Best Condoms For a Safe and Fulfilling Sex!

It does not matter what Mills and Boon tells you, when it comes to sex, it is not that easy to set the mood… And when you achieve it, you may have to fight big P (protection). Protected sex helps you to save yourselves from infections and pregnancy , but contraceptives sometimes kill the mojo. That’s why you’ll find variety of brands introducing different types of condoms , be it flavored or extra lubricated, to help you have enjoyable sex ever!



Now, you are sure that you need to have a safe sex, but not sure about which condom to choose. So, there are you, standing at the pharmacy staring in total disbelief. Without thinking, you grab the closest box of condoms and ran out the door. You reach home just to find that the condoms you bought do not even fit right as well as smells terrible. Well, undoubtedly, these were not the best condoms for you.

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Today, we are here to help you with the process of finding the best condoms for you that can help you have safer sex, without compromising with the pleasure and intimacy.

Let’s get started…

Types of Condoms that Suit the Need

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When choosing a condom, need is more important than want. You may want all the whistles and bells, but you need a smaller condom or a larger condom or if you are allergic to latex, then you need a non-latex condom material like Polypropylene or Polyurethane. Also, you need to know if your partner is allergic to the same, as there’s nothing worse than giving your new lady love a latex allergic reaction.

# Get to Know Condom Styles

There are varieties of different styles of condoms to choose from. When searching for the condoms, listed are the basic breakdown of condom styles to opt for:

styles of condoms


# Stronger Condom

It, sometimes means thicker, but not always. In fact, some thin condoms even claims to be stronger.

# Thin or Sensitive Condom

It feels like they are not even there.

#Flavored Condom

This condom may be the ticket for you, if you are planning to start the evening with oral sex.

# Textured Condom

This is the surefire way to get the attention of your lady love.

# New Shapes

The shops are loaded with minimalist design, spring action, pleasure pouches, spiral shapes and dolphin shaped condoms. This is a must try for the serious condom specialist.

#Non-lubed Condom

They are used for many things like gun covers or Microphone covers, as well as also go well with flavored lubricants for a safe oral fun.

#Colored Condom

They are the perfect choice for black tie affairs or Blue condoms for those patriotic nights.

#Vibrating Condom

They are not actually condoms, but they can be used with the condoms to help you last longer and enhance pleasure for her.

# Store v/s Online Purchase

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Well sure, you can stand in the store reading every box of condoms with the determination to buy the best. But, would not it be easier to first go online and read up all the information about the different condoms. You can research thoroughly and take your time on the different sizes and shapes of condoms. Once you find the suitable condom, you can go to the store or better buy it online.

# Safe Sex – Remember Few Things!

  • save earthIf you are using Latex condom, do not use oil based lubrication, such as, baby oil, skin lotion or vaseline, as the oil weakens the latex. Rather, use polyurethane condoms as they are safe to use with oil
  • Don’t store condoms in the wallet or in a glove, as condoms hate heat. Also, don’t open condoms with your teeth
  • Get in action slowly, and see how slow and shallow you can go before she pulls you in
  • After the intercourse, hold the condom at the base and slowly pull it out, and throw it away in the trash (not the toilet)

# Be Safe!

Undoubtedly, there is a perfect condom for everyone! As long as you have the time to experiment with it, finding the best condom is not hard. Till then, play safe!