8 Body Parts She Loves To Be Tickled For Pleasure

Women often complains that the men don’t explore their other body parts for a pleasurable experience rather they just stick to that “one spot” all the time. Guys, shame on you. Well, there are many other body parts which, when tickled, causes “her” to feel the pleasure instantly.

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So, here are some of those erogenous zones which might help you to have a better night than before (you will thank us later):

1. The Face
Women loves to get de-stressed and the best thing you could do is, a head massage. Just place her head on your lap and touch her forehead with thumbs for giving her a calm massage. Psychologists say that, “People carry a lot of tension in the face, and this helps them release and become more receptive to arousal. When a person is aroused, he or she will relax the muscles that keep the jaw shut.”

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2. The Neck
Women love to be tickled on her neck. Run your lips gently on her neck and see her getting aroused instantly. Says the experts, “The skin is thinner where the body flexes. The nerves and blood vessels are closer to the surface—that’s why it’s also a perfume point. You’ll engage sensory receptors and trigger an emotional response. It feels very intimate to let a person that close.”

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3. Her Ears
According to the experts, “These are portals to two forms of arousal: physical (reflexogenic) and mental (psychogenic). Touch or massage the rim of her ear between your thumb and forefinger while cradling the back of her head with your fingers. As she responds, graze the ridge of her outer ear with the tip of your nose. Just hearing you breathe will turn her on.”

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4. Her Lips
For a fact, kissing or smooching will tell you how much she needs love in the first place. So, it’s like the phase one of love making. And it has to be right. The psychologists say that, “It tells her that you understand how to be subtle, no matter where you are on her body.”

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5. Fingers
While watching a TV series or a movie in the hall, just tickle her fingers and palm. You will see that her arousal for a kiss increases manifold. Slowly run your fingers on her hand and see the changes in her expressions. “It’s discreet enough for no one to notice, but enticing enough to awaken other parts of her body,” the experts say.

6. Forearms
The wrist and forearms are very sensitive to temperature and it feels. Give her a sensation and ticking, and you will see her goose bumps emerging which is a clear sign of her getting aroused.

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7. Back of the Knee
The sex therapists say that, “Work on erogenous zones first. Cover the entire back of her leg, then trace your fingers down her thigh and calf and graze the back of her knee, using the full length of three fingers. A firmer touch can stimulate the pressure-sensitive nerve endings, or Pacini’s corpuscles, in the skin as well, taking away the tickle.”

8. Her breasts
Breasts are one of the very sensitive parts of a woman’s body because it’s a nerve rich part of her body and gets the stimulus faster. Notice that the more you will be teasing her nipples, the more she’ll get in the mood.

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So, these are sure to arouse your partner and you will definitely experience something nice and new with her.

Have a Nice Day

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7 Things Men Shouldn’t Say While Having Sex

There’s always a time when you have a conversation with your friend and he/ she starts becoming more than “just friends”… and you end up having sex with that person. Although it wasn’t ever on your bucket list but for many people, sex us majorly unplanned. Your heart says that it’s the right time and so, it happens.

But, there’s a catch. Especially it happens with the men out there in bed, which they tend to say things which they never meant or they couldn’t express in a better way. It leads to a lot of confusion in the girl’s mind. Men never had any bad intentions but the words spilled out of their mouth can’t go back, and you might lose her that instant.
So in order to stay away from such forbidden experiences, here are some “don’ts” which you can follow in order to end up having a great sex:

1. “I could get used to this”
Now what exactly you mean by “this?” The other person may feel something awkward because the word “this” is very subjective to individual perspective. And at that time, your sex partner might abruptly get up and go because you don’t have any explanation to it.

intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

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2. “You know, this will change things between us”
Of course, it’s going to change certain things between you and her; there’s no need to say it out loud because it may give an entirely different meaning to the other person. By now, you two have gone far beyond just talking.

3. “We should name it”
Yes, the name is “sex.” What else would it be? Being overly creative can also lessen the enjoyment level in the love making. It’s not like you want to get married to her, right? So keep it cool and simple.

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4. Saying her name while doing it
Most of the women would take it otherwise. Yes, you say her name because you want her to realize that “she’s special” but it might be perceived as you are tricking her into a jig-saw puzzle. So, avoid taking names while getting physically intimate.

5. “Let’s not fall in love”
And, you just made her conscious! Probably she wasn’t even thinking of that word and when you say it out loud, it might look like you are getting attached to her. This might ruin your sex part. True that, for the specific moment, you are in love because of the hormone release but that’s just a dry spell and temporary.

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6. “If we ever go for a date”
If you are really serious about it, then only spill your words because girls hate false promises. Don’t get caught-up in the flash moment and blabber anything. Be honest and true to what you say because your words matter a lot to her.

7. “What if I get addicted to you”
Don’t! True that, sex can be very addictive but don’t think about getting addicted to her. This word “addictive” gives a bit of a negative connotation. We know that you are feeling romantic and melodramatic but somethings are better to be kept within your own mindset.

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And even if you can’t help it but say such things, bring it out with a disclaimer that it doesn’t have to be dealt seriously. Also, if you have had some of such experiences, do share them with us. Your personal experience might just help!

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7 Signs You Need To Pay More Attention To Your Wife

Since many generations, the men have n-number of complaints that no matter how much they can, they can never make their spouses satisfied… ever! Well, the true fact is that they tend to miss the little “signs” which their wives give because ladies expresses a lot with gestures and the men have a hard time to understand those signals. Yes, you are right in a way that you also need attention from your wife as well.

What you need to understand is that it’s all about balancing your life with your soulmate and with a perfect mutual understanding, you can do wonders. And trust me, the moment you will go through this article, you will start appreciating your wife and in return, she will also take care of you with the same love and respect. So, have a sneak peek onto some “signs” which you might be missing out earlier and how to understand them in a better way:

1. She will get into every small detail sometimes
When she finds that she isn’t getting the attention from her husband, she will become a knit-picker and start noticing your wrong things more often. Understand that the woman seeks attention from her partner every often so as to feel that you are there for her. So if you find this happening more often, it’ll be better to try and clarify with her about the issue.

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2. She might not like your idea of “ giving space”
Oh yes, that might be a big problem with almost all the “hitched” men out there. The men need their own good space and it might be just about anything like watching a football match or going for a workout or chilling with guys in a cafe. Here’s the thing, your woman might be feeling a little bothered by this. So, you might include her sometimes in your favorite activities or ask her about her hobbies so that she feels more close to you.

3. If you spend on yourself, she will complain
Don’t take this in a wrong way. You must understand that she is just trying to get your attention and hence, she might keep on asking you about your expenditure on car/bike maintenance or gaming, etc. instead, find some time to hang around with each other maybe once a week which may cool her anxiety down.

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4. She might ignite a useless fight with no logic whatsoever
This would be another thing which is common to the man world. The men always have a complaint regarding this that women tend to incite an argument out of no reason. Well, many times that’s because she’s feeling a lack of attention from your side. And if you tend to ignore it, she might burst at you. So, you can give time to talk about some meaningful issues discover the things between both of you.

5. She says frequently that she misses you
Your wife will say this to you if she feels that she is not getting enough attention from you. You might not be able to understand her but that’s where you might be wrong. Like men need to have space, the women need a time for bonding. Instead of her saying this, try to be pro-active and nourish your own relationship. You might end up in a big mess if she will stop missing you.

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6. She questions you more when you spend more time at your workplace
We understand that your office is hectic but, she might lose her patience after a while because women hate workaholics to be brutally honest. To go worse on this, she may become jealous of your peers or friends because you aren’t prioritizing her anymore. So before the situation gets worse, have a one-on-one discussion with her and go through all the discomfort and expectations.

7. She keeps on saying that you don’t love her like you used to
Yea, that’s another common complaint. But, understand that all she needs is a little bit of attention. The reality is that her thirst for your love, care and attention is never ending. So if she says that you don’t love her anymore, try and talk to her about it and what’s that she want.

