10 Bizarre Sex Rituals That Exist Around the World

Roving around a bar and offering a drink to a young woman in a hope of having sex with her sometime later is the existing mating ritual in United States. But after reading these sex rituals that really do exist in the world we live, you’ll be left open mouthed. Being the part of contemporary world these sex rituals might seem bizarre, but a deep dive in the texts of history books will reveal some facts that are customary to the people in those times.

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1. Young men swallow semen!

In the Sambian tribe of New Guinea, young men are kept away from women until they reach adolescence and made to swallow the semen of tribes’ mightiest trooper. It was supposed to make these young fellas cultivate the abilities of their chief. Guess what their favorite cocktail might be!

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2. Children have sex at the age of 6!

Yes, you heard it right! In Trobriander Tribe of Papa New Guinea, children start very young. Kids start getting involved in erotic activities at the age of 6 to 12. There’s no social disgrace involved in women being sexually active in their young age.

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3. Pharaohs that masturbated publicly!

It was believed that foundation of Nile was laid by Lord Atum’s ejaculation. So, consequently to ensure the course of river Nile, pharaohs ceremonially masturbated in the holy river.

setImage Source:http://www.ancient.eu/

4. You have to have sex with the man you trip with while dancing!

Yes, it would be true if you were a part Guajro people of Columbia. People of this tribe engage in a ceremonial dance and if a girl trips with a boy during the dance, she has to engage in a sexual activity with the boy. Well, some would trip purposely!

BaileImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org/

5. Boys have sex with older women for experience!

In Mangaia, boys in the age of 13 have sex with older women in order to gain experience. Well seems apt enough!

Makea_KarikaImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org

6. Men compete for sex!

In Brazil, men court women for sex by pleasing them with gifts. And the one with the best suited gift gets the chick. Old habits die hard!

as_hipImage Source:https://eyesonbrazil.files.wordpress.com

7. Brothers share one wife!

In Himalayan Tribe, to check the population, all the brothers shared single sex partner. How that reduces population, I wonder!

arranged-marriagImage Source:https://lifeabouttravel.files.wordpress.com/

8. One can watch their parents having sex!

In Marquesas Island, it was completely fine having sex in front of your children. They’ve taken sex education to an all new level!

Queen_ofImage Source:https://upload.wikimedia.org

9. Men steal each other’s wife!

In Wodabee tribe, men steal each other’s wife for sexual benefits. I guess they must be having jails and padlocks to lock down their wives!

 NIgerImage Source:https://putri2wotan.files.wordpress.com/

10. Vaginas were sewn to prevent pre-marital sex!

In some tribes of Eastern Africa, the labia majora were sewn together until the time a girl is married. All these measures were taken to insure the chastity of a woman. However, a small orifice is left for urination. Thank God, at least a little mercy is laid upon the poor lass!

-In-AfricaImage Source:https://i.guim.co.uk/img
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Do it Outside the Bedroom

The Bedroom is the room with the bed and just because it has a bed and it is for sleeping, couples consider it the obvious sex location. But bedroom is quite stale choice for doing the dirty deeds in a dirty manner, not the mention that worry, ‘honey, are the children awake?’

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If you are tired of baring your intimate needs and seeing the sexual salvation in the confines of a bedroom, then here are some classic and amazing ‘Sex outside the bed’ ideas for you:

#The Great Outdoors

If you put ‘outdoor’ and ‘sex’ together in a sentence, the equation answer is often derived to be the beach. Most people consider Sex on the beach wild but this is not 1970 anymore and people are not even trying sexing things up in royal gardens! So, it is indeed an adieu to the good old beach which is now tiresome. Besides, nobody likes going home with sand in their body.

couple-in-the-woods-151910Source: http://4everstatic.com/

Woods, on the other hand, are a great option and an unspoiled territory for having some adventurous, outdoor sex. There is not much hard work needed accept your basic camping and sleeping equipment. A campfire and the natural background score of the nature coming from the woods will make it enough special.

#That Weekday Morning in the study

Contemporary-design-study-room-in-fancy-apartmentSource: http://cdn.decoist.com/


Study rooms are great; they have so much clam and peace. But more than keeping the distractions at bay, they make a great location for having amazing, quick sex. Whether or not you have children, having the 15 minute, hold me tight, toe curling sex in the study right before office will surely blow your mind off.


