Penile Lengthening Surgery to Increase the Penis Size

#Efficacy and Safety of the Penile Lengthening Surgery

Back in the 70s, penile surgery for length and girth boost wasn’t quite famous for cosmetic purpose. Most men who had faced physical trauma in their private places or had their penis deteriorated due to certain reasons underwent this procedure for reconstruction and correction. However, since the 80s-90s, cosmetic procedure for penile augmentation has become largely famous and acceptable. Now, there are several private clinics that offer the facility with well trained and highly experienced surgeons.

Penile-lengthening surgery 3


Normally, the three processes for penile lengthening surgery namely Liposuctioned fat injection, Dermal grafting and Ligament cutting are provided for Penile lengthening are used. The fat is suctioned from the high fat areas such as thighs, lower back and abdomen etc and is inserted inside the penis through use of injections. However, this fat begins to die away within a year or so due to the lack of presence of blood vessels.

Dermal Grafting is stated to be one of the most useful and lasting options for surgical amplification of the penis. In this procedure, dermal tissue is taken from the buttock and groin area and is further inserted under the penile shaft to give the penis more length. This grafting process is stated to last longer without any adverse complications for longer.

Penile length surgery to increase the penis size


Ligament cutting involves the cutting of the suspensory ligaments that hold some part of the penis inside the body.