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So, these are some of the ways you can understand your wife’s mind and get back into action as soon as possible to keep your relationship graph moving up.

Have a Happy Day!

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10 Shocking Deaths In The Midst Of Sexual Activity

Just 2 months back in February 2016, Social Media was abuzz in circulating a disturbing video clip of a prostitute hanging with the genitals of a dead old man. The body of an old man was being taken to hospital on a stretcher with the woman still hanging with his body under the blanket. This was not the first time when a man or a woman had breathed last while having sex. Cases like this have been witnessed before as well.

Why deaths are reported sometimes during sexual activity. Health experts say there are many reasons for it. One they say death can occur due to physical strain. Another reason they give is a heart attack since the heart beat rate increases to the highest capacity level of human beings during sexual activity.

A study conducted in 2011 shows that if a person particularly aged persons increase their sexual activity by one hour in a week, chances of deaths increase. The study also claims that out of every 10,000 cardiac arrest deaths, one occurs due to increased sexual activity. Euphemisms during sexual activity can also lead to the death of a person during sex.
Here is the list often shocking deaths during sex. The list is shocking also because it includes the name of a former Prime Minister, President and a pope. Scroll down the page to know the shocking stories of their death yourself.

1. Death of a 91-year-old Portuguese woman

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In December 2015, a 91-year-old Portuguese lady was found dead in her bed. Who busted the secret that the lady has died in the midst of sexual activity. The semen of her 49-year-old neighbor and a sex vibrator lying on the bed.

2. Former French President Felix Faure

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We are not sure about this incident because it is believed to have happened a long time ago in 1899. It is believed that he called his mistress into his bedroom. As the oral activity began inside the bedroom, heartbeat rate of the President increased and he died with his hands still tangled in his mistresses golden hair.

3. Mexico couple died while having sex on daughter’s wedding day

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This couple from Mexico decided to have sex on their daughter’s wedding day. The dead bodies of Charles and Dorothy Mackenzie were found floating in a hot bath tub with their arms tangled around each other. It is believed that Charles died first whose body then held his wife underwater which led to her death.

4. Dressing his Girlfriend as Nazi proved costly for this man

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Before actually going for sexual activity, this man decided to have some extra fun. He dressed his partner as Nazi and tied a knot around his neck to pretend a hanging. The knife turned out to be blunt and hence it could not cut the rope. Till the girl would have managed to bring another knife or blade to cut the rope, the man had already died due to asphyxiation.

5. Russian man gulps a full Viagra bottle and dies

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This Russian man whose name is said to be Sergey Tuganoc was promised by two beautiful women that they will engage in a threesome with him and with each, he will have to spend half of the day. The man gulped entire Viagra bottle live a successful day but his beat stopped forever before this young man would actually begin the action.

6. Lift from the Piano crushed man during sex

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A bouncer at Condor Club in San Francisco was busy in having sex with his girlfriend atop the piano. Lift from the piano turned and killed the man under its weight.

7. Death of Pennsylvania woman due to nipple clamp

Midst Of Sexual Activity7Image Source:

This incident occurred in Pennsylvania and the husband initially tried to hide the cause of death of his wife. He blamed electrocution for the cause of her death. Later police found that death had occurred due to nipple clamps.

8. The vehicle rolled and the couple drowned in flowing water

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Throughout the day, Anita Harold and Richard Lang had been searching for some secretive place to begin action. After failing to find a nice place for the action, they decided to start in their own car. They parked the car along the river side, it rolled into the flowing water and drowned both.

9. Fun in the balcony proves costly for the couple

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This incident happened way back in 1996 when a couple decided to have some fun in the balcony and in the midst of the action fell down and died.

10. Shocking death of vice president Nelson Rockefeller

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This is the most shocking incident of death during sex. Way back in 1979, Former vice president Nelson Rockefeller was having sex with his 27-year-old secretary. At the peak of the action, he breathed his last.

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10 Signs that Show Your GF is a Self-Obsessed Narcissist

Your partner is an amazeballs, but makes you feel miserable too. Does she think only about herself? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, then you might be getting victimized in the hands of a narcissist. Narcissism is commonly believed to be a trait of a person who thinks only about himself. But ironically, narcissism is much more than that! A narcissistic person poisons everyone’s conscience who’s around them. And a relationship with a narcissist is more toxic than you can ever imagine. You might lose your self-worth and even end up thinking desolately about yourself. As the relationship progresses, you’ll realize that this relationship is more about them than it is about you. The best way to spare yourself the agony is to recognize these symptoms of being a narcissist and flee before it’s too late.

Upset young man against dual colored backgroundImage Source: http://adoubleshotofrecovery.com/

1. All about me: Her favorite topic of conversation is — herself

This is one of obvious clues that a person is a self-centered chap. Do you find that each and every conversation you make always circles around or eventually turns around your girl? For example, it was about how your day went and ended up on how late they’d been to work or how their car went through a flat tire. Narcissist is just not interested about the whereabouts of other people including you (unfortunately!). All they want is to kick start a topic so they can start blabbering things about themselves.

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2. She wants special treatment all the time

Such people have a strange belief that they are somehow better than each and every person they meet. And their belief is not just confined to themselves, they try to convince others too that they are the best kind of person in our species (maybe, in others too!) As a result, they expect you to bestow them with a special treatment and presume that they have a monopoly over your time.

Damsel in distress all the timeImage Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

3. Damsel in distress all the time

One of the most lethal behavior of a narcissist is that they think they are being victimized in each and every situation they go through. This is fatal for a relationship because you are always strained toward their self-imposed miseries of life. She does that because she likes the sympathy and concern that you show and reassure them that everything will end up right. This kind of manipulation is hard to recognize.

Always green with envyImage Source: http://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/

4. Always green with envy

As I specified earlier, they have proclaimed themselves to be the best among others. As a result of which they get immediately envious of someone who they think is doing better than them. Her jealousy might end up messing up her friendship with her best friend. And the sad part is, her jealousy can come in the way of your relationship too. She can get envious of you, too, if you’re doing better than her in your life.

She is always unable to feel for youImage Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

5. She is always unable to feel for you

A narcissist can feel for no one but himself. They expect empathy from everyone but fail to reciprocate the same. The only thing they can think about is their own well-being, their own miseries. Anyone else’s glitches are far beyond consideration for them. Since you are a person other than herself. You also fall under this category of remaining overlooked. If you’re hoping to turn up to someone who can seriously look into your matter, you have to go somewhere else. They just can’t connect with you.

Ms. arrogant is her another tagImage Source: http://www.wikihow.com/

6. Ms. arrogant is her another tag

Arrogance is a very inappropriate behavior they have. She immediately loses her calm when she is not rewarded with the superior treatment she thinks she deserves. In some situations, she fails to lower her standards according to the need. This gets embarrassing in many situations, where she acts like she believes herself to be the superlative and deserves to be treated with utmost extravagance. Even during conversations, she keeps her head big and fails to acknowledge that she might be wrong at some point in her life.

Short-lived relationshipsImage Source: http://www.sheramag.com/

7. Short-lived relationships

If you observe closely at her life, she is a complete failure at keeping people in her life. If she doesn’t have any long-lasting friendship and is not close to anyone in her family, this means her point of regard is limited to herself only. If she has had many relationships in her past, not lasting more than a couple of months, then chances are that she is a narcissist. After all, everyone has a saturation point.

Inimical toward feedbacksImage Source: https://www.psychologies.co.uk

8. Inimical toward feedbacks

Narcissists are as hard and rigid as an old tree. Nothing holds more importance than their self-inflated beliefs about themselves. They’ll hold onto their own perception with an iron grip. If you attempt to question her beliefs and views, she gets infuriated. They just can’t handle criticism and will get rid of anything that will question their theories. So, If you want to check whether your chick is one of them or not, make a remark about the kind of movies she likes to watch.

