How To Make Sex More Intimate


Art of Making Love!

Get, sex and go! There’s nothing like sex. And to make the best and most forgettable, everytime you get, set and go, it’s downright important to get intimate with your partner, in all true sense. The word ‘intimate’ seems like an abbreviated form of ‘IN-side TI-e MATE’. So, when you tie up your mate from inside, with all your love and ‘go with the flow’ feeling, that’s the lifetime plunge you get to take into the real beautiful and eternal ocean of love. So, take a deep breath and dive into your inner passion to understand how to make sex, not more, but most intimate………sex with a shade of love.



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From the ancient book of Kamasutra to contemporary discourses of Osho, a famous mystical Indian guru of its kinds, share so much more about sex, than a sheer body activity, that most of us wildly imagine it to be, end up understanding nothing, simply nothing, about this lightning power of connecting two bodies and souls!

There’s a miraculous difference between just sex and intimate sex. This would help you understand that. “I never used to go with my buddies to parties, which usually used to be followed by one-night-stands stuff. My friends used to make fun of me but I never ever wanted to let go off the opportunity of making love with intimacy with someone I truly love. Had I wasted that very first chance like many of my friends, I would have never experience or taste the power of sex when my partner was equally involved and extremely ecstatic while making out with me,” says a fashion photographer.

For those who believe that making sex more intimate is a first and right step towards making love the most unforgettable experience, here we bring some simple to try and do tricks that would make you love experience like never before!

But remember, true intimacy can never be taught. It’s right there in you, we can only help show it the right way. And there’s only one perfect rule that remains constant while making love – that there’s no hard and fast rule to follow, while kissing or doing anything. It’s out and out ART, BY HEART……

# Kissing Softly With Love

The simplest and the best way to shower your love on partner is by kissing on cheeks, soft wet lips, neck, ear lobes, toes and so on. The variation in kissing from one part to another sends out the signal to a whole body, clearly conveys her how much you love her, how far and deep you can go or how close you can get that would eventually arouse her, making her go weak in knees and set her rolling for the next big thing.
Tip: Kissing softly and like a whisper sometimes is more sexual than a simple kiss. There’s only one perfect rule that remains constant while making love – there’s no hard and fast rule to follow. It all depends how her body reacts to your kiss that will make you kiss another part with another art.


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Eye contact turns your fantasy into reality: Since looking into her eyes make you live that reality, it’s simply sexualistic to see her eyes closing softly while you kiss her up and down. Make sure you have an eye, looking at her eyes and, to understand what’s it that she enjoys more or most. This would be the best indicator that guides you through the whole maze of sex-trip.
Tip: At times she may want you to kiss soft, sometimes wild. The catch here is when she wants wild, try give her soft one like a touch of tip with your tongue. This would not only push her to ask for more but also drive her a bit hungry and wild. But don’t deprive her for too long; else this could result in losing out her interest of the whole sex-trip. So, beware guys!

# Massage, A Personal Message That Goes Deep

There’s nothing like oil or lotion massage that goes deeper than you could see. Giving her body massage works wonders. Your partner would not only enjoy the massage and feel relaxed but will also get the message loud and clear through your personal touch on her personal parts. Massaging her back or inner thighs or feet softly with good amount of oil will leave her only asking for more. But make sure to have a soft and not rough touch considering her soft skin, giving her the caring touch she always dreamt of. Please stay in control. The later it gets, the deeper you’ll get!
Tip: Please don’t rub hard in order to avoid any sort of rashes or skin irritation. Start soft, stay slow but firm. The longer it takes, harder she wants.


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# Peace Leads To Big Bang

While making love it’s quite important to be quite to an extent. Too much of sex chats or getting straight to the finale, doesn’t work well. So give yourself and your partner some time. Be calm and in control while making all the naughty moves and give her some time plus space to hit the mood for the final thing!
Tip: Talking too much takes her focus away many times leading to delay in reaching orgasm. So, please maintain softness all through. And see what whispers in her ears that touch her soul, arousing her further.


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# Use Best Lubricants/Gels

Brands are not fools coming out with more and more gels and lubricants to help you make sex an amazing experience. Believe me, it’s only after research of years and years that brands decide to come out with range of products to help ignite the partners’ inner passion. Using lubricants/gels while making sex adds to the whole hot experience that partners can enjoy, if done rightly. The more time partners spend together doing oral sex, the chances are more they are going to feel already wet and extreme urge for final penetration. Preparation for a great night out is a turn on that excites partner, making her nervous and excited at the same time.
Tip: Make sure to read the usage of such gels and lubricants beforehand. Trying to understand the kick you are going to get from the usage of a gel in between sex, could result in spoil show. So, please read the leaflet together in bed and use it as an opportunity to get naughty orally.


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# Show Her You Care

It’s important to show her that you care. If you are in love with her, please still get her a pretty bouquet of flowers or some gift as a surprise to show her that you have not forgotten her, despite your busy office routine. Chances are she’ll do the same when in bed. She would love to have you by her side, to return all the attention and love you ever wanted in your wildest dreams.

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Tip: Don’t be so unnaturally fake on the day you wish to make love that your partner catches it all. No partner would like to be deceived. So, please be frank and natural when it comes to caring her. Women believe in giving much more in return what they receive. So remember, as you sow, so shall you reap.

# Eat Your Favourite Desseerts/Food Together

Cook your favourite dish together, eat ice creams or fruits salads or whatever together adding up to fun. And please don’t be smart or adult like at eating, instead be more like kids who have fun while eating into other’s bite. Chocolate flavor is considered aphrodisiac when it comes to help in making love. Try throwing some ice cream on her body and licking it from there. That would simply make her want more….


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# When Together, Stay Excited

Excitement is a sign of freshness. Being excited excites her like nothing. Women love energetic partners. Take her to dinner, bring her cards, help her in cooking etc. Feeling of freshness is a magical power that not only keeps love young and alive after many years but also let partners trust each other and try new positions while making love. Well, excitement surely plays a vital role in defining the age of any relation. The better it is, the best is all is left to become.
Tip: Please don’t be fake at all. And also don’t behave that doesn’t suits you. Show the excitement that your age carries well.


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Besides all the above points, remember forever that your true care and concern for her cannot be replaced by anything or any gift. So, simply stay in love with her, show your excitement whenever while making love and don’t let any dull moment enter your sex life. Spend quality time together and see the difference. Kiss her, love her and show her all what it takes to be a man that you are.

Intimacy is like a soul in a dead body. Without it, there’s nothing and just adding ingredient called intimacy, you get to experience and see the magic unfolding right there in your bedroom everytime you get, set to sex….

(Names in the story are withheld on the request of anonymity by those we spoke to.)