Best Digital Tools For Remote Collaboration

The most effective digital collaboration tools are those that streamline communication and document management. The productivity gains that result can alter the work experience for remote teams. However, with the multitude of tools available it can be difficult to figure out which ones will benefit your team. The best online collaboration tools come in a variety of formats, ranging from instant messaging apps such as Slack to whiteboards. Some tools are designed to meet a specific requirement while others work in combination with other remote working tools.

Slack is a well-known platform for business communication. Users describe it as “your digital headquarters”. Direct messaging is a well-loved feature, but it also integrates with other tools for project management and task tracking. This allows you to keep all conversations in one place. Managers can benefit from the tool’s powerful reporting capabilities, which are great for monitoring team performances.

Other tools that fall under this category include video conferencing software, which allows teams to meet synchronously to discuss projects and respond to questions. It can reduce feelings of isolation, and is ideal for sharing presentations including webinars, onboarding tips, or tutorials for new employees. Another tool is Loom it is unique in that it allows you to record engaging video messages that can be viewed simultaneously. It’s a great method to share team updates or video messages from the leadership or even quick training videos.