Due Diligence Platforms


Due diligence platforms streamline data collection, management, and collaboration during mergers and acquisitions as well as other financial and business transactions. The key features include centralized storage of documents, collaboration and communication tools and analytics capabilities to assess the risk and potential opportunities. They also let organizations manage access, permissions, as well as activity logging for improved security. They also support a vast range of file formats, and integrate with ERP, CRM and virtual data rooms to provide streamlined workflows.

Some solutions help teamwork by allowing editing of documents and comments, task assignments and automated reporting. Other solutions offer questionnaire templates that facilitate an organized method of the assessment of vendors’ security thus reducing time for teams and minimizing the possibility of miscommunication or confusion. Moreover, they offer notifications and updates to ensure teams are on track with progress and eliminate the need to hold offline meetings.

These solutions are certified ISO 27001 and comply with all requirements of the law. They also provide advanced encryption for sensitive data, which helps ensure secure storage, transmission and processing. Some also feature a user-friendly interface for smooth adoption, which increases efficiency and reduces training costs.

SS&C Intralinks, a leading provider of due diligence solutions is known for its collaboration tools, automation, and data management and security measures. Its 256-bit data encryption and compliance with GDPR regulations protect sensitive data and ensures the integrity of transactions. It also offers customizable features and the option of a trial period for free. Johns Hopkins University and KiwiTech are among the companies that use this platform.