Extreme Power — How to Increase Your Sexual Power Naturally

Are you one of those who don’t want to hit a Viagra to increase your sexual power? If yes, then thank God there are natural ways that can help you enhance your libido and sexual performance without any side effects. Sexual power is very important to satisfy your partner in bed; therefore, men are always keen to find out the ways that build up their sexual power. Here, I have shared a few ways that will guide you in enhancing your sexual power naturally.

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1. Stay active

Exercise is one of the fruitful option that helps in increasing your sexual energy to a great extent. Doing simple exercises for 30 minutes like jogging, walking, pushups, etc. are beneficial to build-up the sexual power. Moreover, it is helpful in improving blood circulation, decreasing stress level as well as enhancing testosterones in men and women body. Also, it makes your body more flexible so that you can try different postures easily while having sex. With cardio exercises, men can build their stamina which helps them sustain their erection.

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2. Food helps boost your sexual power

Along with exercises, there are some food items that have shown beneficial results in increasing the blood flow into the penis and helps in improving your sexual desire.

a. Almond

Almonds are a rich source of essential nutrients like vitamin B12, E, calcium and magnesium. Consuming almonds with the combination of other nuts such as cashews and walnut fulfill the requirements of Omega 3 that boost the level of the most important sex hormone “testosterone” in men.

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b. Oysters

For a long time, oysters have been used for enhancing the sexual power. It possesses adequate amount of zinc, which is also known as “sex mineral” and plays a significant role in increasing the production of testosterones and healthy sperm count in men. Moreover, it also boosts the dopamine and libido levels in men and women.

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c. Onions

The onion comprises aphrodisiac properties that works well in enhancing the libido. You can consume crushed onions by frying them in butter to enhance its taste. Eat honey with golden onion in an empty stomach to improve your sex drive.

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d. Watermelons

According to the experts, watermelon is new Viagra which offers the similar beneficial effects of Viagra tablet. It possesses rich amount of citrulline amino acid that plays a vital role in relaxing your blood vessels and results in boosting your sexual energy. If you want to arouse the sex mood of your partners, then try out this sweet fruit.

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e. Dark chocolates

Due to the presence of phenylethylamine compound, dark chocolates increases the endorphins hormones which release during the sexual intercourse. It helps in arousing sexual excitement in both the partners as well as enhances the mood of sex craving. Due to the rich source of antioxidants, it works well in boosting your immune system as well as maintain overall health. So, take a dose of dark chocolate to lighten the lost spark in your sex life.

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f. Eggs

It is a rich source of protein, vitamin B6 and B5, responsible for balancing the hormonal level of the body and keep your libido healthy. Eggs are also useful in declining stress and improving the sexual performance while ensuring a harder erections. So, kick-start your day with the plate of egg that would start a stifling sex.


g. Raspberries

Raspberries play a significant part in augmenting the female and male fertility. It improves the sexual drive in men and excites the feeling of arousal in both of them.

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3. Herbs that enhances sexual power naturally

For the past centuries, there are some herbs that have been used in the form of tea or tincture for arousal and building the sexual vitality. These herbs help in increasing your sexual energy by building your stamina and augment libido.

a. Ginseng

As per the studies of University of Ulsan College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, it has been found that ginseng herb is a boon for those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the roots of the ginseng work as a fuel for women to arouse sexual flames in the bedroom.

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b. Maca

Maca has antidepressant properties which is beneficial for those people who are struggling with lack of sexual intimacy due to their depression and stress issues. It also works as an energy enhancer and promote the natural hormonal production in the body.

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c. Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a herb which has proven productive results in 78% of test for treating impotence in men. According to the studies of the National center of Biotechnology Information, this Chinese herb works well in alleviating antidepressant that create sexual dysfunction. It is a great kidney tonic that soothes the muscle tissues and is helpful in improving the blood flow in the penis.

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4. Tips to boost your sexual power naturally

Change your lifestyle by including some of the daily habits mentioned below that will also help you develop your sexual power in a better way.

a. Quit a bad habit

Say “NO” to your smoking and alcohol habits. While studies show that drinking little red wine is good for improving the blood circulation, but too much consumption of alcohol leaves adverse effect on health and sexual life. These drugs narrow down your blood vessels and increase the risk of impotence.

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b. Reduce stress

Stress is one of the major reasons for various health ailments like blood pressure, heart attack, etc. that ultimately destroy your sexual desire. Mostly people adopt the bad habit of smoking and alcohol to suppress their stress level, which again harms your sexual performance. Regular exercise will help you improve your health as well as decreases your stress level. You can also talk with your partner about your stress that makes you calm and thus, strengthens your relationship and sexual life.

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c. Care your partner

Sex is a part of love that needs the understanding of both the partners to make it more pleasurable. Talk to your partners to understand his or her mood swings like women during periods are slightly in a different mood. Also, you can take the help of foreplay that makes the sexual experience more enjoyable for both of you.

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d. Maintain a gap

Sex in daily routine will make you feel bored and ultimately leads to the less sexual interest. Maintain a gap of 2 or 3 days after sexual intercourse to keep your sexual life refreshing.

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e. Different sex positions

Doing intercourse in same postures may get you bored after some time. Therefore, try out some different sexual positions that not only burns your few calories, but also makes your sex steamy and pleasurable. There are some sex positions that make your act more exciting and enjoyable.

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f. Consult the doctor

Knowing the major root cause of sexual issues is important and you have to find a right solution to it. If you really want to boost your sex drive through natural ways then doctor’s advice is a best option for you. A doctor will suggest you the right diet, healthy lifestyle choices, medical guidance and other tips to make your sex life better.

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