Do it Outside the Bedroom

The Bedroom is the room with the bed and just because it has a bed and it is for sleeping, couples consider it the obvious sex location. But bedroom is quite stale choice for doing the dirty deeds in a dirty manner, not the mention that worry, ‘honey, are the children awake?’


If you are tired of baring your intimate needs and seeing the sexual salvation in the confines of a bedroom, then here are some classic and amazing ‘Sex outside the bed’ ideas for you:

#The Great Outdoors

If you put ‘outdoor’ and ‘sex’ together in a sentence, the equation answer is often derived to be the beach. Most people consider Sex on the beach wild but this is not 1970 anymore and people are not even trying sexing things up in royal gardens! So, it is indeed an adieu to the good old beach which is now tiresome. Besides, nobody likes going home with sand in their body.


Woods, on the other hand, are a great option and an unspoiled territory for having some adventurous, outdoor sex. There is not much hard work needed accept your basic camping and sleeping equipment. A campfire and the natural background score of the nature coming from the woods will make it enough special.

#That Weekday Morning in the study



Study rooms are great; they have so much clam and peace. But more than keeping the distractions at bay, they make a great location for having amazing, quick sex. Whether or not you have children, having the 15 minute, hold me tight, toe curling sex in the study right before office will surely blow your mind off.


# Kitchen Counter


Kitchen counters have always been the favorite of many as they offer the ideal height and element of dirty, spontaneous sex. So, he’s making pancakes with his shirt off and you simply can’t wait for the pancakes to be cooked but before eating the pancakes, you want some thrill down your thighs. So, grab him and pull him towards you and indulge in some nasty, kitchen breakfast sex right now.

# The Basement Floor


Before you get down and dirty on the Basement floor, check about the comforts of carpeting and whether or not the finishing of the floor is suitable for the deed. If there is suitable carpeting then fall down on knees right there and make love until one of you goes numb waist down. Basement floor is the perfect place to revive the crazy High school memories.


#The Quintessential Car


Cars are amazing and handy regardless what you requirement is. They work fine for carrying stuff around and when you need to do stuff inside the car, they are at your service! So, give your sex life some sleazy car action by having an impromptu session in the back of the car.

# Powder Room 


Shagging in powder room is the ultimate naughty expression (naughtier than sexing things up in an airplane!). When you are at a party at a friend’s, jump into each other’s tight embrace and enjoy the thrusts and the thrill of ‘what if we got caught?’ in the bathroom.

Having sex outside the bedroom not only adds the extra sensuality factor but also re-ignites the passion and love. So, if you are feeling adventurous tonight, try experimenting in the bathtub.