Sex Without Condom- Risk Of Pregnancy!

Be it fruits, vegetables or even general things, everything comes with a covering or is packed under a good cover. I am sure most of us or rather all of us would not settle for buying these stuffs, if they would be sold uncovered. Isn’t it? Obviously, we don’t want to take any unwanted risk for our health. Then, why do we settle for taking the biggest risk of getting pregnant, by not indulging into the use of condoms while having sex? Are we not concerned about our health for now or we love putting it at stake for sex? Reason can be any, but what I am concerned for now is acknowledging you about the risks associated with unsafe or unprotected sex. Here, are the details..

# Safer Sex? Is It Necessary?



Safer sex, in literally terms can be defined as the sexual act done between partners without the involvement of any semen, blood or vaginal fluids being passed in the body of any of the partners. Sex is something which cannot be 100% guaranteed, hence it is always advised for involving yourself in a safer sex by adopting to the use of condoms!

You may not be knowing this, but only the rubbing of his area on your area can make you get pregnant, though the chances are less, but the risk is obviously there. So, before going for sex, ensure that your partner is healthy and is free from any kind of sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI’s) or you can definitely go for the use of CONDOMS. However, I would suggest you for both!

# Did I Just Mentioned Condoms!


Well, yes! Condoms are the safest tools for having a enjoyable sex without getting worried about the risk of having a baby later on, after the completion of your act. The list of benefits does not only end here, but you can even safeguard yourself from the risk of catching sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI’s). when used correctly and consistently, condoms play a major role in preventing HIV. So, instead of going for skin-to-skin contact, opt for a much safer and pleasurable sex!

# Some Do’s And Dont’s Of Using Condoms!

  • DO NOT use condoms that have been used before or continuing to use one after it has broken.

  • DO NOT use out of date or expired condoms as they can be dry or weakened and hence, involves the risk of breaking more easily.

  • DO NOT keep condoms in hot places like in your car or wallet.

  • DO NOT use your teeth or fingernails while opening up a condom as it may lead to its tearing.

  • DO use only polyutherane or latex condoms.

  • DO put condom on an erect penis only.

  • DO hold the base of the condom while withdrawing it out after sex.

  • DO throwaway the condom after its use.

# How Effective Are Condoms In Preventing Pregnancy?


Something is actually better than having nothing. Wearing condoms while practicing sex may not serve as 100% protection, but it will definitely safeguard you against the sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV and of course unwanted pregnancy. To avoid the risk of getting infected, it is important to wear condom throughout the sexual act, but not just in the end.

However, when used correctly, a male condom is proven to be 98% effective in most cases. But, it also depends on the person who is using it. It will hamper the protection provided by condom in case, the man pulls it roughly or let his partner scratch it with her teeth during the intercourse or only puts it on halfway while having sex. So, use it carefully!

# What If Safer Sex Does Not Happen?


Sometimes, despite of our good intentions and pure hard work, we fail to achieve the goal of having safer sex. It may sometimes happen because of the heat of that moment. In case, you fall in the same category, then it is advised to get yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections such as Chlamydia. Also, if you don’t want to get pregnant, then gulp down a dose of contraceptive pills within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. These can serve you well!

So, pack up your sensitive thing and only then plan for an adventurous trip! 😉