Preys on peopleImage Source: https://i.ytimg.com

9. Preys on people

As narcissists show no consideration of other people’s well being, they find it very easy to take unfair advantages of people. They often treat people in their lives like a ladder. This can be carried out by gaining people’s sympathy or by use of unashamed lies. Nothing gets in the way of a narcissist and their self-achievement. They might even manipulate others so as to gain emotional support. Sometimes, emotional support is not the only thing they want from others, intentions might be more sinister.

Melodramatic and mushyImage Source: http://images.medicaldaily.com/

10. Melodramatic and mushy

A narcissist can manipulate any situation to get it into the favor of their own. She might overreact to trivial situations and can somehow turn the tables up against you. You will never come to know how quickly they make such manipulations. She makes sure that she gets the attention after every text, fight or conflicts that take place between you.

SAD-MANImage Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

If you have acknowledged all the 10 signs in your significant other, then you need to take some precautionary measures so as to save yourself the unwanted drama and develop a foolproof strategy to get out of this mess, spotless.

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Signs That Show that Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You

Are you in a beautiful relationship? But you have doubts about your lady love due to her sudden behavioral changes and attitudes? If yes, then it’s better to clear it out with her otherwise your relationship will end up at bad note. So, before talking to her, make sure that you are thinking in the right direction. Here, we have come up with a list of signs that can give you a hint that your girlfriend is cheating on you. Check it out.

Signs That Show that Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You 1Image Source: http://www.elmens.com/

1.She starts using her phone all the time

Nowadays, we are too much involved in our digital lives that ultimately disturb our personal life in some way. But if you find that she is continually talking on the phone or messaging on FB or twitter, even during your dinner date, then it may be it’s a point to show her lack of interest in a relationship.

Woman Talking Privately On CellphoneImage Source: http://www.movin925.com/

2.She doesn’t like you to touch her phone anymore

You can explore each other’s phone or gadgets because you know each other and there is nothing to hide. But now she may hide her phone, messages, mail from you and keep phone or gadgets off-limits. Unless she is not planning a surprise party for you. She talks secretly on calls or messaging with a naughty smile. She becomes defensive when you ask for her phone and clear her phone history.

She doesn’t like you to touch her phone anymoreImage Source: https://cache.understandingrelationships.com

3.She becomes a busy bee

Women are very conscious about their relationship and keep the world aside to spend time with her man. But now you suddenly found something important comes up each week like she starts making plans with her friends, making excuses that she can’t join you at dinner or going for office trip. If this happen constantly, then maybe she is busy with someone else.

she becomes a busy beeImage Source: http://thecaregiverspace.org/

4.Buying too much sexy lingerie

Normally, she is wearing granny panties, but all of sudden she starts buying sexiest lingerie and admitted that she is in a mood to makeover. Come on, it’s normal as any women can buy a sexiest lingerie, you just need to make sure that she is wearing it for you and her intimacy level is also high like her linger. If it is not then, it’s not a good sign for you.

buying too much sexy lingerieImage Source: http://img1.gtsstatic.com/

5.Not interested in commitment

Most women want commitment from their man. She loved to talk about their future plan and directly ask their boyfriend for this. If she ignores the topic when you want to discuss for your future relationship, then maybe she doesn’t want to continue with you or she has some other option.

Not interested in commitmentImage Source: http://www.themodernman.com/

6.Less interest in sex

Every couple builds intimacy level to make their sex life enjoyable. May be you are having sex two times in a week or every night. But if your sex life suddenly changes and you are battling with a new excuse every night, then you have to think about it. Is she really so tired that she can’t go for it? Or she gets bored with you and already found her new partner. Don’t make any conclusion for a single “not tonight” but beware when your sex life interrupting like this.

Less interest in sexImage Source: http://i1.wp.com/

7.No more care

When it comes to relationship, women are much weirder and they take care of every minute detail. She notices how many times you call her, how much time you spend with her, and even she will tell you about her whole day detail like where she is, what she ate, etc., whether you are interested to listen or not. She gets angry when you forget any special day of your relationship. So, when your lady stops caring you, or she didn’t react whether you are calling her or not, she refuses to answer your question, then she must be hiding something.

No more careImage Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/

8.Sudden changes in appearance

Women are conscious about their looks and pay more attention when they are in a relationship. But after sometime in dating or after marriage, they come into their normal look. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look good. But if you will notice that your woman started again dressing more special when she is going out to party with friends, or she especially transforms her appearance when she is going out without you then maybe she wants to impress some other man.

Sudden changes in appearanceImage Source: http://www.tellyouall.com/

9.More independent

This is a sign you can easily judge in your lady which tells you there is something wrong. Every woman is independent, but suddenly when she stops sharing time or sensitive information with you then it is something very strange. In some cases, may start using the word “you” and “I” instead of using “we” that means she doesn’t want to go longer with you in future. May be she is enjoying too much fun without you.

More independentImage Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

Love is a very sensitive and emotional bonding between two hearts. I hope, after reading above points you can get a fine idea if your girlfriend is really cheating on you or it’s just your misunderstanding.

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One-Night Stands: Virtue or Vice?

An American man and a French woman meet in a bus, and they fall for each other like the movie “Before Sunrise.” Well, some might shake it off as a typical Hollywood romantic movie as this is not what is actually supposed to happen. We cannot expect it to be more than just a one-night stand.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice1Image Source: https://marcusmeisler.files.wordpress.com

“Hookups” or “one-night stands” are gradually becoming deep-seated trend in today’s culture, pointing toward both advanced sexual preferences and mutating social scripts. Hookup activity is a wider term which may include a range of sexual behaviors like kissing, oral sex or penetrative sex. However, all these activities are often carried out without a promise or desire of having a sugary romantic relationship.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice2Image Source: http://wallpoper.com/

Trends in US

These off-the-cuff encounters are becoming more and more run-of-the-mill affair among the youth in North America, signifying a marked shift in acceptance of casual sex. In a survey conducted on 25,000 men and women in America, 66% of single men and 50% of single women have admitted that they’ve had engaged in casual sex for once or more than once in life. In the movie No Strings Attached, Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are going for unattached sex as two friends, who agree to sexual but prosaic relationship with each other, clearly attests the presence of the hookup culture among youth. It is the advent of hookup culture, where sexuality is unglued completely from romance. Over the last three years, the percentage of users who have used online dating websites to get laid has doubled since 2012.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice3Image Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

Why such numbers: Role of dating apps

The number of people opting for uncommitted sex is soaring up and the blame can be laid partially on the casual dating apps like Tinder and Match.com, where finding a potential sexual partner is easier than finding one in your own social circle. Most of the people admitted having used the casual dating websites to hook up with random people just to satiate their sexual needs.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice4Image Source: http://static.independent.co.uk/

The trends went up also because of commitment phobia that have developed among the adolescence of today’s era. Being picky and unwilling to settle, they are alarmed by any sort of commitment that comes along their way. They truly enjoy pursuing the person they like, until they have them under their sheets. Days, where people are imagining a single person as their partner for life, have become a hopeless fantasy, observing the present world scenario.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice5Image Source: http://rack.3.mshcdn.com/

Science behind hookups — Men vs. Women

On a survey conducted on more than 330 people, in the age group between 17 and 40, more than half of them acknowledged being in a one-night stand for once. But to our surprise, women displayed more negative feelings toward casual sex than men did. More than 80% of men had a pleasant and positive feeling about one-night stand while only 54% of women felt happy about their venture. Women reported lousy and detestable feelings about themselves the morning after they had casual sex. Some made additional comments like, “I felt cheap and horrified afterwards.” Most of the women went for a one-night stand to feel wanted and desirable though for a single night.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice6Image Source: http://media1.popsugar-assets.com/

On the other hand, men pursued uncommitted sex for mere sexual satiation. They didn’t view it as a prologue to a long term relationship. Men felt is as a success and found it sexually nourishing more than women did. The men who felt disgusted after the act was the one who had the prevailing tenor of loneliness or rebound of failed relationship.

