7 Signs You Need To Pay More Attention To Your Wife

Since many generations, the men have n-number of complaints that no matter how much they can, they can never make their spouses satisfied… ever! Well, the true fact is that they tend to miss the little “signs” which their wives give because ladies expresses a lot with gestures and the men have a hard time to understand those signals. Yes, you are right in a way that you also need attention from your wife as well.

What you need to understand is that it’s all about balancing your life with your soulmate and with a perfect mutual understanding, you can do wonders. And trust me, the moment you will go through this article, you will start appreciating your wife and in return, she will also take care of you with the same love and respect. So, have a sneak peek onto some “signs” which you might be missing out earlier and how to understand them in a better way:

1. She will get into every small detail sometimes
When she finds that she isn’t getting the attention from her husband, she will become a knit-picker and start noticing your wrong things more often. Understand that the woman seeks attention from her partner every often so as to feel that you are there for her. So if you find this happening more often, it’ll be better to try and clarify with her about the issue.

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2. She might not like your idea of “ giving space”
Oh yes, that might be a big problem with almost all the “hitched” men out there. The men need their own good space and it might be just about anything like watching a football match or going for a workout or chilling with guys in a cafe. Here’s the thing, your woman might be feeling a little bothered by this. So, you might include her sometimes in your favorite activities or ask her about her hobbies so that she feels more close to you.

3. If you spend on yourself, she will complain
Don’t take this in a wrong way. You must understand that she is just trying to get your attention and hence, she might keep on asking you about your expenditure on car/bike maintenance or gaming, etc. instead, find some time to hang around with each other maybe once a week which may cool her anxiety down.

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4. She might ignite a useless fight with no logic whatsoever
This would be another thing which is common to the man world. The men always have a complaint regarding this that women tend to incite an argument out of no reason. Well, many times that’s because she’s feeling a lack of attention from your side. And if you tend to ignore it, she might burst at you. So, you can give time to talk about some meaningful issues discover the things between both of you.

5. She says frequently that she misses you
Your wife will say this to you if she feels that she is not getting enough attention from you. You might not be able to understand her but that’s where you might be wrong. Like men need to have space, the women need a time for bonding. Instead of her saying this, try to be pro-active and nourish your own relationship. You might end up in a big mess if she will stop missing you.

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6. She questions you more when you spend more time at your workplace
We understand that your office is hectic but, she might lose her patience after a while because women hate workaholics to be brutally honest. To go worse on this, she may become jealous of your peers or friends because you aren’t prioritizing her anymore. So before the situation gets worse, have a one-on-one discussion with her and go through all the discomfort and expectations.

7. She keeps on saying that you don’t love her like you used to
Yea, that’s another common complaint. But, understand that all she needs is a little bit of attention. The reality is that her thirst for your love, care and attention is never ending. So if she says that you don’t love her anymore, try and talk to her about it and what’s that she want.

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So, these are some of the ways you can understand your wife’s mind and get back into action as soon as possible to keep your relationship graph moving up.

Have a Happy Day!

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10 Signs that Show Your GF is a Self-Obsessed Narcissist

Your partner is an amazeballs, but makes you feel miserable too. Does she think only about herself? If your answer to these questions is affirmative, then you might be getting victimized in the hands of a narcissist. Narcissism is commonly believed to be a trait of a person who thinks only about himself. But ironically, narcissism is much more than that! A narcissistic person poisons everyone’s conscience who’s around them. And a relationship with a narcissist is more toxic than you can ever imagine. You might lose your self-worth and even end up thinking desolately about yourself. As the relationship progresses, you’ll realize that this relationship is more about them than it is about you. The best way to spare yourself the agony is to recognize these symptoms of being a narcissist and flee before it’s too late.

