Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

Technology is great, but we humans are the greatest. Rather than relying on any other person, we believe in relying on technologies, which aims at providing us with great level of comfort. Yeah, that’s true! Don’t believe me? Here are the evidences: Instead of searching a partner to accompany us till the nearby market, we would opt for driving to the store (by the way the market is right across the street), we would prefer for making a call to our neighbor rather than confronting him/her (because walking next door is a great burden), we would love laying on couch and munching things (you know we can’t miss even a single ad coming on our Idiot Box) and then, in the end complaining about why are we so tired and lazy (which is eventually the result of our lack of interest in performing physical activities)!



Well, thanks to the highly developed technology, which is even saving us from the least effort of standing, walking or even moving any of our single muscle to do anything! Now, please bow down in front of every technology available at your place, just to show how grateful you are towards such things (Ha-ha, sarcasm overloaded!).

I agree, we are living in a fascinating digital and technological world, but that doesn’t provide us with the freedom to take unwanted advantage of the comforts provided to us in the form of technology. Making my view sound more impactive, let’s have a more detailed discussion on it..

First, let’s go through our ELECTRONICS SECTION!

#Swirl and Swirl


Remember, earlier how our mother or granny used to wash our dirty clothes by putting all their hand’s strength in making our clothes shine like a star? Yes, that was a hard time, but it did serve them with a good full body exercise. Nowadays, you do not need that as this form of exercise has been replaced by the swirling movement of Washing Machines. Now, you only need to collect the bundle of your dirty clothes and put them in the machine and round and round your clothes will move and then, they will come out neatly and that too in dry form. Claps please!

#Chilling Air

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Cool and breezing air soothing your body, making you feel fresh or simply taking you into another world..sounds great na? It may sound fantastic, but sorry I am not talking about the morning fresh air, here I am talking about Air Conditioners. Instead of enjoying the cool and fresh air of our nature, we tend to stick in front of the AC’s for the same. Yeah, before moving on please switch on to the AC!

#Smart People, Smart Phones




Want to book a cab, bus or search for any other things? They are all at your service, ma’am/sir. Now, you do not need to go anywhere in the need of scorching anything as you are blessed with the benefit of owning a Smart Phone for yourself. Just pick up your smart phone and search for anything you want, I am sure you will not be disappointed. So, now you can sit back and relax!

#Rule And Order




Utensils,, served, placed at the table..all done! Thanks to the invention of Dish Washer, Microwave and Coffee Maker, which have made your life simpler and you lazy. You are now only required to put these appliances on power and press a few buttons and your work is done. Ohh, have got lot of dishes to wash and need to cook too..ufff lot of work..need to go!

P.S: You might not be knowing that, but the food you are heating up in the microwave is actually dangerous for your health as it makes your body feel deprived of nutrients.

#Get Up And Exercise


I need to tone down from a bit from here and there too, this is the aim of most of us and in order to achieve this goal, we tend to decorate our home with various gym equipments like Dumbbells and Treadmill. Now, you might be thinking how is this making us lazy? Well, I have answers to all your queries. Please understand the fact that you are practicing such exercises under the closed walls of your room, which is eventually depriving you from the benefits and oxygen of fresh morning air and open environment. So, go and show some moves outside in your near by garden!

Moving on, let’s view our APPLICATIONS SECTION now!

#Hi, Hello, Whatsapp


We may have become advanced in networking in many ways, but when it comes to face-to-face networking, we are far behind. Added to it, with the list of so many friends added on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social networking sites, who actually has the time to hangout in real life? Thanks, to these shortcuts, which make us meet our friends almost after every hour, afterall dressing up and going out with friends is a Herculean task. Ohhhh got a ping from my Facebook friend!

#Not This Pink, I want Baby Pink


No-no, I am not talking exactly about colors, rather I am trying to fetch your focus towards the variety of colors you can get online. Yes, you nailed it right, I am talking about Online Shopping Sites. Forget the sale, which is available at your nearby store, as now, we all prefer to pick up our groceries, shoes, make up, books and even undergarments from the convenience of our home. Ahhhhhh, so relaxing!

#From Navigation To Destination




Ohhooo forgot your way or can’t actually remember which way to proceed? No worries, you have Google Maps by your side. This ‘useful’ app is saving you from the effort of getting down your vehicle and taking the burden of asking anyone for the directions as you can have them on your smart phone now. Click, click..way to Buckingham Fountain please!

#Click To Read Your Favorite Novel Or Newspaper


I remember how I used to search each and every market for just getting a hold of my favorite novel. But, now things have changed. Now, I simply decide on the novel, which I want to read and then download it. How easy na? E-books and E-newspapers have made things easily accessible for us. Not just this, you do not even need to carry the burden of not so heavy books and lightweight newspapers. Where is my iPad?..I have to read about the latest news!

#Marriages Are Fixed On Apps



Crossed the age of 25 or 28? Parents must be looking for the suitable bride or groom for you. What no!!! Really, you have left that job on Matrimonial sites! Yeah, I can understand, you do not want to take the pain of visiting places just in order to find your true mate, when you have access to the Internet and of course the matrimonial sites. Ahhhhh going to hit 25 now, have to upload my details on such sites!

Time to entertain kids, let’s move on to our VIDEO GAMES SECTION now!

#Virtual Reality


Yeah, I own the topmost position in sports. Be it running, boxing, tennis, cricket or any other sports, I have gained mastery in each of them. Wanna have a match with me? Come at my place and I will show you my skills on my latest PS4. Yes, you heard it right! Video Games have been a form of entertainment since long, but now they are actually replacing the fun factor with a mental strenuous workout. They are making kids and even the younger generation, avoid the outside world and immerse themselves in a virtual reality of gaming. Sigh!

There may be many more things added to this list, but the technology has made me feel lazy too and that’s why I am feeling like putting it to an end here only. Ha-ha, jokes apart! The actual thing which you need to realize is that we must enjoy the comfort of technology, but obviously in a limited way, so that we do not lose our grip on reality!