I Hate My Boss!

Monster, Genghis Khan, problem creator or whatever you call him/her out, the base line is that you just HATE HIM/HER TO THE CORE! Yes, I am talking about the deep inbuilt hatred for your bossy Boss! It doesn’t matter how hard to try to keep things at peace with him/her, but he/she may some out find some way or the other to put you back in the hatred zone. Yeah, I know ‘managing up’ with boss is not the same as ‘kissing up’ your better half, but yes you have to do it anyhow.


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There may be many kinds of bosses that you are dealing up with right now, but finding out the correct way of dealing with each of them is definitely the key to your success. So, let’s unlock some of the dark rooms of your hard-to-handle boss just to learn about things for your survival. Here you are…

# You, the Innocent One!

Obviously, nobody loves to fall in the pit, but it is the circumstances that make us serve the worst for our own selves. It’s very obvious that you tend to choose the right organization for yourself, only after inspecting about the colleagues and yes, the boss.

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Your future boss sometimes, may seem really nice to you (may be to have his/her good impression on you), but the moment you sign up the Appointment letter, things, ooops sorry people, tend to take a U-turn in their behavior. If things don’t work out this way, it may be a possibility that your current good boss gets replaced with the screaming or dominating one. Or sometimes, you are enjoying the good relation with your boss, but suddenly something goes sour between you two and your bad time starts ruling your life. Well, don’t worry you poor lad, everything will be all right!

# Some More about the Dominating One!

Politician, Idiot, “hardworking”, “peacemaker” or whatever you call him/her, actually they are of many kinds to suck blood out of you. Let’s peel off some of some of the known and unknown faces of your boss:

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The Politician

He/she is the most cunning or rather smart one out there. They are blessed with the intelligence of manipulating you to the extreme level, which obviously you can never guess. However, you may be able to realize their version of imposing their thoughts without even making you realize things. Their concern is always what right for themselves, so beware about them!

The Idiot

Like we have employees, who tend to nod their head upside down in every command of their boss, there are such kind of boss too. Put up the dumbest strategy in front of them and they will implement it without any second thought. If you have worked with this kind, then you always used to wonder who appointed them as boss and how they tend to survive in this competitive world. Well, be it any, they are still there!

The Workaholic

They don’t have their own personal life and work towards destroying the personal life of their employees too. The only thing which matters for them is their work. They tend to torture their employees with tricks like calls at home, unrealistic deadlines and business trips on weekends and all this in limited salary with no reward policy.

The Dustbin Mouth

The only aim of this kind of boss is to humiliate his subordinates in front of others. He is the one who is impossible to please despite of your hardcore efforts put in the favor of his/her company.

# Making Your Way Out!

I know it’s hard to please your tough boss, but you can’t jump to conclusions without making a good try for it. So, first keep your mind at peace and try out these easy ways of dealing with your boss.

Know Their Favorite Communication Methods

Try to be know the choices of your boss and try to be alike them. I know it’s tough, but it’s good for your own sake. By adhering yourself to their choices, you will be able to provide them with their comfort zone, which they love the most. It will make them believe you are like them only and hence, you are smart, actually very smart!

Know Their Communication Style

No-no, I am not telling you to dress like them. You just need to use this as a tactic to gain knowledge about them. It will help in making you aware about their behavior and what they actually are. It is rightly said that people judge you by your dressing sense first.

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Bite Your Tongue

Having a hate relationship with your boss, forces you to keep your lips sealed in front of him/her. It’s although pretty hard to sound agree in a respectful manner with him, but you don’t have other choice. Even if he encourages to speak up your mind, trust me he doesn’t actually mean you to utter a word against him. So, it’s like, if you can’t say something nice, just zip it up!

Scrutinize the Successful

Ahhhhh, this will surely be the most painful one! You must have not talked to them till now, but when you are in bad terms with your boss, then you definitely need to fetch out each and every detail about them. Learn about the traits and behavior they follow with your boss as they are the apple of your boss’s eye!

Manage your Boss

Be it assertive or polite or be it this place or the other, you are sure to have a boss of every kind. So, it’s actually your job to maintain the balance between the two and find out ways to deal with them. All the best for this one!

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Phew, this is all for today. I have expressed my anger for my boss in the best way possible and have even provided you with the ways to deal things with your boss. As conclusion, I would to quote H. H. Getter, “You can’t change other people. You can only change yourself.” And yes, do remember that I love my boss very much! 😉

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