How To Know If You Are A Gay?

Praising woman’s assets or being attractive towards her or loving her in every form is quite a common thing among adults, but, what if you find that you are different among the lot..?

Like everyone, you, have someone in your walk of life with whom you want to make love and linger in bed throughout the whole night. But, what if that someone is a man???

Does this Mean You are a Gay???

Well, you may find it shocking and almost closest to the worst nightmare in the first place, because we live in a so-called society, where the person with this attitude have to live a marginalized and stigmatized life. So, people cannot come up openly to admit that they are Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual.

Consequently, a large group of people spend their whole life in confusion, as they are not clearly aware of their sexual preference. But, you need not worry because you have me at your side! 🙂

Well, coming back to the first hot question of the discussion of learning whether you are gay or not…

You need to determine your sexual interest and orientation, which has gonna been a tough journey to travel. There is no machine available yet, which can test your sexual interest and preference which means “Only You Can Determine Its”.

I have quoted some reliable and valuable information to help you in the course of figuring out whether you are gay or not.


# Understanding The Fantasy

It is common for straight people to fantasize “sex-with same-gender”. Yes, believe me, it’s true, even straight people occasionally have same-sex fantasy. Thinking of smoking once doesn’t make you a smoker, the same way thinking of having sex with the same sex occasionally, doesn’t make you gay or lesbian. It is common feel that comes to every man at some point of life.



# Having Homosexual Encounters

People commit some mistakes in their life by engaging them in a homosexual encounter, specifically when they are drunk excessively. It acts as a moment of embarrassment for their entire life. Well, you do not need to get embarrassed because something has happened in the past. Don’t keep cursing and blaming yourself and take time to understand that “Past is for learning, not to live in” So, it is high time to move on.



# Experimental Kiss

In the word of Ashton Kutcher (from one and a half men), “kiss a dude to find out if you are gay or not”. Kiss a male friend of yours, if you felt nothing as you are not a gay, but if you flick your tongues, when it comes to kiss your favorite same-sex friend you may be somewhere more towards being gay or you are gay!


# Masturbation

Heterosexual people fantasize about the opposite sex when they masturbate, but gay people more tend to fantasize about the people of the same sex. If you fantasize about a same sex friend of yours while masturbating, you may be a gay!


# Explore Your Sexuality

Do you feel the warmth and a little nervous when there is a hot chick around you? Have you ever tried to attract her with your looks and charm? If yes, then you are a cool dude, but if not, then you are a dude, but obviously not the cool one (you know what I mean). But, you have tried all these tricks to impress a male friend instead of that hot chick, maybe your colleague, even, confirms that you are more into men rather than women!


You may find these symptoms relating to you only if, you are a gay, but need not worry. It’s a natural feeling which can get aroused as per your hormone development. Society may not accept you as a part of their clan, but you are and you will remain a creation of God only. So, respect your identity and aim towards leading a normal life with your terms and conditions applied to it! 🙂