Hot Spots of Women

You don’t need to rip your pants off and thrust your package right into her to hear her sensual moans and make her come. Simple and innocent, okay, not so innocent touching of her erogenous areas will be sufficient if you are aiming at giving her just a taste. Find out the top tantalizing parts of the Female body that you can stimulate to arouse her:

# Inner Thighs


Did you ever notice how movies often show soft porn scenes where the girl lies down and the man strokes and licks the inside of her thighs? Well, that’s because, the inside of the tight, back area of the knees are blessed with numerous nerve endings. So, if you tickle her right, she will be weak in her knees with groans so sensual that you won’t stop making love until the sun comes out.

Remember that the thighs, knees and the feet are the part where you bite. These are for tickling, touching, stroking and licking.


# Wrists

This is amazingly shocking, but women love it when their lovers gently kiss and lick their shoulders and bring it all the way down to their wrists.

# Nape


Even seen how music videos how couples sweetly licking and breathing on each others’ napes? The nape is the perfect region to get her wet all over and if you can play the sex god with starting with her nape, playing with her hair and then moving on to the neck and the breasts.

Nape is also the perfect region to touch and kiss when you want to tell her that you desire her without words.

# Feet




Feet tickling, fondling, caressing, sucking of the toes are perfect ways to send her the signal that you want some action tonight. And, if her feet like it, she’s will respond with the perfect sucking and licking in bed.

# Lips

You can experiment with kisses by including sweet biting, chucking techniques and when you are ready for the big moment; give her a long, French kiss.


# Breasts (Nipples)


This is quite known and most men indeed make the most out to his but there are different techniques of bringing her to arousal, climax with the breasts alone. Focus on the darker nipple region and caress, fondle and give her assets a good massage before you sink your face into them.


Squeezing them gently is something that no woman can resist.

# Clitoris

The clitoris, don’t require penetration so pull her panties off or just slip your hand into her vagina when making out and tease her clitoris with gentle rubbing to turn her on.

# Buttocks



How about some mild spanking when she’s not really expecting it? Spanking when she’s serving you dinner (in private, of course) will make her give you that naughty and arousal look because she didn’t expect you to get naught over dinner! Kissing the buttock, sucking them, stroking them gently with fingers or with feather is also a great idea but remember to surprise her.

If you are planning something for the backdoor, give her buttock a nice, playful session before you go in.

The amazing thing about a female body is that while you caress her breasts, you can look into her eyes and make her ask you for more with just a simple kiss and deep breathing and whispers. So, trigger the fantasy and make it come true by exploring her entire body tonight.