Upset young man against dual colored backgroundImage Source: http://adoubleshotofrecovery.com/

1. All about me: Her favorite topic of conversation is — herself

This is one of obvious clues that a person is a self-centered chap. Do you find that each and every conversation you make always circles around or eventually turns around your girl? For example, it was about how your day went and ended up on how late they’d been to work or how their car went through a flat tire. Narcissist is just not interested about the whereabouts of other people including you (unfortunately!). All they want is to kick start a topic so they can start blabbering things about themselves.

She-wants-special-treatment-all-the-time.Image Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

2. She wants special treatment all the time

Such people have a strange belief that they are somehow better than each and every person they meet. And their belief is not just confined to themselves, they try to convince others too that they are the best kind of person in our species (maybe, in others too!) As a result, they expect you to bestow them with a special treatment and presume that they have a monopoly over your time.

Damsel in distress all the timeImage Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

3. Damsel in distress all the time

One of the most lethal behavior of a narcissist is that they think they are being victimized in each and every situation they go through. This is fatal for a relationship because you are always strained toward their self-imposed miseries of life. She does that because she likes the sympathy and concern that you show and reassure them that everything will end up right. This kind of manipulation is hard to recognize.

Always green with envyImage Source: http://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/

4. Always green with envy

As I specified earlier, they have proclaimed themselves to be the best among others. As a result of which they get immediately envious of someone who they think is doing better than them. Her jealousy might end up messing up her friendship with her best friend. And the sad part is, her jealousy can come in the way of your relationship too. She can get envious of you, too, if you’re doing better than her in your life.

She is always unable to feel for youImage Source: http://i.huffpost.com/

5. She is always unable to feel for you

A narcissist can feel for no one but himself. They expect empathy from everyone but fail to reciprocate the same. The only thing they can think about is their own well-being, their own miseries. Anyone else’s glitches are far beyond consideration for them. Since you are a person other than herself. You also fall under this category of remaining overlooked. If you’re hoping to turn up to someone who can seriously look into your matter, you have to go somewhere else. They just can’t connect with you.

Ms. arrogant is her another tagImage Source: http://www.wikihow.com/

6. Ms. arrogant is her another tag

Arrogance is a very inappropriate behavior they have. She immediately loses her calm when she is not rewarded with the superior treatment she thinks she deserves. In some situations, she fails to lower her standards according to the need. This gets embarrassing in many situations, where she acts like she believes herself to be the superlative and deserves to be treated with utmost extravagance. Even during conversations, she keeps her head big and fails to acknowledge that she might be wrong at some point in her life.

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7. Short-lived relationships

If you observe closely at her life, she is a complete failure at keeping people in her life. If she doesn’t have any long-lasting friendship and is not close to anyone in her family, this means her point of regard is limited to herself only. If she has had many relationships in her past, not lasting more than a couple of months, then chances are that she is a narcissist. After all, everyone has a saturation point.

Inimical toward feedbacksImage Source: https://www.psychologies.co.uk

8. Inimical toward feedbacks

Narcissists are as hard and rigid as an old tree. Nothing holds more importance than their self-inflated beliefs about themselves. They’ll hold onto their own perception with an iron grip. If you attempt to question her beliefs and views, she gets infuriated. They just can’t handle criticism and will get rid of anything that will question their theories. So, If you want to check whether your chick is one of them or not, make a remark about the kind of movies she likes to watch.

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9. Preys on people

As narcissists show no consideration of other people’s well being, they find it very easy to take unfair advantages of people. They often treat people in their lives like a ladder. This can be carried out by gaining people’s sympathy or by use of unashamed lies. Nothing gets in the way of a narcissist and their self-achievement. They might even manipulate others so as to gain emotional support. Sometimes, emotional support is not the only thing they want from others, intentions might be more sinister.

Melodramatic and mushyImage Source: http://images.medicaldaily.com/

10. Melodramatic and mushy

A narcissist can manipulate any situation to get it into the favor of their own. She might overreact to trivial situations and can somehow turn the tables up against you. You will never come to know how quickly they make such manipulations. She makes sure that she gets the attention after every text, fight or conflicts that take place between you.

