9 Things She’s Observing When You’re Naked

The men think way differently than the women. If you both are thinking of having some intimate time with each other, the guys need to know that girls don’t look for the Hollywood-type personalities in males. The women don’t get attracted to the naked bodies, rather they get more attracted by the way you woo her sexually.

When the guys drop their trou, girls observe a lot of things, basically, they check you out. So in her presence, try to keep the following things in mind (especially point no. 2 and 5):

1. She is observing your nails
Oh yes, the girls notice the cleanliness in the first go. They do check your finger and toe nails. It’s a big turn-off for them if they see that the nails aren’t cut or are brittle. According to the sexologists, the women get attracted to those males who keep their nails neat and clean.

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2. She manscapes you
She likes to observe if you have excess hair on your body, especially, below the belt. And every girl has her own choice about manscaping. These days the ladies especially hope for some manscaping in those regions for igniting arousal.

3. She observes your underwear choice
Just as you like her lingerie collection, even she likes your undergarment choice. According to various sexologists, “Some of us like briefs, some boxers, and some boxer-briefs, but usually we like a particular type. If you want to know how best to impress your lady with your underwear, ask what she likes.”

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4. She hopes for a good body odor
Girls are so much aroused by the odor. The psychologists say that, “Brain research recently found that the amygdala has been shown to play a major role in sexuality. Smells and sex have a very intimate relationship, so let her pick the scent you should wear to appear more sexy to her in bed.”

5. She’s thinking about her looks in front of you
Many girls are pretty shy about how do they look in front of the guys. Now, they have to ensure that she should be very comfortable with you. So don’t give any obscene comments or any bad lines. It will definitely turn them off instantly.

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6. She’s looking for your erection
Yes, she would love to know if she can turn you on or not; it kinda makes her more confident. If she doesn’t see an erection, she might think that she was unable to woo you and that might pull her down, emotionally.

7. Is size important? Not necessarily
It’s a basic myth that your penis size is important. Yes, it is, but for some. I know many girls who say that large penises have painful sex. So, if you’re an average size, be assured; and if you are a small one, don’t get tensed.

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8. She observes small details
The sexologists often say that, “Women are better at taking in detail than men. She’s more likely to notice that mole on your back, tan lines, your knees. But still, she’s far more forgiving than you think. “Women are more attracted to faces than bodies and tend to fall for the man behind the bod, rather than the body itself.”

9. She’s hoping for a manly care
Women in particular love to be around those men who understand them and are very caring in all the phases of her life, including sex. But, she loves a dominating man in bed. She may like the way you command her and she follows you for the rest of the night. This arouses her even more.

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5 Ways How Running Is Both Bad And Good For Male Organs

Run, run and run as fast as you can, it is good for your health but don’t forget to know about the bad as well as the good things which happen with your male package right beneath the navel and in between the legs. There are some amazing things happening with your male organ and scrotum when you are running. At the same time, some bad things also happen which you can get rid of by maintaining some amount of caution.

An Orlando-based Urologist Jeffrey Thill, M.D has completed five world marathon majors. He believes that our body adapts to every bad situation to prevent damage and so is in the case of our penis and testicles.

On the other hand, a Southern Illinois University researcher writes that if during running, our penis and testicles face some problem, still we do not need to worry too much.

“Your testicles’ ability to draw up toward your body is called the cremasteric reflex,” Köhler says. “And that’s just one of the ways your penis and testicles adapt to prevent injury,” he said.

He said that some good things happen during running with our organ that we need to tell others to encourage them for running.

So scroll down the page and know what is happening beneath the belt and how is yours doing now and is it fit to travel into the female world.

1. You may experience testicular pain

How Running1Image Source:

It is not just you but everyone athlete out of seven complaints that he feels pain in testicles when he starts running but only sometimes, at other times, it is OK.

The pain is caused by a condition called Varicocele. This condition is marked by the enlargement of a vein inside scrotum which leads to pain.
Researcher Kohler says that actually blood flow to back up increases which enlarge vein and causes pain. But he said that this cannot happen with everyone because it is genetic.

“I have men come in worried about cancer, but a lot of the time their pain just doesn’t have an identifiable cause,” Köhler says.

Kohler says that he has examined some patients who had pain in testicles already due to some other reason but due to running, their condition worsened. “Wearing compression shorts or regular running shorts with a liner that keep your “boys” secure from jostling can help” he said.

2. Too much tight outfit can increase the pain

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Researchers Thill says that it is good to wear tight clothes when you are on the run to prevent damage to your flexible organ but at the same time too much tight outfit can restrict blood flow to testicles that also can lead to pain.

“If you feel pain or numbness, your body’s letting you know that’s too much,” he said. But he said that this pain has no impact on the childbearing capacity of males so we don’t need to worry at all.

3. Running can erect your erected penis

How Running3Image Source:

Your manhood is erect due to the reasons are best known to you. He is ready to travel into the females’ world and in between you started running on the runway. Oh my god! it looks like your male hood will burst your pants to pop up through the window because it is supercharged now, firstly due to the face you are gazing at and secondly due to the increased blood flow.

“And since we all know your heart’s main purpose is to pump blood to your penis. So strengthening your heart will also strengthen your erection,” researcher Kohler says.

The best thing for couch potatoes is that there are chances that their organ might witness some erection that too within a months’ time if they will start running regularly.

