil, fish oil, real butter, etc.) should be there in requisite quantity in the daily diet.

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(iii) Water

Drinking a lot of water promotes the conversion of fats to energy by the liver and also keeps the muscles hydrated to the optimum. It also helps in removal of toxins from the body.

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(i) Proper rest

Body undergoes anabolic processes during sleeping. Deep sleep heals the body and the mind. Proper resting is required for the proper recovery. Complete 8 hours of sleep stimulates the secretion of growth hormones which promote building of muscles. The resting schedule in between the consecutive days of work out should be tailored according to the type of exercises like one day off between each weight lifting workout while two days off in case of upper/lower splits.

B. Benefits of body building:

(a) Energy booster

Eating healthy diet and doing exercise regularly increase the energy level and keep it high for the whole day.

(b) Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is characterized by weight gain. Body building helps in achieving and maintaining the healthy weight. Resistance training is helpful in building metabolically active muscle tissue. The combination of interval and aerobic training helps in shedding off those extra kilos of fat. Healthy weight improves the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

(c) Confidence boosters

Body building diverts the brain from the source of negativity and helps to tackle the state of depression. Exercising helps in mood upliftment. It helps in boosting the self-esteem of the person.

(d) Health cautious

The zeal for getting a well-built body makes a person health cautious. Body builders develop interests in knowing all the facts regarding the healthy eating and healthy living. Healthy and scheduled eating habits helps in improving the conditions of Crohn’s disease and diabetes.

(e) Improves personality

Body building improves the overall personality of a person as a whole. The person gets more socialized and develops the receptive power for all positives from any and everywhere. Exercising increase the release of happy hormone called endorphins.

(f) Productivity enhancer

Exercising enhances the overall productivity of the person. With an active mind in an active and healthy body works with greater accuracy and accomplish greater tasks.

C. Body building foods:

(a) Egg whites

Egg whites, with a protein to fat radio of 60:1, are the purest form of proteins in the world. These are the sources of vitamins and minerals. The proteins from them is readily utilized for protein synthesis.

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(b) Lean meat

Red meat and lean meat like turkey breasts and chicken are the wonderful mass building sources of foods rich in proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamin B. These foods are the best to be included in weekly nutrition plan.

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(c) Vegetable proteins

Beans and legumes are the good sources of proteins for the vegetarians. These sources also provide fibers which are essential for healthy bowl movement and for proper insulin response that plays a crucial role in muscle growth.

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(d) Carbohydrates

Slow burning carbohydrates fuel and sustain the muscles. Foods like sweet potato and oat meals may be the good pre work out snacks.

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(e) Whey proteins

These are the frequently recommended food stuffs for the body builders.

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(f) Fishes

Fishes are the good sources of proteins as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

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