Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Ahem-ahem, getting laid with a girl tonight? Getting butterflies in your stomach about your performance? Well, I can understand the level of your excitement. 😉

It is an exciting feeling indeed. Sex is always a fresh thing to do. No matter, you are experienced or a virgin, it always had to start afresh. She may not be saying it, but your every step is being judged by her. Right from the entry in the room, you have to treat her with delicacy. The timing, the hospitality, the touch, the hold everything has to be perfect. Just one wrong step and the feeling is gone. Be confident, make the lady develop an urge for you in the future.

Here are common mistakes men make in bed. They may be lighter on your part, but it can really hamper the scene already set.

# Scene Not Set

In most of the cases, the scene is never set. You don’t have to sound professional in it, but you have to do it anyways. Make her feel comfortable, relax her. Obviously she want it too, but hold on, never be in such a hurry. Just remember that if she has come, she will definitely be there. The scene set for her will make your sex an interesting one. Never think that you are wasting time on this, rather be smart enough to invest time in this.


# Lack of Preparation

It’s always good to dress yourself up and groom properly. Women wants you to smell fresh and look clean. So, make sure you are shaved and waxed before you proceed further. It do matters and matters a lot!



# No Foreplay

Start slowly, don’t attack her. Rather, the softer the better. Kiss her before undressing, touch her. Let the kiss start the smooth flow of the game. Take your time while kissing and caressing her body. Make it a complete physical relation and not just of only those sexual parts.



# Fast and desperate start

After the foreplay, don’t start too quickly. Hold on! Don’t make her feel alienated and just like that she has no role to play. Respect her body language, calm down your desperation and then, gradually pick up the speed. A feeling that you want her more is the best for a mind-blowing sex experience.

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# No In-between conversation

Keep talking to her and make her feel that she too is an integral part of the act. A little moans and groans is always a better option. Catch the signals that she is giving. Know what she likes and what not. Don’t let your ego make you think that you are always right.



# Forget the Big O

After undressing, don’t just try to reach the orgasm faster. Enjoy the experience till you reach there. Prolong your pleasure and make her feel that you are the only one who understands what she needs.



# Avoid Licking

The labial tongue lashing is something not prescribed by doctors. It can induce the orgasm, with tongue going deeper and deeper. If you cannot avoid it, try to reduce your labia majora licking time. Something is already there to achieve it. It will be a more pleasure and more satisfying act to do.



# Finger Carefully

Penetrating your finger is a good thing. It makes her get used to the feel of your fingers. Slowly increase the count of your fingers inside. This will prolong your game, but make sure that it does not let the vigor reserved for sex be exhausted.



# Keep Adjusting Your Speed

One should be ready to accelerate or decelerate the speed as per the demand. Oblige the lady with what she wants. Don’t impose your desires on her. Remember they are sensitive souls so, nuances, feelings and deep emotions will always be appreciated by her. Be rough, if she demands it too but show your compassion too later.



# Its Clitoris, Not a Scratch Card

Though they enjoy the clitoris the most, but do not rub her relentlessly to make her feel the climax. It’s very sensitive and rubbing too hard can prove to be painful.



# Second Chance

Remember the better you treat, the sooner you will get the second chance. Don’t make it a once for ever kind of thing. Its a dual game, where both of you has to win. Keep playing. Keep enjoying.


You are still here? Get up and live up to her expectations on bed! 😉