Elegant couple passing in classic clothes.Image Source: http://www.jujumamablog.com/

Why black?

As stated earlier, many people are left behind with hurt feelings the morning after the casual sex. For people who have unrealistic expectations from a random sex are often left with a bad aftertaste. They feel morally exploited. They feel cheated and some might even fall in love with their anonymous sexual partner while their partner feeling none as such about them. 3 out of 10 women and 1 out of 10 men have admitted that they fell in love with their mate during the act.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice8Image Source: http://cdn.sheknows.com/

Another yet significant drawback of casual is that you don’t know anything about the person you’re in bed with. Sounds exciting? Think again. What if the person is infected by any sexually transmitted disease? Not knowing the sexual background of your mating partner increases the vulnerability of you catching the unwanted infections. Using condom might seem to be your guard against STDs but FYI, there are certain STDs which can be transmitted by kissing too. Human Papillomavirus being one of them.

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice9Image Source: http://images.huffingtonpost.com/

All these trends are reducing sexuality into a mere physical activity without any emotional connect. It’s more like a mutual masturbation.

Why white?

The benefit of hooking up with a totally random person is that you are not emotionally attached to the person. No emotional attachment can ensure a no-drama fully satisfying sexual relationship with a totally random person. Some even find the feeling of liberation as one of the pros attached to the uncommitted sex. People who have gone through a rough break-up in their relationship, find it very therapeutic to indulge into coital acts with an anonymous person. Moreover, like any other need, the physical need is indispensable of all. At a certain age, our body needs to be sexually satisfied. And it is healthy to be sexually active, but don’t forgive to put your safety guards on!

One-Night Stands Virtue or Vice10Image Source: http://www.zastavki.com/

Neither white nor black, it’s gray!

The core virtue of life is to learn to take the bad with the good. All the pros and cons can perceive differently by different people who are reading this write-up. One-night stands are not necessarily bad at all but saying that it is all good won’t be right either. It’s neither white nor black, it’s gray, actually! It’s the perception of a person, which decide whether to take it as a white or a black. Casual sex, hook-ups, uncommitted sex, friends with benefits, etc. all spell warning but also logic. Caution for not getting emotionally attached with someone who’s not into you and logic that the mere physical act between two bodies can entwine their soul as well. Before jumping into hook-up culture just because it’s a hot trend, just think twice and be thorough about the after effects of sleeping with the totally random person.

Remember, it’s all about how you perceive it. You have to take the roughs with the smooths when you are willing to get yourself into this.

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Extreme Power — How to Increase Your Sexual Power Naturally

Are you one of those who don’t want to hit a Viagra to increase your sexual power? If yes, then thank God there are natural ways that can help you enhance your libido and sexual performance without any side effects. Sexual power is very important to satisfy your partner in bed; therefore, men are always keen to find out the ways that build up their sexual power. Here, I have shared a few ways that will guide you in enhancing your sexual power naturally.

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1. Stay active

Exercise is one of the fruitful option that helps in increasing your sexual energy to a great extent. Doing simple exercises for 30 minutes like jogging, walking, pushups, etc. are beneficial to build-up the sexual power. Moreover, it is helpful in improving blood circulation, decreasing stress level as well as enhancing testosterones in men and women body. Also, it makes your body more flexible so that you can try different postures easily while having sex. With cardio exercises, men can build their stamina which helps them sustain their erection.

1.-Stay-activeImage Source:http://blog.unicasport.com

2. Food helps boost your sexual power

Along with exercises, there are some food items that have shown beneficial results in increasing the blood flow into the penis and helps in improving your sexual desire.

a. Almond

Almonds are a rich source of essential nutrients like vitamin B12, E, calcium and magnesium. Consuming almonds with the combination of other nuts such as cashews and walnut fulfill the requirements of Omega 3 that boost the level of the most important sex hormone “testosterone” in men.

almondsImage Source:http://bookofchef.com/

b. Oysters

For a long time, oysters have been used for enhancing the sexual power. It possesses adequate amount of zinc, which is also known as “sex mineral” and plays a significant role in increasing the production of testosterones and healthy sperm count in men. Moreover, it also boosts the dopamine and libido levels in men and women.

b.-OystersImage Source:http://i0.wp.com/

c. Onions

The onion comprises aphrodisiac properties that works well in enhancing the libido. You can consume crushed onions by frying them in butter to enhance its taste. Eat honey with golden onion in an empty stomach to improve your sex drive.

onions Image source;http://www.perfectinsider.com/

d. Watermelons

According to the experts, watermelon is new Viagra which offers the similar beneficial effects of Viagra tablet. It possesses rich amount of citrulline amino acid that plays a vital role in relaxing your blood vessels and results in boosting your sexual energy. If you want to arouse the sex mood of your partners, then try out this sweet fruit.

watermelonImage Source:http://a3145z1.americdn.com/

e. Dark chocolates

Due to the presence of phenylethylamine compound, dark chocolates increases the endorphins hormones which release during the sexual intercourse. It helps in arousing sexual excitement in both the partners as well as enhances the mood of sex craving. Due to the rich source of antioxidants, it works well in boosting your immune system as well as maintain overall health. So, take a dose of dark chocolate to lighten the lost spark in your sex life.

e.-Dark-chocolatesImage Source:http://www.gqindia.com/

f. Eggs

It is a rich source of protein, vitamin B6 and B5, responsible for balancing the hormonal level of the body and keep your libido healthy. Eggs are also useful in declining stress and improving the sexual performance while ensuring a harder erections. So, kick-start your day with the plate of egg that would start a stifling sex.


g. Raspberries

Raspberries play a significant part in augmenting the female and male fertility. It improves the sexual drive in men and excites the feeling of arousal in both of them.

RaspberriesImage Source:https://healthhabits.files.wordpress.com/

3. Herbs that enhances sexual power naturally

For the past centuries, there are some herbs that have been used in the form of tea or tincture for arousal and building the sexual vitality. These herbs help in increasing your sexual energy by building your stamina and augment libido.

a. Ginseng

As per the studies of University of Ulsan College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, it has been found that ginseng herb is a boon for those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the roots of the ginseng work as a fuel for women to arouse sexual flames in the bedroom.

a.-GinsengImage Source:http://tcpermaculture.com

b. Maca

Maca has antidepressant properties which is beneficial for those people who are struggling with lack of sexual intimacy due to their depression and stress issues. It also works as an energy enhancer and promote the natural hormonal production in the body.

b.-MacaImage Source:http://draxe.com/

c. Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a herb which has proven productive results in 78% of test for treating impotence in men. According to the studies of the National center of Biotechnology Information, this Chinese herb works well in alleviating antidepressant that create sexual dysfunction. It is a great kidney tonic that soothes the muscle tissues and is helpful in improving the blood flow in the penis.

c.-Ginkgo-bilobaImage Source:https://www.thebeautyinsiders.com/

4. Tips to boost your sexual power naturally

Change your lifestyle by including some of the daily habits mentioned below that will also help you develop your sexual power in a better way.

a. Quit a bad habit

Say “NO” to your smoking and alcohol habits. While studies show that drinking little red wine is good for improving the blood circulation, but too much consumption of alcohol leaves adverse effect on health and sexual life. These drugs narrow down your blood vessels and increase the risk of impotence.

a.-Quit-a-bad-habitImage Source:http://tcpermaculture.com

b. Reduce stress

Stress is one of the major reasons for various health ailments like blood pressure, heart attack, etc. that ultimately destroy your sexual desire. Mostly people adopt the bad habit of smoking and alcohol to suppress their stress level, which again harms your sexual performance. Regular exercise will help you improve your health as well as decreases your stress level. You can also talk with your partner about your stress that makes you calm and thus, strengthens your relationship and sexual life.

stressImage Source:http://www.technologist.eu/

c. Care your partner

Sex is a part of love that needs the understanding of both the partners to make it more pleasurable. Talk to your partners to understand his or her mood swings like women during periods are slightly in a different mood. Also, you can take the help of foreplay that makes the sexual experience more enjoyable for both of you.

c.-Care-your-partnerImage Source:https://i.ytimg.com/

d. Maintain a gap

Sex in daily routine will make you feel bored and ultimately leads to the less sexual interest. Maintain a gap of 2 or 3 days after sexual intercourse to keep your sexual life refreshing.

