List Of Hot Billionaires!

Having a rich, handsome/beautiful and high earning partner is the secretive desire of every single girl and boy. No-no that doesn’t mean that we do not respect love, but it’s just that leading a lavish life along with the commitment of being loved is actually not a bad deal at all. I suppose, all of us have grown up with mutual thoughts. Well, be it any way, all we want to know is that who are rich ones and where are they living on this planet? Ha-ha! Don’t worry girls, I am here to help you out. I have searched the Internet or rather have literally scorched out each and every link highlighted there, just to bring out the list of hotties and Richie Riches for only you. 😉

Here, you have them at your service.

Evan Spiegel


The name speaks for himself, he is the CEO of Snapchat. Enjoying his residency in Los Angeles, he is earning a good portion of money from Snapchat only. Being in a partnership dealing with Murphy, his Net Worth costs around $1.5 Billion. And the best thing about him is that HE IS SINGLE. So, go for him ladies!

Bobby Murphy


Ok fine, if you are late for the previous one then, you can surely get hold of his partner. Ha-ha! He is the partner in crime, oops I mean the together founder of Snapchat app. He is enjoying his much raised living style in Venice and guess what he is single too! And yes, just to add on, his Net Worth is $1.5 Billion!!!


 Mark Zuckerberg


He is the well known face with a reputed name. Facebook would have never been possible without him and now, he is even earning the credit of Whatsapp in his pocket. From being a dropout of Harvard University, he has created a good name for himself. Well, sorry girls he is married, but yeah was not able to list him out out of my personal crush on him. His Net Worth is $36.2 Billion!

# Dustin Moskovitz

Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz Speaks At CTIASource:

What I was thinking was that if Mark is married, I will switch you guys over to his partner, but sadly Dustin is married too. But, that doesn’t stop us from learning more about him (wink). He is a reputed residence of San Francisco and is leading a satisfying life with his Net Worth of $8.5 Billion!

Tom Persson


An evening in Sweden with Tom would be great to know him in a better way. Isn’t it? 😉 Being from a billionaire family, he was already an established one, but he has made his fortune from global cheap chic retailer H&M. And, for girls, he is 30 and still a single! You know what I mean, hmm!


 # Elizabeth Holmes


Now, it’s your turn guys as why should girls have all the fun? 😉 Well, to add on to your knowledge, she is the youngest self-made woman billionaire with a Net Worth of $4.6 Billion in her pocket! This cute and hot lady is single and is earning a good portion of fame and money her own blood testing company, Theranos.

 Drew Houston


 The Co-founder and CEO of Dropbox is none other than him. Enjoying his residency in San Francisco, he holds a Net Worth of $1.25 Billion for himself. And adding a brownie point for ladies, he is single!

Brian Chesky


Hear it up ladies, he is the Co-founder and the CEO of Airbnb company. He holds a Net Worth of $1.89 Billion for himself. It’s not only about money girls, he is a former body builder too and is surely going to kill you with his smile and obviously strong muscles.

Serra Sabanci


 You must have heard about Turkey’s largest industrial and financial conglomerate, Sabanci Holding. Well, she is the Board member and Shareholder of this company. You won’t believe this, but she holds a Net Worth of $958 Million for herself and all, above this she is single!

Alexander Samwer


He is the founder of Rocket Internet. He has entered into the list of billionaires for the first time by making his Net Worth reach upto $1.5 Billion. He may not be single now, but yeah he is hawt!

So, for now, I am done with my job. Now, it’s your turn to chose the best and suitable person for yourself out of the mentioned ones. Till then, bye-bye and stay happy and rich! 😉