Hot in Bed – 10 Signs to Look Out For!

Dating women is no less than a Herculean task. I mean, you try your best to please her, but something always happens that spoil the moment. And many times, you are not even sure what goes in her mind and why she is pissed off… I know many of you are smiling in an approval. Well, it is not that hard to understand your lady. No matter you have just started dating or in a relationship with a girl, I am sure all of you have wondered how she would be in bed.

hot in bed


The experienced men (here experience means who has dated a lot of women :P) know whether the girl they are dating would be good in bed… do you know how? Because they truly understand her body language and know who would lead them to a sizzling bedroom episode. So what is it that you don’t know, that sometimes, lead to a terrible sex experience!

bad sex experience


Stop scratching your head and check out the signs that will, if not 100%, but solve your queries up to a fair percentage and then you can confidently take a chance.