Men are less complicated creatures when compared to women. Men are hard wired to sneak a peek look to every other gal they see, but what do you think that a man prefers when it comes to a girl –A Diva or A Damsel? Let’s have a look people, down here….

diva 1

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Unlike women, men are not that good when it comes to the expression of thoughts in words and this goes true for their likes as well as dislikes. Women chat a lot blah blah blah…. Whereas, men are practical in nature but they do have preferences when it comes to choosing a girl. Every girl is unique in her personality, but certain things are preferred by men when it comes to the opposite gender.

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A woman with brains aka Beauty with brains is a great demand, when seen from a guy’s eye around the globe. We agree that men get swooned by the external beauty of the girl as they are visual creatures, but an intellectual girl with beauty is a must for them. Nobody wants a beautiful girl with zero brains for showcasing like a showpiece. No bimbos please!

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A girl who is self asserted and intellectual, is in demand here. Men like women who can balance the graph in between when it comes to being a confident woman and a damsel in distress. Being a highly independent girl can make a man feel that he is not needed and being a damsel in distress can make the girl unattractive in a man’s eye.

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So, take pointer gals that‘s how you can maintain that Beauty with Brains graph! Bubye for now….. :)