# Kitchen Counter

stock-photo-happy-couple-rubbing-noses-at-kitchen-counter-143383918Source: http://image.shutterstock.com/

Kitchen counters have always been the favorite of many as they offer the ideal height and element of dirty, spontaneous sex. So, he’s making pancakes with his shirt off and you simply can’t wait for the pancakes to be cooked but before eating the pancakes, you want some thrill down your thighs. So, grab him and pull him towards you and indulge in some nasty, kitchen breakfast sex right now.

# The Basement Floor

black-couple-taking-460x246Source: https://crunkfeministcollective.files.wordpress.com

Before you get down and dirty on the Basement floor, check about the comforts of carpeting and whether or not the finishing of the floor is suitable for the deed. If there is suitable carpeting then fall down on knees right there and make love until one of you goes numb waist down. Basement floor is the perfect place to revive the crazy High school memories.


#The Quintessential Car

4201741Source: http://www.portrait-photos.org/

Cars are amazing and handy regardless what you requirement is. They work fine for carrying stuff around and when you need to do stuff inside the car, they are at your service! So, give your sex life some sleazy car action by having an impromptu session in the back of the car.

# Powder Room 

IMG_1120-1024x682Source: http://femininestudios.com/

Shagging in powder room is the ultimate naughty expression (naughtier than sexing things up in an airplane!). When you are at a party at a friend’s, jump into each other’s tight embrace and enjoy the thrusts and the thrill of ‘what if we got caught?’ in the bathroom.

Having sex outside the bedroom not only adds the extra sensuality factor but also re-ignites the passion and love. So, if you are feeling adventurous tonight, try experimenting in the bathtub.

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One Night Stand- Yay or Nay!

Have you ever landed in your bedroom with a lady expecting hump and dump, you met in a party or somewhere randomly? Have you ever lingered with her for the whole night, moaning your name again and again with the sound of oohs and aahs? Have you ever left love marks of your performance on her body in the form of love bites? Yes, I am talking about One night stand!

one night stand- what say

Source: http://zerowoes.com/

One-night stand is a firecracker of sexuality, short, explosive and most enduring. It’s a quick fix-sexual escapade for your desire for sex. Though society may term it as bad but, one night stands are not always bad, in fact, they teach you a lot about you and your partner in (sex) crime :P. You can review your performance in bed with the gal by seeing the satisfaction on the girl’s face and her openness and frankness with you. You will get time to learn and improve yourself at the divine art of making love in case you are lagging behind.

Ah, of course, going to bed with someone you barely know or you are meeting for the first time prevents emotional attachment, in totality it’s a “no strings attached” case. So, you need not to be the coy or feel yourself embarrassed about getting intimate with the lady. You may talk to her and share your grief too…Yeah, brownie points here. Doing this relieves your stress and recharge your mind that got numbed, while doing boring routine tasks. Oh! Jeez, when someone wants to be with you so badly that she gave up her night just to linger around you, I must say, it is a multi advantage for you guy. One you will experience the fulfillment of your sexual desire; second, it will give you an ego boost.

sexual desire

Source: http://feminspire.com/

If your girlfriend, ditched you for no reasons, you don’t have to sob the whole time thinking everything has finished and it’s the end of the world. You can have a one night stand and believe me, it is something you just need right now. It will make you feel liberated and will help you get through your past disastrous relation.

Most virgins are willing to lose virginity to someone they already know and are in a relationship because the moment of intimacy is quite special to them as they must have certain preconceived dreams and expectations regarding the lady. Going between the sheets with a new gal, you met just now, can be astonishing and amazing, but it has its cons as well. The person you are going with can be infected with some sort of sexual diseases, which can infect you too. So, always use precaution before getting into the main business, and also it might save the girl from the unwanted pregnancy. You don’t know about the background of the person you are going with. She may be a young and smart girl who is alluring you with her charm and could have hidden motives too. If it is so, you will be in danger, boss. So, go for one night stands only when you are assured about her whereabouts.