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If you have acknowledged all the 10 signs in your significant other, then you need to take some precautionary measures so as to save yourself the unwanted drama and develop a foolproof strategy to get out of this mess, spotless.

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What a Man Should Know About Women Before Approaching Her?

Men think that they’ve aced the art of courting women. They are convinced that they can talk to any women without getting themselves humiliated. But sometimes, things don’t go in a way we expected it to. Either they fall apart at the first part itself, or go through a brutal finale with all those tears and blues!

You see an attractive women, you approached her and got a cheeky response. Even if you succeeded in courting her, things went quiet well, but she dropped everything in between to walk over you. Wham! Game over. And you are left to ponder on where you went wrong.


Most essentially, never reach out a girl without doing your homework. Men who get rejected in the first meeting itself are the ones who know none or infinitesimally little about a women psyche. While some fall under the category of hapless creatures, who fail to continue their relationship with their woman for long. Women are complex creatures. No book can ever tell you how to know a woman. It’s more like a lock and key theory. A woman is like a lock, you spend half of your lives finding the key to her soul, and once you find the key, the enigmatic entity (of course, the woman) changes the lock! Sigh, women!

But anything difficult is not axiomatically impossible. Just a little amount of attention and a smart sum of knowledge is all you need to unlock a women’s psyche before you approach her.

1. Girls don’t like over flirty and cheesy guys.

Playing out cool on her? Make sure you don’t pave your way out of her heart even before entering it. Women get pissed off by the guys who are over-sugary and are over doing the flirting business. Flirting with too many women in front of “that one-woman” will surely kick you out of her thoughts. Remember, actions speak louder than words!

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2. Girls like to be called beautiful instead of “hot”

Being called hot is a compliment as well. But nothing can work as wonderfully as calling her beautiful does. No matter how short her dress is or how bold she is by appearance, being called beautiful is what every woman desires.

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3. Girls like to be looked straight into eyes.

Warning: the gaze should be a gaze! Staring is rude. A gentle gaze right into her sparkly eyes will melt her heart. Whenever you are complimenting her, look into her eyes and say. It will make you more affirmative toward your approach. Looking away while talking to her will only present you as a liar and a secretive person.

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4. Girls are great mind readers.

Never lie to her. Cause she might be knowing the truth already. Girls are excellent mind reader. And they do it even more well when it concerns their man. So if you are approaching a woman romantically, make sure you are going to be honest with her.

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5. A good woman doesn’t care about your money

A common myth that men have about women is that they want money. Once a women is head over heels in love with you, she’s ready to go through any struggles just to make sure you two end up together. They just want you to be by their side. Simple, isn’t it?

3 THVtb3NfOTg3NS5qcGc=Image Source:http://wayoftheplayer.com/

6. Though girls like protective guys, but not over protective.

Protecting her and guarding her from all the troubles will make her feel valuable and wanted. Trying to become her dad, will only push her away. Don’t care for her to the point of choking her. Let her be independent and handle some stuffs on her own. Make a note, some stuffs!

pretty-girl-Image Source:http://www.returnofkings.com/

7. Girls don’t like guys who only think about sex.

Though sex is a mutual requirement of both the partners, over emphasizing on physical needs can be a major turn off for a woman. No woman would ever like to become a booty call for her man. She wants both physical and emotional elements in their relationships. So before approaching a girl, make sure you are not into it only for sex!

girlsImage Source:https://i.ytimg.com

8. Women are more attracted to men who are attentive.

No woman would ever like to go out with a man who just keeps on forgetting everything she tells about her. Remembering those minute details of your girl though seems impossible, but once you are expert, you’ll have that pretty lady in your arms for the entire lifetime. Lending an ear, doesn’t seem to be that difficult.

cute-romantiImage Source:https://toptrendingtopics.files.wordpress.com

9. Girls are little cagy, when she has been hurt in her previous relationship.

If a girl ever had her heart broken, she’ll be a little cautious in her present relationship. So if you’re trying to woo her and you are aware of her situation beforehand, you have to be more careful and patient. She won’t open up immediately with you, give her some time. But once she does, it’s all worth the wait!

sadImage Source:http://www.mayowynnebaxter.co.uk/

10. Girls don’t like men who can’t make time for them.

You courted her and now you don’t have time for her? How irrational it seems! If you are willing to develop a romantic relationship with a woman, accept the fact the woman will always be a part in your daily routine. It is advisable not to reach out a woman if you’re much of a self-centered person.