Loving coupleImage Source:http://www.exboyfriendrecovery.com/

e. Different sex positions

Doing intercourse in same postures may get you bored after some time. Therefore, try out some different sexual positions that not only burns your few calories, but also makes your sex steamy and pleasurable. There are some sex positions that make your act more exciting and enjoyable.

sexImage Source:http://www.iwallfinder.com/

f. Consult the doctor

Knowing the major root cause of sexual issues is important and you have to find a right solution to it. If you really want to boost your sex drive through natural ways then doctor’s advice is a best option for you. A doctor will suggest you the right diet, healthy lifestyle choices, medical guidance and other tips to make your sex life better.

drImage Source:http://www.aznaturalhealth.com/
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What a Man Should Know About Women Before Approaching Her?

Men think that they’ve aced the art of courting women. They are convinced that they can talk to any women without getting themselves humiliated. But sometimes, things don’t go in a way we expected it to. Either they fall apart at the first part itself, or go through a brutal finale with all those tears and blues!

You see an attractive women, you approached her and got a cheeky response. Even if you succeeded in courting her, things went quiet well, but she dropped everything in between to walk over you. Wham! Game over. And you are left to ponder on where you went wrong.


Most essentially, never reach out a girl without doing your homework. Men who get rejected in the first meeting itself are the ones who know none or infinitesimally little about a women psyche. While some fall under the category of hapless creatures, who fail to continue their relationship with their woman for long. Women are complex creatures. No book can ever tell you how to know a woman. It’s more like a lock and key theory. A woman is like a lock, you spend half of your lives finding the key to her soul, and once you find the key, the enigmatic entity (of course, the woman) changes the lock! Sigh, women!

But anything difficult is not axiomatically impossible. Just a little amount of attention and a smart sum of knowledge is all you need to unlock a women’s psyche before you approach her.

1. Girls don’t like over flirty and cheesy guys.

Playing out cool on her? Make sure you don’t pave your way out of her heart even before entering it. Women get pissed off by the guys who are over-sugary and are over doing the flirting business. Flirting with too many women in front of “that one-woman” will surely kick you out of her thoughts. Remember, actions speak louder than words!

approach-1Image Source:http://girlschase.girlschaseinc.netdna-cdn.com/

2. Girls like to be called beautiful instead of “hot”

Being called hot is a compliment as well. But nothing can work as wonderfully as calling her beautiful does. No matter how short her dress is or how bold she is by appearance, being called beautiful is what every woman desires.

approach-a-girl-1Image Source:http://girlschase.girlschaseinc.netdna-cdn.com/

3. Girls like to be looked straight into eyes.

Warning: the gaze should be a gaze! Staring is rude. A gentle gaze right into her sparkly eyes will melt her heart. Whenever you are complimenting her, look into her eyes and say. It will make you more affirmative toward your approach. Looking away while talking to her will only present you as a liar and a secretive person.

Couple-Face-to-Face-Image Source:http://www.amazingloveconference.com/

4. Girls are great mind readers.

Never lie to her. Cause she might be knowing the truth already. Girls are excellent mind reader. And they do it even more well when it concerns their man. So if you are approaching a woman romantically, make sure you are going to be honest with her.

shutterstockImage Source:http://www.doctornerdlove.com/

5. A good woman doesn’t care about your money

A common myth that men have about women is that they want money. Once a women is head over heels in love with you, she’s ready to go through any struggles just to make sure you two end up together. They just want you to be by their side. Simple, isn’t it?

3 THVtb3NfOTg3NS5qcGc=Image Source:http://wayoftheplayer.com/

6. Though girls like protective guys, but not over protective.

Protecting her and guarding her from all the troubles will make her feel valuable and wanted. Trying to become her dad, will only push her away. Don’t care for her to the point of choking her. Let her be independent and handle some stuffs on her own. Make a note, some stuffs!

pretty-girl-Image Source:http://www.returnofkings.com/

7. Girls don’t like guys who only think about sex.

Though sex is a mutual requirement of both the partners, over emphasizing on physical needs can be a major turn off for a woman. No woman would ever like to become a booty call for her man. She wants both physical and emotional elements in their relationships. So before approaching a girl, make sure you are not into it only for sex!

girlsImage Source:https://i.ytimg.com

8. Women are more attracted to men who are attentive.

No woman would ever like to go out with a man who just keeps on forgetting everything she tells about her. Remembering those minute details of your girl though seems impossible, but once you are expert, you’ll have that pretty lady in your arms for the entire lifetime. Lending an ear, doesn’t seem to be that difficult.

cute-romantiImage Source:https://toptrendingtopics.files.wordpress.com

9. Girls are little cagy, when she has been hurt in her previous relationship.

If a girl ever had her heart broken, she’ll be a little cautious in her present relationship. So if you’re trying to woo her and you are aware of her situation beforehand, you have to be more careful and patient. She won’t open up immediately with you, give her some time. But once she does, it’s all worth the wait!

sadImage Source:http://www.mayowynnebaxter.co.uk/

10. Girls don’t like men who can’t make time for them.

You courted her and now you don’t have time for her? How irrational it seems! If you are willing to develop a romantic relationship with a woman, accept the fact the woman will always be a part in your daily routine. It is advisable not to reach out a woman if you’re much of a self-centered person.

Unhappy young couple having an argumentImage source:http://www.drwendywalsh.com/

11. Girls forgive easily.

As a sweet little creature they are, they are quick to forgive her man’s mistake. She will forgive you often when you commit mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you can take unfair advantage of her trait. Girls are fragile yet valiant. Once you exceed the limits of committing a single mistake over and over again, she’s never going to look back. So pull up your socks before you entice the lady of your dreams!

forgiving girlImage Source:http://www.idealmagazine.co.uk/

All the best! Efforts won’t go in vain if you invade a woman’s line of thought pretty well.

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10 Bizarre Sex Rituals That Exist Around the World

Roving around a bar and offering a drink to a young woman in a hope of having sex with her sometime later is the existing mating ritual in United States. But after reading these sex rituals that really do exist in the world we live, you’ll be left open mouthed. Being the part of contemporary world these sex rituals might seem bizarre, but a deep dive in the texts of history books will reveal some facts that are customary to the people in those times.

sex statueImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org/

1. Young men swallow semen!

In the Sambian tribe of New Guinea, young men are kept away from women until they reach adolescence and made to swallow the semen of tribes’ mightiest trooper. It was supposed to make these young fellas cultivate the abilities of their chief. Guess what their favorite cocktail might be!

seaImage Source:https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/

2. Children have sex at the age of 6!

Yes, you heard it right! In Trobriander Tribe of Papa New Guinea, children start very young. Kids start getting involved in erotic activities at the age of 6 to 12. There’s no social disgrace involved in women being sexually active in their young age.

children sexImage Source:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/

3. Pharaohs that masturbated publicly!

It was believed that foundation of Nile was laid by Lord Atum’s ejaculation. So, consequently to ensure the course of river Nile, pharaohs ceremonially masturbated in the holy river.

setImage Source:http://www.ancient.eu/

4. You have to have sex with the man you trip with while dancing!

Yes, it would be true if you were a part Guajro people of Columbia. People of this tribe engage in a ceremonial dance and if a girl trips with a boy during the dance, she has to engage in a sexual activity with the boy. Well, some would trip purposely!

BaileImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org/

5. Boys have sex with older women for experience!

In Mangaia, boys in the age of 13 have sex with older women in order to gain experience. Well seems apt enough!

