Increase Penis Size- Penis Enlargement Surgery Before and After

#Penis Enlargement Surgery: Ligament Cutting

Normally, the penis is joined with the pubic bone through the usage of suspensory ligaments. This famous enlargement surgery includes the cutting of these ligaments this allows some part of the penile shaft to hang outside the body. Once the surgical process has been performed, patients are made to wear weights to reduce the changes of a severed ligament and shrinkage so the penis can be permanently lengthened. Patients with ligament cutting penis enlargement surgery before and after reported an improvement in erection length and minimal penile length.

Suspensory ligaments support the penis and the erection so cutting them may enable a downward pointing penis so it is not exactly safe and apt.


#Liposuctioned Fat Injection


Liposuctioned fat injections are also quite popular among men and this type of surgery includes the suctioning of fat from other body parts such as thighs or abdomen, and injecting of the suctioned fat inside the penis to add to the size.

This injection option is for temporary enlargement as it has been revealed that the body soaks up major amount of fat within a year. So, those looking for temporary results can choose this method but those looking penis enlargement surgery before and after even results should discuss more options with their physician. The fat may be dispersed in the penis unevenly, making up for bumps in the penis. However, it works quite well in the temporary period.