Unhappy young couple having an argumentImage source:http://www.drwendywalsh.com/

11. Girls forgive easily.

As a sweet little creature they are, they are quick to forgive her man’s mistake. She will forgive you often when you commit mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you can take unfair advantage of her trait. Girls are fragile yet valiant. Once you exceed the limits of committing a single mistake over and over again, she’s never going to look back. So pull up your socks before you entice the lady of your dreams!

forgiving girlImage Source:http://www.idealmagazine.co.uk/

All the best! Efforts won’t go in vain if you invade a woman’s line of thought pretty well.

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Seducing Woman the Scientific Way!

Walking over to a woman and finding ways to approach her is the topmost growing fear among men. Generally men tend to look for are the cheesy pick up lines or a word to word script that can serve as a guide for them and here’s where they tend to fail. Unlike most men, women are more prone to emotions and sentiments. Attracting women the emotional way and understanding her silence more than her words can really be defined as the great art of seducing a woman.

 Source: http://themansphere.com/


The science and art of seduction is not really a tough one but, there are some of the facts which you can consider when it comes to seduction. Well, there are no such methods (as it is the wrong term) which can make a woman lay under the warmth of your body but, there are definitely some theories or facts which can help you press the right nerve of a woman. Here you go..

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Women Want You To Dominant In Sex

What is your favorite game that you can play with your girl? Come’on think..Is it exactly what I am thinking???


Is it sex? I am sure it is a yes from your side. Oh, you naughty mind! 😉

Well, every man coincides with your opinion. Sex is the most pleasurable game that one can play with his partner and the best pass time among couple. But are you aware how the things work in bed?


Alike every other game, it is also a game of win and lose. But the only thing that differentiates it from other material game is- here, both the contenders gets the pleasure of pure bliss.

For a man, it is very easy to go with any women in bed, he need no extras convincing, but the case of a woman is quite different in contrast. Women are driven by emotions and expects so much from the person they are going to offer themselves to.

Women can be dominating to the Home front or to their offices, where they might include in top level directors or managers. But once you land yourself with her, in bed, their chemistry and biology changes suddenly. Now they want you to dominate!


Ask this question to the girl whom you are going to sleep with. Believe me on this, you will get positive nods.

They like the masculinity of the male specially, when on bed. They love to be controlled by their sex partner, they love the bites around their nipples and sweet slap on their thighs and butts, all this turns them on very much. They love to be sucked not just on breast or nipples but also over the whole body. You can easily sense this by the moaning sounds she makes of the uhhhs and aahs with her eyes clinched tightly. It is something far expressive of her interest in being dominated.

Don’t believe me…? Oh my god! Well, no issues I can prove my point.

Read on to 50 Shades Of Grey or any other book on evolutionary biology and it will confirm you that women enjoy being the weaker contender in the game of love making. Women found pure bliss to see herself being submissive and desired.

One thing they seek from their sex partner is COMFORTABILITY FACTOR:-

sex in study

She needs to get her clothes off in front of you in order to crack the man task. So, your first priority should be extending her comfort zone so, that she doesn’t feel shy getting herself nude for you. Be yourself comfortable watching her naked and mind overacting on this sensitive foreplay as, it may offend her!


This is not a fact indeed, it is an universal truth. Not taking this advice seriously may hamper your sex life coz they love to get dominated by the one whom they love, as it makes them feel aroused on bed. Are you guys still reading on to it? Come’on it’s time to apply it practically now! 😉

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