How to kiss passionately


# Take you kissing levels up several notches

A good kisser is someone you should never stop making out with.

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The art of kissing is not something that everyone possesses but it is surely one of the factors that exclaim of one’s lovemaking capacity. A good lover knows how to kiss those ruby lips, intertwine those wet tongues and make the tangled lips create a memory of a lifetime. The sheer kiss of desire and lust and the kiss of romance don’t have much difference but the former has much more intensity. The kiss that is filled with lust and desire sort of gives away the intentions, the idea of surrendering, the idea of wanting to be loved back intensely.


It’s not just women who enjoy the playful bites and infatuating kisses but also men. There is no better turn on than a kiss so deep intense that makes you want to bare your chest and grab her for more.

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Men are less complicated creatures when compared to women. Men are hard wired to sneak a peek look to every other gal they see, but what do you think that a man prefers when it comes to a girl –A Diva or A Damsel? Let’s have a look people, down here….

diva 1


Unlike women, men are not that good when it comes to the expression of thoughts in words and this goes true for their likes as well as dislikes. Women chat a lot blah blah blah…. Whereas, men are practical in nature but they do have preferences when it comes to choosing a girl. Every girl is unique in her personality, but certain things are preferred by men when it comes to the opposite gender.

diva 2


A woman with brains aka Beauty with brains is a great demand, when seen from a guy’s eye around the globe. We agree that men get swooned by the external beauty of the girl as they are visual creatures, but an intellectual girl with beauty is a must for them. Nobody wants a beautiful girl with zero brains for showcasing like a showpiece. No bimbos please!

diva 3


A girl who is self asserted and intellectual, is in demand here. Men like women who can balance the graph in between when it comes to being a confident woman and a damsel in distress. Being a highly independent girl can make a man feel that he is not needed and being a damsel in distress can make the girl unattractive in a man’s eye.

diva 4


So, take pointer gals that‘s how you can maintain that Beauty with Brains graph! Bubye for now….. :)

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How to Attract a Girl – #15 Tips to Attract Girl for Love

Smart, Beautiful, confident and hot – remember Ms Famous of your campus, you would give and do anything to have her on your side. Having her as your girlfriend would be a dream come true thing. So guys let’s get it rolling and let me guide you through the whole process of impressing a girl.

Well, who can guide you better than a girl herself – let me help you explore Women a little more from the angle we appreciate. Although I know you have tried all the methods and expert advice of your friends and Love Guru’s who seem cool and popular among girls to you, but must admit they will only blabber and will give you a list of do’s and Don’ts without actually telling you what makes them popular, not that they do not want to tell but the irony is that they themselves are not sure.


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Girls are smart, logical and very emotional, so when you have a person who has a smart, alert brain and a very compassionate heart it becomes a little tougher to impress that beautiful girl right away, she will take some time access you and definitely tease you to know the Real you!

Beautiful girls are a little more difficult generally as they already get too much attention and they stay away consciously from undue attention. They put on a very arrogant face and wear an I don’t care Attitude always, remember this is their defense mechanism. Here, let me help you and guide you step by step to break through their Suraksha Chakra and make them available and warm ready to have a heart to heart talk.

Impressing Beautiful girls is an easy task, if you go the right way. Have tried it to group up some simple things that you must check on before going up front.

  • Personality Traits to Take Care of

  • Behavioral Precautions

  • Looks and Appeal

  • Nurturing the Relationship

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