Makea_KarikaImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org

6. Men compete for sex!

In Brazil, men court women for sex by pleasing them with gifts. And the one with the best suited gift gets the chick. Old habits die hard!

as_hipImage Source:https://eyesonbrazil.files.wordpress.com

7. Brothers share one wife!

In Himalayan Tribe, to check the population, all the brothers shared single sex partner. How that reduces population, I wonder!

arranged-marriagImage Source:https://lifeabouttravel.files.wordpress.com/

8. One can watch their parents having sex!

In Marquesas Island, it was completely fine having sex in front of your children. They’ve taken sex education to an all new level!

Queen_ofImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org

9. Men steal each other’s wife!

In Wodabee tribe, men steal each other’s wife for sexual benefits. I guess they must be having jails and padlocks to lock down their wives!

 NIgerImage Source:https://putri2wotan.files.wordpress.com/

10. Vaginas were sewn to prevent pre-marital sex!

In some tribes of Eastern Africa, the labia majora were sewn together until the time a girl is married. All these measures were taken to insure the chastity of a woman. However, a small orifice is left for urination. Thank God, at least a little mercy is laid upon the poor lass!

-In-AfricaImage Source:https://i.guim.co.uk/img
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Fake Porn Video scandal targeting Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Celebrities’ sexvideo controversies are sometimes born out of intention and sometimes ignorance but the infatuation of porn sites with famous celebrities’ naked images, fake or not, is a well known contributor. This time the scandal has popped out of nowhere in former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s life. A porn video claiming to star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini who was earlier married to Ashley Cole has surfaced and been receiving quite a lot of impetus online.

1Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

The famous pop star who is currently appearing on X Factor as a Judge alongside Simon Cowell has enjoyed a family friend image and is among Britain as well as world’s top selling performers. Recent development in the scandal has been that Cheryl Fernandez Versini and her team are considering taking legal action against the video which has been established as a fake with the star’s face superimposed over an actress’ body. Cheryl’s case is not the first since numerous digital changes are made to real porn stars body and often famous celebs faces are morphed onto them.

Image Source: http://thebizzniz.com/
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 How to be sexy and confident?

“No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy”
– Paris Hilton

It could be a perfect case of egg and chicken, and the race to find which came first. Those aren’t very sexy-looking, in their own eyes and by their own standards, will argue endlessly to prove how others who are bestowed with pretty looks are more confident and stand out. But today, many experts believe that the tables have turned and it’s no longer just about looks but your sheer confidence that gives you an edge over others who found you simply sexy.
“Many would agree that Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t the most blessed looking star when started his career. Even going by his own words in various interviews, he wasn’t good looking at all. But it’s his immense confidence in work that still leaps out of screen, which has made him one of the most sexiest looking actors and household names across the globe,” says tarot and numerology expert Seema Midha, who has met lots of personalities, and feels the definition of beauty has now completely changed.
Hope, many would agree with one of the truest and the real life examples of King Khan. And that’s one major reason why most, though not all, are glued to their television sets if he is being interviewed. There’s something about him – a common man rose from humble beginnings – that has made him sexier in our eyes. So, be it male or female, both can be truly sexy if they understand their strengths and capitalize on them rather than working on something they try to emulate from someone.

#Being Sexy Is Not Just Limited To The Way You Look


Your personality can attract those whom your outer beauty could not attract. But, first and foremost you should love yourself and learn to appreciate yourself with all the flaws! A quick self-introspection makes you come across your past mistakes. Such incidents might shake you up for once, but after they happen you emerge as an even stronger and experienced person. Truly said, that a man learns a lot from his mistakes.

#Only Your Personality Can Leave An Indelible Mark On The Mind Of Other Person


Your physical appearance can have an effect on the other person but only for a short span, while your personality will make others fall in love or like you. Though everyone loves to have such positive attributes but not all manage acquire them. Of course, you need to work hard to acquire them.
“Confidence is a quality that is etched into your personality so hard that it shows when you talk, walk, act or behave in a certain manner. And just in case you think you are low on that, there’s a way out. Explore and assess yourself and get to know what things will increment your confidence levels and make you feel good about yourself,” says Ankita, one of the students undergoing grooming classes.

#Never Give Up On Yourself Or Lose Faith In Yourself


Now answer this. Don’t you love Indian cricketer MS Dhoni when he maintains his cool quotient despite the world seems like falling apart for cricket fans? If you say yes, you must understand that its confidence that helps you deals with challenges with a huge smile on your face even in the most difficult situations. Make sure not to doubt yourself again and again! Once you decide on something, make sure you achieve it whatever it takes to do it.

#Meeting Expectations, Winning Laurels Doost Confidence


One of the qualities of being confident is accomplishing work, meeting deadlines and living up to the expectations of others. What a man or a woman looks in the opposite sex is confidence. Till the time you are not confident on yourself, how can you expect someone else to trust you till the time you trust yourself? For a women, only possessing a lot of wealth or having a perfect body is not just enough – the guy should be one who can carry himself and also who’s worth having a good conversation with.

#Physical Pleasures Are Not The End


you should be with a man who gives you a tough competition with his skills and competence and one who is open-minded and lets you be yourself in the true sense. That’s called being ‘sexy!’It doesn’t mean that appearances don’t matter but they are just not the only parameter to judge someone. Both the qualities stand important. First comes personality, then looks, which add up to it for being a total package loaded with confidence that is termed as being ‘sexy’.

#The Basic Grooming Activities Should Be Followed By A Man


like staying fit and following a proper diet regime. A healthy daily regime helps mainta concentration and helps boosting up morale.

# Upgrading Your Conversational Aptitudes Will Make An Extraordinary Impact On Others


You’ll enjoy interacting more others will respond to you in a significantly more positive way. Your confidence levels are bound to increase when you know you are being respected by others. Self-assurance is the key to confidence. People who are short on confidence, not only fail to realize their self-worth but also give an impression of being weak and coward. When you cannot identify your abilities then nobody else will.

#A Man Should Know How To Respect Women


A lady loves being respected for what she is and a calm voice of men towards women show that he knows what it takes to be a true gentleman! And yes, surprisingly a compliment can make a women’s day and work wonders for her!

#Men Are Instantly Attracted To Women Who Use Their Brains Effectively And Efficiently


Being independent is always one factor that drives men crazy. When they see that a woman is self-sustained and can handle herself, nothing can be a bigger turn on for them. For all the girls out there, having an opinion in this male dominating society is of utmost importance. It’s not necessary to agree with what others think or say but an individualistic opinion on issues is a must!
One should always be experimenting and open to new opportunities. That’s how we learn to live, act and adapt to changes. Also don’t be too adamant because till the time you let yourself dig into newer horizons, you won’t be able to discover yourself fully, beautifully!

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How to please my wife?

On a witty note, the query ‘how to please my wife?’ would attract one common answer across the globe, ‘it isn’t possible!’ But on a serious note, if we tell you what you believe to be the most arduous task, is actually the easiest and most enjoyable thing in the world – wouldn’t that be surprisingly shocking for most men? Well, we are neither joking nor intend to stretch it too far. There’s a reason why your wife is called ’better half’. All we are here is to help you make your ‘better half’ happy, which in return will make you the happiest man in your life. Read it, to turn it better and her happier right away…….


Life is a memorable and fun filled journey with a happy companion. And it becomes a misery for somebody whose partner is either tired, boring or focus too much on work and awfully less on beautiful life and his partner. With me guys?

Friends, chances are that you’ll jump on to say ‘yes’ for both the statements (in above para) made above. But unfortunately the second one shows the mental and physical condition of most men after their erratic working schedule, almost every day. Nobody would disagree, that earning for many is slipping out of hands with every passing day, resulting in making ‘retaining a job’ a gargantuan task in itself. But remember, having a stable deck i.e. a happy home could work as an excellent life-saving jacket in troubling waters. Have your doubts? Don’t worry we are here to help you bail out of every problem.