Source: http://www.city-connect.org/

Above all, what matters the most is what you are comfortable in. Go for it, only if your conscience allows you to, else you will be carrying this burden of regret all your life. You may even regard yourself as a cheater. To avoid all this, you need to find your comfort zone and then take a decision about going for it!

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Mild Sex or Wild Sex

# Whips and Handcuffs or Sweet Candles for you?

male-submissive-bdsmWildSource : plus.google.com

The recently released erotically charged ’50 shades of grey’ has renewed interest in wild sex but is it for you? Well, frankly, ’50 shades of grey’ doesn’t surpass the suave style of the real Mr. Grey of ‘secretary’ but it has some amazing sex scenes. But the question comes down to this: Can you pleasure your partner with these tactics? Can you go wild in your own kingdom? What’s exactly wild sex? How wild or mild should you really go? Find out!

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Naughty at forty

# Go wild and get the thrill and adventure at 40!

img_naughty40Source : theadventurista.com

Life actually begins at forty regardless what ‘hipsters’ and ‘tumblr’ children say. By the age of 40, most men and women are married while some are still pursuing the goal of settling down. Nonetheless, there are still many singles with no desire to settle down still living their life with thrill, lust, love and adventure ever past 40.

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Sex with Experienced Lady/Older Women

# Enjoying the Cougar Conquest

enjoyingsexSource ; http://www.herworldplus.com

A sexual relationship is a deep, intimate relationship and though sexuality wasn’t something that people were supposed to talk about so freely almost half a century back, it is not a taboo anymore. Men as well as women are exploring sexual adventures and sleeping with a partner who’s older than you is indeed quite frequent. Here’s how and why you can make your sexual relationship with experienced woman amazing:

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Importance of Foreplay – Foreplay Tips & Tricks!

“Sex without foreplay is like song’s reff without intro”-Toba Beta

Foreplay is a tantalizing mixture of physically and emotionally intimate acts which takes place behindthe closed doors. 😉 Foreplay is an essential part of an intense and steam filled sexual encounter

The deity created men and women physiologically different. Women need more stimulation to reach climax when compared to men. But the common ground comes to the place that it is enjoyable to both the partners.

importance of foreplay

Source: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/

et’s consider,

Oh you met your girl and had an impromptu make out, starting with an ear nibble, kissing the neck or nape of your girl. It will put you in groove but not make a bed shaking encounter.

Touching your partner in the same old way loses spark after some time and results in less arousing ,  so to keep the spark twinkling by trying new moves which make your girl go higher and higher. It not only pleases her but also satisfies you and helps her to return back the favor J

Touching your gal at the erogenous zones of her bod will electrify the spark and will force her to lose control and be your sex queen.

Foreplay needs manoeuvre guys. Below are few tips and tricks to make your gal incredibly high which will lead to a steamy sex session. Ooohhhhh……

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Do all Men Like Big Boobs?

#Boobs – This subject is very close to my heart!




Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I belong to the percentage of women with 34 cup sizes. Definitely, it’s a desirable feature for my many gal pals, and no doubt it also attracts lots of men, but my only reaction is ‘Someone should ask my heart’.

Like any other girl, I’m also conscious about the size of my boobs that make the things go from naughty to nice to kinky to good to naughty again…. and keep my man happy, of course! 😛

Men being men, there is not a denying fact that they are quite fascinated by the visuals. So, why else do you think that Playboy magazines or Bay-watch series are so popular? Uh? Believe it or not, but the size of boobs can get the things going for him.


Not all men are same! Yeah! I asked few of my male friends, that when it comes to boobs, does size really matter for them? Let’s see what are their takes

Friend no.1 – I’m unable to explain, but yeah! I don’t like big boobs at all. I like small ones – best to look and touch it.

women with small breast1

Source: http://www.why.do/

Friend no.2 – What I have noticed that women with big breasts looks attractive, but as far my experience goes, a woman with smaller boobs can be attractive too.



Friend no.3 – Small breasts, any day! They are easier to hold, and not at all bad to touch either.

men like women with big boobs

Source: http://www.menshealth.co.uk/

So, ladies. There is no point to invest a lot on enhancement cream, padded bras, gels and definitely silicon. They only make you feel inadequate and look unnatural. So love the body you’re in!

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