9 Best Male Spring Colognes

Men love cologne; especially at the time when the sun becomes nasty and we start sweating. The spring season is the time for holidays, road trips, fishing, golfing, etc. There’s a dire need of a refreshing cologne and even the rough city dweller likes a spray of freshness. A little spring cologne can make you feel fresh, confident, optimistic and rejuvenated.

Yes, the cologne shopping requires a series of trials and multi-testing but, it’s a way to pick-up that one scent which matches with your liking. So, here are some of the most amazing fresh spring colognes which we have specially picked for you. Have a look:

1. John Varvatos Artisan Blu
The world of perfumes has a new addition this spring season. This John Varvatos Artisan Blu cologne has the Mediterranean water coupled with citrus groves and its shape of the bottle is pretty attractive. You will also feel a tinge of the bitter orange fragrance with it which adds to the fragrance.

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2. Montblanc Legend Spirit
Montblanc does understand what the men desire in a cologne. Since its inception in the range of perfumes, they have released some amazing fragrances. The Legend Spirit fragrance range by Montblanc has come up with “Follow Your Spirit” slogan. The scent is bit casual and very addictive with the signature fragrance of oak mass which is a new smell for this spring.

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3. Creed Green Irish Tweed
You can best describe this amazing fragrance as the Irish countryside scent because of its grassy and European freshness. Also, you can rely on it completely as it has been one of the most trusted and the oldest European scents.

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4. Prada Luna Rossa Sport
This newest fragrance by Prada has a sporty fragrance especially for the men who likes doing water sport. It’s an energizing mixture of soft ginger, juniper berries and beans. You’ll know for yourself when you will indulge in this spring friendly scent.

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5. Commodity Rain
This one is the best pick for this springtime. The slight scent of lemon with fresh lotus flower will give you a very clean feel. The perfume is very mild and can be worn post shower or even after a workout.

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6. Bois Itruk
This spicy yet classy fragrance from the Italian backdrop definitely defines a transitional phase from winters to springs. Itruk is an intelligent blend of lemon, pepper, cardamom and the signature amber wood scent. It’s surely a spicy and crisp smell perfect for an evening getaway.

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7. Kilian Straight to Heaven, Splash of Lemon
I know that there are a lot of fans for Kilian Straight to Heaven, so this one is a recent marvelous update. Splash of Lemon has a raunchy fragrance of cedar and rum making it one of the finest spirits of all.

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8. Andy Tauer Lonesome Rider
Now, the Lonesome Rider spirit is exactly for those men who wants to explore out there and plan to trek or go on a bike ride. It’s a fragrance which matches well with a rugged explorer personality. It’s a leathery scented base with cloves and pepper sauce.

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9. Aesop Tacit
Aesop is known for the fragrances which remind us of the greenery all around and feels that we are surrounded by nature. The new cologne Tacit has a scent of fresh basil mixed with citrus, which makes it a great scent for office goers.

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7 Important Grooming Tips for Men

Like it or not, your first impression is judged by your appearance and personality. You could become a successful personality or own a top notch car or gadget; but if you’re not well groomed, are shabbily dressed or have bad manners, you are judged according to that.

So all the men out there, here we are to help you from not making those embarrassing mistakes in the front of other people by providing you with few important grooming tips:

1. Be Grounded and Healthy

If you take care of your personal health, your half work is already done in there. Keep a balanced diet and do physical exercise regularly to make your body fit and active. Your body will definitely take care of you in the future. Avoid smoking and drinking or do it very occasionally. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking at least 1 liter of water daily. Keep a check on your stubbles and do close shaving regularly to avoid the ingrowth of hair in few intervals.

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2. Take Bath Regularly

Most of you avoid taking bath, that’s true! The first step is to keep your skin clean and avoid the bad odor coming from your body. And that doesn’t get cured by showering deodorants or perfumes; you need to take a proper bath especially if you’re coming from a workout or a very hectic office schedule. You won’t need the help of an external perfume if you practice regular showering. Also, make sure that your hands are clean by washing them regularly and clipping your nails.

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3. Clothes Makes The Impression

Yea they do! Your style and personality is hugely influenced by the type of clothes you wear. Don’t chase the fashion trends, go for those clothes which are comfortable and properly fitted. Also, whenever you go out have a look if your shirt is properly ironed and isn’t smelly. The color of your clothes are also an important part of your style wherever you go. As much as the clothes are important, the footwear plays a key role too. Keep your shoes shiny and well-polished even if you are wearing a casual shoe.

