Natural Male Enhancement Foods for Ample Nourishment of the Manhood

There is nothing new about recommending a natural, unprocessed, fresh nutrition rich diet for health benefits but those who have been worried about their penis size should surely find this new. Penis enlargement is not impossible and with the precise nutrition through distinct vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc, you can also grow to be a pro in the bed. Here is a list of Natural Male Enhancement Foods that should be in every man’s kitchen


#Rich in potassium, Bananas supply Bromelain enzyme to body that aids in prevention from impotence. Bananas are also great for blood pressure, heartbeat, ridding body of surplus sodium.

#By supplying allicin to the body, Garlic helps in blood flow boost that allows a firmer and longer erection.

#Whole Grains have thiamine that helps in stimulating the brain so those with erection issues should include whole grains for better sexual stimulation.

#Celery Stalks spikes androsterone in body and enables the partner to be active in the sexual experience.

#Enhancing libido through dopamine hormone, Oysters are great for boosting the sexual mood. These also provide zinc to body and further trigger better testosterone and sperm production.

#Oily Fish is synonymous with omega-3 fatty acids that enhance blood circulation. Furthermore, salmon, mackerel, etc aid in prevention from prostate cancer.




Supplying ample zinc, snails are useful in DNA formation, cells repair and natural male reproduction system health boost.

#Berries and Cherries like Acai berry, Acerola cherry is great for not only anti-aging for also erectile dysfunction problem. Acai berries provide anthocyanins (antioxidants) to promote brain functioning, blood flow while Acerola cherries supply vitamin C along with other nutrients to trigger natural regeneration.

#Cabbage keeps the danger of heart disease and cancer at bay. It supplies body with phytochemicals and sulphoraphane which relieves prostate cancer, colon cancer and also enriches body with ample vitamin C, potassium in addition to beta-carotene.

#Onions are also rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants and consumption of onions on a regular basis improves overall sexual-erection ability.

#boosts serotonin so consuming chocolate is great for maintaining the mood for an energetic sexual experience.


#Supplying healthy amounts of vitamin C and Citrulline, Watermelon helps in keeping the blood circulation and immune system healthy along with maintaining hydration in the body.


#Hot chili peppers supply magnesium, iron, potassium and numerous other necessary healthy minerals. Consumption of hot chili peppers enables healthy dilation of the blood vessels triggering better blood flow. So, men with erection complaints should consume healthy amount of peppers to keep their blood circulation in the penis healthy.


While regular consumption of alcohol is a death sentence of the penile ability, wine does wonders for the penile health. Wine, made with elaborated fermenting of grapes, is not alcoholic and supplies numerous antioxidants to the body. Thus, regular consumption of wine actually initiates healthy recovery and regeneration of the penile tissue enabling growth for energy as well as performance.

In addition to eating the right foods, men who want to rule the bed and make their partners scream in pleasure should also understand that avoiding certain foods is equally important to get healthy results. Fried, refined, canned and processed foods, along with sugar, and caffeine should be avoided at all times. Cholesterol rich meat and other foods are not healthy for the sexual stamina and health of male reproductive system either. By focusing on a diet that is rich in testosterone and blood circulation boosting ingredients, men can easily reach the peak of their manhood and get better results.


Sprinkling fenugreek seeds and testosterone boosting herbs over salad or pasta also helps in keeping the sexual energy and hormones in place.