Not Just Kohler, a research conducted by from Duke University School of Medicine proves the same thing. The researchers here studied 18 men who had been running for 18 hours during a week and found their erection increased tremendously.

4. Short of sperms and worried, try running

How Running4Image Source:

Researcher Thill says that there is ample evidence in this world to prove that running and childbearing capacity of man has a definite connection.
“We have lots of evidence to suggest physical activity—and running in particular—may improve a man’s fertility”.

Recently British Journal of Sports Medicines published a research on men sex. The research claimed that those men who had been exercising more than 15 hours a week had their sperm concentration up by 73 percent than those who were living a sedentary life. Thill says that this is because that running increases testosterone level in our bodies which in terms impacts sperm concentration in our bodies.

5. Running is good but too much is bad

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Running is a good and beneficial exercise for our bodies but if you will run excessively then it is also going to backfire. Studies conduct on men sex show that those athletes who had been running more than 70 miles a week had their sperm level down by 28 percent because it, in turn, lowers the testosterone level in our bodies.
“It seems you can get to a point where if you run too many miles, it kind of creates an inflammatory response throughout your body that’s not helpful for sperm health,” Thill says. The same thing was reiterated by Kohler. He said that running too much will definitely put our body under stress.

“That stress is helpful even in regular doses. But for guys who are always marathon training and really running a long way every day, there may be some negative effects to that physical stress, including lower testosterone and impaired sexual function or fertility,” he said.
He said that running around 35 miles a week is normal and anything in excess to this has a tendency to harm our bodies.

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Lower Body Workouts

# Easy Lower Body workouts for women for well toned legs and butt

Easy Lower Body workouts for women for well toned legs and buttImage Source : http://www.leanitup.com

Legs that speak volume and mesmerize you! Ah, the leggy long legs with beautiful come hither heels adorning them, the legs that bind your eyes in a spell that no potion can break…those legs. Are those long, lustful legs just a mystical fantasy limited to the grand ramps of Milan and Paris?

Easy Lower Body workouts for women for well toned legs and butt.jpg 1Image Source : http: http://womensfitnessinspiration.com/

Legs are the poetry of a woman’s body and just a glimpse of a gleaming portion of this poetry can make men go gaga. If you don’t believe my adjectives, ask any man about the features that attract them in a woman and they’d answer eyes, lips and legs  without a second of hesitation!

Men appreciating your well toned legs is not the only reason why Lower body workouts exist but it is surely one of them. Nonetheless, it’s hard to resist an exercise that makes your legs a wonder. Find out how you can shape them, tone them and indulge them here:

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How to get rid of man boobs-Physique correction

# How to get rid of man boobs-Physique correction

Man Boobs surgerySource : cosmosclinicadelaide.com.au

Bad news for an overweight guy is man boobs!

Man boobs is the last thing that any man would actually want but there actually many that are dealing with enlarged chest issue that makes their chest appear like boobs. Distinct issues that cause your chest to grown in a feminine breast are:

  1. Surplus fat tissue
  2. Gynecomastia
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What Does Creatine Do?

Creatine is an organic acid that is produced naturally in the body. It is a nitrogenous compound and its primary function is to supply energy to all cells in the body, especially muscle. Since it is produced naturally in the body, it is not an essential nutrient. But for athletics and body trainers or those who have a lot of physical activity to do, it is an essential nutrient. It aids in increasing high-intensity athletic performance. The natural production of Creatine is not enough to provide for the requisite amount for them.


 Source: http://musclemedsrx.com/
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10 Best Multivitamin for Men

You follow a healthy diet and perform some light exercises every day… Well, if that is the case, then your body should not face any deficiency, but that hardly happens. Sooner or later, you are going to face problems like muscle pains, low bone density, high BP, lack of vitamins etc. in the body. Once you discover that you are not able to provide the essentials to the body, the very next step you follow is to ask a doctor and get a multivitamin prescribed. This applies to lot many people out there.

multivitamins for menBut what Multivitamins are and Why are they Necessary?

There are six ingredients that are considered important in life: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Out of these, vitamins and minerals are considered micro nutrients as our body needs them in smaller quantities. And when our body fails to receive the adequate amount of micronutrients from the diet we follow, it starts to suffer from diseases. This is where the role of multivitamins comes in.

Multivitamins are ideal for everyone as their primary function is to treat any deficiency that a person suffers from. Further, multivitamins for men work more or less like Flintstones Chewable that most of you have taken during the childhood. The main difference is just that the vitamins and minerals are present in greater quantity that assists the body in the healing process.

Multivitamins are for Everyone…

It is not necessary that only a person, who is facing deficiencies, uses a multivitamin supplement. They are also suggested to men who are looking for muscle gains. It is more about providing your body the necessary ingredients and fulfilling certain health goals. There are many benefits of multivitamin intake like- they assist in energy production, intense focus, better immunity, and of course bestow the body with all the essentials required.

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What to Look while Buying Multivitamin for Men?

Amidst all those products present in the market, it becomes really tough to select one and, sometimes, the purchase happens just like that. If you choose a wrong product, it will just do harm. For example, if your body does not need the Vitamin X, then it is of no use to buy a multivitamin containing the same. So, it is always better to ensure that you get medical advice while getting a multivitamin. However, do look for these eight essential ingredients in your supplement, especially when they are purchased for/by a man:

  • Thiamin (B1)
  • Niacin (B3)
  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic Acid
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