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4. Posture

If you slouch and walk shabbily, that shows your weak personality and under confidence. So, always make sure you walk or sit in a straight posture to avoid backaches and shows your assertiveness as a man. Once you keep doing it regularly, it will automatically become your habit and yes, people do appreciate an upright posture.

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5. Handshake

Although it’s a small thing, but it plays a very important role. Whenever you meet a person for the first time or consecutive times too, your handshake must be firm and make eye contact with them while shaking hands. A limping handshake shows a low self-confidence and is a bad first impression.

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6. Sweat… Check!

Positively have a check on your sweating. Although it is inevitable, but it can very well be cured. You just have to be a little cautious that you don’t smell in public. You can very well carry a good cologne and apply it if you are sweating in summer or after playing any games. Also, if you are getting ready for a party, do make it a point to hit the shower; it really helps.

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7. Table Manners

There are some nasty guys who don’t have proper manners of how to eat in a restaurant properly. Sometimes, they make weird noises when they eat or drop a little something here and there outside the plate. Well, you don’t have to hurry, eating has to be proper and peaceful. Also, after the meals some men don’t check if a food particle has been left in their teeth, that’s gross. Use washroom after you are done with eating and make yourself prim and proper.

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You can make a good first and a lasting impression if you follow these easy and helpful tips.

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Fashion Tips for Bald Men

So, your bald side is visible now, and you aren’t liking it, right? I am sure you would definitely be getting super conscious, and it might be that people mostly talk to you regarding your hair loss or remedies for baldness.

Why not make it a style? Have a look at these following fashion tips which you might need.

Baldness is also a fashion trend. If you have an attractive face with big head, then shaving all your hair can be a great idea for you. It will surely give you a rocking look like Bruce Willis. If you are not interested to be completely bald, keep your side hair short.

the rochImage Source: https://cbsmix1051.files.wordpress.com

2.Wear baseball caps
Wearing baseball caps is a best fashion tip for bald men to get hot and stylish look. These caps are very famous across the world and perfectly suit all types of face cut and skin tone. You can check out the wide range of baseball caps available everywhere. Moreover, you can wear it for any type of fashion trend, from a casual wear to a sophisticated party wear.

Wear baseball capsImage Source: http://g04.a.alicdn.com/

Give a decent and classy look to your appealing personality by wearing a suitable pair of sunglasses. It works well for bald head, but you have to choose the best set of sunglasses to get an elegant and stylish look. Instead of wearing square frames, go for round-framed sunglasses.

SunglassesImage Source: http://www.bet.com/

Why not try on the sure shot fashion trend of bandana that perfectly works in hiding your baldness. You can wear stylish bandanas that make you look exciting and adventurous.

BandanaImage Source: http://www.ergodyne.com/

5.Dark colors
Dark color suits more on bald people, as compared to the people with normal hair. In the contrast of dark colors, bald head looks shinier and add four stars in your dashing personality. It is an ideal fashion trend which can be carried out by every bald man.

Dark colorsImage Source: http://thebestfashionblog.com/

6.Turtle neck
Throw out your all round-necks t-shirts or sweaters and include turtleneck attires in your wardrobe. I don’t know you have noticed or not, but bald men look rocking in a turtleneck. Select bright color turtle neck sweaters that goes amazing with your bald and gain center of attention in a crowd.

Turtle neckImage Source: http://esq.h-cdn.co/

Add zing to your charming personality by covering your bald head with a stylish range of hats. Different varieties of hats are available so that you can select the best one that suits your bald head and makes you feel comfortable. These stunning hats not only give you a stunning appearance but also protect your face from the adverse effect of the sun.

HatsImage Source: http://images.freshnessmag.com/

8.Go for beards
A combination of baldness with beards is another great fashion tip to showcase your bald head in an appealing and stunning way. Beards go wonderful with a bald head and offer you a masculine and hot star look. Try out the new different beard style according to your face cut.

Go for beardsImage Source: http://www.peoplemagazine.co.za/

If you are one who wants to feel the rug of hair on your bald head then you can take the help of wigs. It is one of the most common accessories for bald men. Use only high-quality custom made fitted wigs that enhance your look and boost your confidence level.

WigImage Source: http://static.musictoday.com/

So, be confident and flaunt your new stylish look. 

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