Having a happy wife goes a long way in making a happy life easier. So, here we bring you some simple ways to make her life better and your best. Please do whatever, but ensure to do it with honesty, keeping the trust of your darling wife intact and a sense of care, all of which women have the sixth sense to identify. These simple changes in you would make her feel on top of the world:

# Understand Emotions

iStock_000017703079XSmallSource: http://www.connectwithhisheart.com/

This will solve half of your problems in one go, if you could understand her emotions, exactly like you used to figure out with your mom. Don’t let those senses go off for your darling. Remember, if you wail about a woman in life being too emotional at every step, you must meet a man with a woman minus emotions. OMG!! So, please understand her emotionally and behave like a true gentleman!

# Trust/Honesty should be the only policy

courtingawomanversusdatingSource: http://static.eharmony.com/

With use of technology reaching at its peak, honesty seems to have become the bone of contention, amongst most couples across the world. Infidelity has crept in. While husbands feel making friends and chat online are necessary part of their official lives, wives feel they could sense when her hubby is going astray! If she doesn’t complaint often about your female friends and with some she feels the need to keep a tab on, please let her do it if there’s nothing to hide. If you need to lock the phone, sharing your password with her, will only increase faith in you and you’ll be surprised, once she’s aware, she’ll spy less on your mobile. So, no matter, how big your designation or your pay package is, you’ve no right to flirt with secretaries to pretty colleagues and expect her not to do the same in return. Or sit with mouth shut! That would be out and out discrimination. So, try to be cent per cent honest with your wife, in order to make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

# Caring is Magical

man-caring-for-pregnant-wifeSource: http://lasvegasfertility.com/

Women are known for their caring quotient. Remember: Caring ould germinate a seed of love in anybody’s heart. So, caring for her makes her feel on top of the world! Calling her from office, getting her flowers, taking her out for a shopping, keeping a tab on everything she’s doing and acknowledging her efforts not only as her partner but also as an experienced human being who understands what all does it take to manage work and family, helps her become emotionally strong, healthy and more balanced. The one, who cares more, always comes across as a more mature and sensible partner and goes away with the credit of being a strong pillar in the family. Living in a happy family will make your life literally lighter and happier.

# Women Love Surprise

177110428Source: http://www.alssecuritysolutions.com/

Get her gifts, take her for outing, and give her a relaxing massage and all that you think that could make her happy and unwinding. Show her your charming side and surprise her with your love-filled moves.

# Give Her Space, Freedom

happy-couple-2Source: http://www.vamshare.com/

Caring too much, no way and never means intruding somebody’s space and her right to live life. You have all the right to see your channels and play sports but also give her a sense of freedom of doing what she wants to, see what she wants to and cook what she wants to. Even if that increases the distance, let it be for the time being, coz with time, partners will get to understand the value and role of each other in each other’s life.

Above changes and showering such caring attitude in a relation will not only recharge your life but also make it more lively, paving the way for your physically satisfying journey as a couple. Besides, making her feel great about her mental and emotional state, making her physically happy literally makes her feel more satisfied, if done in a best possible way. So, here are some tips to please her in bed and make her feel like the most beautiful women you’ve. Believe us, this would simply make her go ……..ooohhhhhhhh!

# Get Her Sexy Night Dresses

lingerieWEB1Source: http://www.phoenixbrideandgroom.com/

Every woman wants to look pretty and if you get her a sexy outfit for a night, she’ll be more confident in bed giving you more than you desired, fulfilling your physical expectations. Not only both of you will have gala time, she’ll also enjoy making love to you.

# Kiss Her, Everywhere

boy,couple,girl,kiss,love,road-6dc5bf22fbae085e26c2c4a041381f95_hSource: http://img5.visualizeus.com/

A good kiss is a sign of kick starting the sex-filled night out! Kissing her on neck and licking her sensitive ear lobe make her close her eyes and go in a world of fantasy that paves the way for a big ‘O’. The warmth of your breath along with the wetness of lips will send sensation all over her body. Kissing her and whispering in her ears about your love, makes her charged up for the night!

# Spend Time Doing Foreplay

64d7688c6132062c1de32c1946720c4e853834a1Source: https://s.yimg.com

Hitting straight to the point isn’t something that makes women go crazy in bed! So, have patience and use all your licks and light-bites to set her in mood that makes her all set to wet.

# Give Her All You Got!

EmotionallyConnectedSex-595Source: http://www.self.com/

Once you know she’s ready, make sure not to postpone it too much and give her all what she is yearning for. Be like a man and firmly take control of her body and do it all you can with a little bit of wildness. Making her feel that you are in control will allow her to let go in your arms and enjoy the thing.

# Don’t Get off  the Bed Soon After

539fd858510b2_-_cos-01-couple-in-bed-de-91622672Source: http://cos.h-cdn.co/

Make sure not to get off the bed soon after you are done. Spend time talking to her and still on with some kisses here and there. This would not only make her feel more secured with you but will also pleases her with quality time spend between both of you. The more time spend together lovingly, the more happier and healthier your coming life will be!
Trust us, seeing your better half happy will give you a sense of unfelt relaxation. And when after a good night sleep, you wake up fresh, you’ll understand the power of love.

So, if a little effort for your wife could turn your boring and not so happening life into a one happy family and more satisfying professional life, to a great extent, why not shed all sorts of ego and choose love and care to turn your life into a more peaceful and better world. Live to love and be in love with life, not to forget wife!

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How To Make Sex More Intimate


Art of Making Love!

Get, sex and go! There’s nothing like sex. And to make the best and most forgettable, everytime you get, set and go, it’s downright important to get intimate with your partner, in all true sense. The word ‘intimate’ seems like an abbreviated form of ‘IN-side TI-e MATE’. So, when you tie up your mate from inside, with all your love and ‘go with the flow’ feeling, that’s the lifetime plunge you get to take into the real beautiful and eternal ocean of love. So, take a deep breath and dive into your inner passion to understand how to make sex, not more, but most intimate………sex with a shade of love.



source : http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/

From the ancient book of Kamasutra to contemporary discourses of Osho, a famous mystical Indian guru of its kinds, share so much more about sex, than a sheer body activity, that most of us wildly imagine it to be, end up understanding nothing, simply nothing, about this lightning power of connecting two bodies and souls!

There’s a miraculous difference between just sex and intimate sex. This would help you understand that. “I never used to go with my buddies to parties, which usually used to be followed by one-night-stands stuff. My friends used to make fun of me but I never ever wanted to let go off the opportunity of making love with intimacy with someone I truly love. Had I wasted that very first chance like many of my friends, I would have never experience or taste the power of sex when my partner was equally involved and extremely ecstatic while making out with me,” says a fashion photographer.

For those who believe that making sex more intimate is a first and right step towards making love the most unforgettable experience, here we bring some simple to try and do tricks that would make you love experience like never before!

But remember, true intimacy can never be taught. It’s right there in you, we can only help show it the right way. And there’s only one perfect rule that remains constant while making love – that there’s no hard and fast rule to follow, while kissing or doing anything. It’s out and out ART, BY HEART……

# Kissing Softly With Love

The simplest and the best way to shower your love on partner is by kissing on cheeks, soft wet lips, neck, ear lobes, toes and so on. The variation in kissing from one part to another sends out the signal to a whole body, clearly conveys her how much you love her, how far and deep you can go or how close you can get that would eventually arouse her, making her go weak in knees and set her rolling for the next big thing.
Tip: Kissing softly and like a whisper sometimes is more sexual than a simple kiss. There’s only one perfect rule that remains constant while making love – there’s no hard and fast rule to follow. It all depends how her body reacts to your kiss that will make you kiss another part with another art.


source : http://cbsnews2.cbsistatic.com/

Eye contact turns your fantasy into reality: Since looking into her eyes make you live that reality, it’s simply sexualistic to see her eyes closing softly while you kiss her up and down. Make sure you have an eye, looking at her eyes and, to understand what’s it that she enjoys more or most. This would be the best indicator that guides you through the whole maze of sex-trip.
Tip: At times she may want you to kiss soft, sometimes wild. The catch here is when she wants wild, try give her soft one like a touch of tip with your tongue. This would not only push her to ask for more but also drive her a bit hungry and wild. But don’t deprive her for too long; else this could result in losing out her interest of the whole sex-trip. So, beware guys!

