Seek Surgical Means to End Your Woes for a Larger And Impressive Penis

Worrying about the size of the penis is natural and common to men, but now, men can seek the end of their worries with a variety of solutions available for penis enlargement. Surgical means have become synonymous with lasting and permanent results, but a lot of men are still confused about the processes that are offered through penis surgery options. Find out what options men can indulge in when treating their male member for size and performance problems:

Penis Surgeries for Advancement In Length And Girth

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  # Length Increasing ligament Cutting Process

This includes surgically detaching the penis from the suspensory ligament which holds some part of the penis inside the body. Normally, suspensory ligament is useful in keeping the penis erected at a particular angle (upwards, away from the body) to allow proper penetration during the sexual intercourse. However, after the surgery the gap of the suspensory ligament is filled using bio-compatible material to enable the proper visual appearance of the new growth of the penis that comes out due to the cutting of the ligament. Furthermore, new skin is used to cover the growth that occurs when the ligament is cut. The growth in the length has been stated to be around an inch or less.

Girth Increasing Fat Injection Process


This option includes using suctioned fat to develop the circumference of the penis. It is done through taking some abdominal fat surgically and then injecting it into the penis but the major downside of this process is that it is not reliable. It is one of those penis surgeries’ process that a person, unless desperate, must not go for. The results don’t last and the penis comes back to its real size within only a year.

  # Girth Boosting Dermal Graft Process

This includes providing girth increase to the penis by placing dermal grafts from the buttock and groin crease to the area under the penis shaft. Compared to the suctioned fat option, using this dermal grafting process is actually safe and healthy and providers, durable results that allow proper functioning of the penis and improved sexual experience.

Other options include silicone implant which is provided by individual surgeons based on their expertise, pubic or abdominal liposuction to allow obese men to have a visually impressive penis, etc.


 # Penis Surgeries for Erection


Penile Implants is a surgical procedure that benefits the patient in maintaining health erection. Earlier, implants were only available in the semi-rigid form which is now also called non-inflatable. With advancements in the medical field, now men are provided with the choice for inflatable implants that can be easily inflated and deflated when the patient wants to have sex.

# Penis surgeries device


Both the implants include certain devices that are surgically inserted inside of the penis. In the inflatable the patient is provided with the choice to deflate and inflate as per requirement and preference. in the inflatable device options, two piece and three piece devices are the most famous as they allow men to seek better control over having an erection, however the hardness of the three piece erection is actually firmer than that offered by two piece device. The surgery performed for the three piece device is also extended and requires a longer recovery since the devices are fit into the abdomen, scrotum and then the penis.

Apparently, three and two piece devices have a higher advantage over the semi-rigid penile implant options since these allow better mobility, concealing and controllable erections. Erection implants, obviously cost, higher than any of the penis surgery processes and have received the positive feedback from men and their partners wisely.