Penile Girth surgery- Does it Work

#Surgical Treatment for the Penis

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Cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures for the penis were available since the 70s but there wasn’t much fuss about the size back then. These surgeries were undergone by

# Those with Congenital abnormalities (micropenis)

# Botched up result of another surgery or treatment (penile or prostate cancer, Peyronie’s disease treatment, etc)

# Abnormality triggered due to physical Injury or trauma

The surgery that is performed on the penis for length or girth is called the Phalloplasty process. This surgery doesn’t give a permanent outcome for the girth improvement and provides few inches boost to the girth. The processes for Penis Girth Surgery include

Dermal Grafting

Dermal Fat Grafting process is provided by plastic-reconstructive surgeons and is done to cover the deep skin defects by placing grafts over the affected region.  After being harvested, the grafts develop new blood channels-vessels with the surrounding tissue through which they survive. Penile circumference enhancement has been stated to show superior results in comparison to the fat injections.

In this process, first the surgeon harvest grafts from patients buttocks’ crease or the thighs’ creases. Then the grafts are placed and transferred in a longitudinal or a circular fashion depending on the patient requirement and surgeon’s preference. It can be stated that the process includes taking one part of the skin (may include fat, blood supply or muscle) and placing it in the other region of the body. Distinct physiological circumstances like blood supply dictate the survival and durability of the grafting penis girth surgery.

The free grafts are inserted underneath the penile shaft skin and above the erectile body and then they are sutured and overtime, the grafts begin to growth inside the skin. The sutures, after healing, allow free and healthy movement. However, the rate of positive feedback on the penis girth surgery through dermal grafting is low since the grafts begin to dissolve due to reduced blood supply.

Suctioned Fat

Autologous fat injections are also used to improve penis girth and the process requires collection of the abdominal (or thigh) fat through means of liposuction. Then this fat is injected inside the dartos fascia of the penis and the process has been shown to improve the circumference of the penis by 2.6-cm.

Compared to the grafting Penis Girth Surgery, the injections don’t perform so well. The major issue with these fat injections is that the fat begins to dissolve quite fat and within 10-12 months, it begins to disappear. Another issue is that the fat injected in the penis may not be in an even fashion and the penis may develop some uneven bumps due to this.

Does this Mean that Penis Girth and Length can Never be Enlarged?

The surgeries’ results are doubtful but it doesn’t mean that men will not be able to see a boost in their male member as herbal and natural means like herbal pills and supplements along with physical exercise of the penis result in healthy outcome.