# Massage, A Personal Message That Goes Deep

There’s nothing like oil or lotion massage that goes deeper than you could see. Giving her body massage works wonders. Your partner would not only enjoy the massage and feel relaxed but will also get the message loud and clear through your personal touch on her personal parts. Massaging her back or inner thighs or feet softly with good amount of oil will leave her only asking for more. But make sure to have a soft and not rough touch considering her soft skin, giving her the caring touch she always dreamt of. Please stay in control. The later it gets, the deeper you’ll get!
Tip: Please don’t rub hard in order to avoid any sort of rashes or skin irritation. Start soft, stay slow but firm. The longer it takes, harder she wants.


source : http://www.massagetherapyoklahomacity.com/

# Peace Leads To Big Bang

While making love it’s quite important to be quite to an extent. Too much of sex chats or getting straight to the finale, doesn’t work well. So give yourself and your partner some time. Be calm and in control while making all the naughty moves and give her some time plus space to hit the mood for the final thing!
Tip: Talking too much takes her focus away many times leading to delay in reaching orgasm. So, please maintain softness all through. And see what whispers in her ears that touch her soul, arousing her further.


source : http://www.toptensthings.com/

# Use Best Lubricants/Gels

Brands are not fools coming out with more and more gels and lubricants to help you make sex an amazing experience. Believe me, it’s only after research of years and years that brands decide to come out with range of products to help ignite the partners’ inner passion. Using lubricants/gels while making sex adds to the whole hot experience that partners can enjoy, if done rightly. The more time partners spend together doing oral sex, the chances are more they are going to feel already wet and extreme urge for final penetration. Preparation for a great night out is a turn on that excites partner, making her nervous and excited at the same time.
Tip: Make sure to read the usage of such gels and lubricants beforehand. Trying to understand the kick you are going to get from the usage of a gel in between sex, could result in spoil show. So, please read the leaflet together in bed and use it as an opportunity to get naughty orally.


source : http://ecopreneurist.com/

# Show Her You Care

It’s important to show her that you care. If you are in love with her, please still get her a pretty bouquet of flowers or some gift as a surprise to show her that you have not forgotten her, despite your busy office routine. Chances are she’ll do the same when in bed. She would love to have you by her side, to return all the attention and love you ever wanted in your wildest dreams.

Show-love-Girl-friendsource : http://stylesatlife.com/

Tip: Don’t be so unnaturally fake on the day you wish to make love that your partner catches it all. No partner would like to be deceived. So, please be frank and natural when it comes to caring her. Women believe in giving much more in return what they receive. So remember, as you sow, so shall you reap.

# Eat Your Favourite Desseerts/Food Together

Cook your favourite dish together, eat ice creams or fruits salads or whatever together adding up to fun. And please don’t be smart or adult like at eating, instead be more like kids who have fun while eating into other’s bite. Chocolate flavor is considered aphrodisiac when it comes to help in making love. Try throwing some ice cream on her body and licking it from there. That would simply make her want more….


source : https://thedailyfervor.files.wordpress.com

# When Together, Stay Excited

Excitement is a sign of freshness. Being excited excites her like nothing. Women love energetic partners. Take her to dinner, bring her cards, help her in cooking etc. Feeling of freshness is a magical power that not only keeps love young and alive after many years but also let partners trust each other and try new positions while making love. Well, excitement surely plays a vital role in defining the age of any relation. The better it is, the best is all is left to become.
Tip: Please don’t be fake at all. And also don’t behave that doesn’t suits you. Show the excitement that your age carries well.


source : http://bayviewtherapy.com/

Besides all the above points, remember forever that your true care and concern for her cannot be replaced by anything or any gift. So, simply stay in love with her, show your excitement whenever while making love and don’t let any dull moment enter your sex life. Spend quality time together and see the difference. Kiss her, love her and show her all what it takes to be a man that you are.

Intimacy is like a soul in a dead body. Without it, there’s nothing and just adding ingredient called intimacy, you get to experience and see the magic unfolding right there in your bedroom everytime you get, set to sex….

(Names in the story are withheld on the request of anonymity by those we spoke to.)

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Sex Without Condom- Risk Of Pregnancy!

Be it fruits, vegetables or even general things, everything comes with a covering or is packed under a good cover. I am sure most of us or rather all of us would not settle for buying these stuffs, if they would be sold uncovered. Isn’t it? Obviously, we don’t want to take any unwanted risk for our health. Then, why do we settle for taking the biggest risk of getting pregnant, by not indulging into the use of condoms while having sex? Are we not concerned about our health for now or we love putting it at stake for sex? Reason can be any, but what I am concerned for now is acknowledging you about the risks associated with unsafe or unprotected sex. Here, are the details..

# Safer Sex? Is It Necessary?


Source: http://images.wisegeek.com/

Safer sex, in literally terms can be defined as the sexual act done between partners without the involvement of any semen, blood or vaginal fluids being passed in the body of any of the partners. Sex is something which cannot be 100% guaranteed, hence it is always advised for involving yourself in a safer sex by adopting to the use of condoms!

You may not be knowing this, but only the rubbing of his area on your area can make you get pregnant, though the chances are less, but the risk is obviously there. So, before going for sex, ensure that your partner is healthy and is free from any kind of sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI’s) or you can definitely go for the use of CONDOMS. However, I would suggest you for both!

# Did I Just Mentioned Condoms!

sex2Source: http://www.ashasexualhealth.org/

Well, yes! Condoms are the safest tools for having a enjoyable sex without getting worried about the risk of having a baby later on, after the completion of your act. The list of benefits does not only end here, but you can even safeguard yourself from the risk of catching sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI’s). when used correctly and consistently, condoms play a major role in preventing HIV. So, instead of going for skin-to-skin contact, opt for a much safer and pleasurable sex!

# Some Do’s And Dont’s Of Using Condoms!

sex3Source: http://www.avert.org/
  • DO NOT use condoms that have been used before or continuing to use one after it has broken.

  • DO NOT use out of date or expired condoms as they can be dry or weakened and hence, involves the risk of breaking more easily.

  • DO NOT keep condoms in hot places like in your car or wallet.

  • DO NOT use your teeth or fingernails while opening up a condom as it may lead to its tearing.

  • DO use only polyutherane or latex condoms.

  • DO put condom on an erect penis only.

  • DO hold the base of the condom while withdrawing it out after sex.

  • DO throwaway the condom after its use.

# How Effective Are Condoms In Preventing Pregnancy?

sex4Source: http://image.shutterstock.com/

Something is actually better than having nothing. Wearing condoms while practicing sex may not serve as 100% protection, but it will definitely safeguard you against the sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV and of course unwanted pregnancy. To avoid the risk of getting infected, it is important to wear condom throughout the sexual act, but not just in the end.

However, when used correctly, a male condom is proven to be 98% effective in most cases. But, it also depends on the person who is using it. It will hamper the protection provided by condom in case, the man pulls it roughly or let his partner scratch it with her teeth during the intercourse or only puts it on halfway while having sex. So, use it carefully!

# What If Safer Sex Does Not Happen?

sex5Source: http://image.shutterstock.com/

Sometimes, despite of our good intentions and pure hard work, we fail to achieve the goal of having safer sex. It may sometimes happen because of the heat of that moment. In case, you fall in the same category, then it is advised to get yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia. Also, if you don’t want to get pregnant, then gulp down a dose of contraceptive pills within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. These can serve you well!

So, pack up your sensitive thing and only then plan for an adventurous trip! 😉

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