Penile Augmentation : Variety Of Reasonable And Feasible Penile Development Means

A tricky subject that has always been discussed in private, Penile Augmentation is not making waves to the grand world of Internet. Internet has provided several augmentation businesses and product manufacturers with a new platform for never-ending and reasonable marketing so men who use Internet will no more need to be discreet about the subject.


#What Are The Options Offered Online And Through Offline Businesses?

The major two types of options available are surgical and Non-surgical.

#Surgical Options Available To Men For Penile Augmentation

  1. Ligament cutting (advances length of the penis to an inch or so)

  2. Dermal grafting (advances the penile circumference)

  3. Suctioned fat injections (boost the girth)

  4. Silicone implants and injections (develop the girth)


In addition the visual impact boosting surgeries mentioned above, numerous urologists also suggest liposuction in the abdomen and pubic area to obese men to bring out their penis since often it is the surrounding fat that overshadows the length and girth of the penis and makes it appear slow. So, in certain cases, liposuction is also included in the penile advancement processes but basically, the process gives a better visual appearance to the penis instead of bringing out any real length boosting results. Another surgical option that is included in the Penile Augmentation surgical processes is erection implants that include devices inserted into the penis, scrotum and abdomen area for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction.


Before undergoing any surgical process, remember to check how good is your surgeon and how the feedback on the clinical service has been? Post recovery duration, healing assistance is also important so consult with a suitable urologist about your penile troubles and check about all aspects of the surgery. Furthermore, when you actually apply to receive the surgery, the urologist or the surgeon will examine your medical history and other issues that may be affecting your libido and erection ability. Recent divorce or depression or conflicted romantic relationship, etc are often cited as causes for erection problems. So, if the cause is psychological then you won’t have to undergo the erection benefiting implant surgery as the problem can be resolved with other ED solutions like vacuum therapy or simply with psycho therapy.

#Non-Surgical options available to men are:

  1. Vacuum therapy

  2. Exercises

  3. Oral products (supplements, dick pills, herbal products, powders, syrup, etc)

  4. Lotions, cream and ointments for Penis messaging enlargement , etc


Every day, new non-surgical products are introduced in the market but oral products and exercising along with vacuum therapy have maintained the major share in the market. Most men prefer simply taking a pill to end their penile woes and it is indeed user friendly, discreet but the pills are not always the safe way to end sexual woes. Oral supplements need no prescription so it puts more pressure on the buyer to check about the ingredients. In fact, several sellers use tactical marketing approach with misinformation and twisted words to sell their products and often men end up being the prey of ineffective products.


However, a new wave of herbal sexual formulas has hit the market and men are not finding safer ways to get the results they have always wanted. Herbal ingredients have actual proof about their ability to strengthen the body’s testosterone and sexual health levels that can be checked through the studies available with medical journals. Also, FDA is approving certain ingredients that have shown positive results in erection and penile augmentation in the studies with no side effects. So, instead of going for the risky vacuum therapy, it is suitable to choose a supplement that is natural, organic, filler and binder and drugs free for boosting the sexual health.