Penile Lengthening Procedures- Improve Penis Size and Girth

Penile lengthening surgery is considered only for those men with flaccid penis with size lesser than 1.6 inches and erect size lesser than 3 inches.

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#Penile Lengthening, Size and its Psychological Connection

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Several times, the size of the penis is perfectly fine but it is the mindset and perspective of a person that hinders him from exercising full control and belief over their male member. Most men do not have a 7 or 9 inch penis and this is the length that they reach when the penis is erect and the flaccid penis is even shorter. There is much anxiety about the size of the penis and it affects the confidence and even curtails them in non-sexual endeavors.

This perspective that views men with longer and bigger penis in brighter-superior light has made penile augmentation options so famous.

#What Are The Options?

Like women get implants, men can get implants insert in their penis too for improvement of the girth and length but it won’t feel natural and there are chances of no long term results.

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Vacuum ‘developers’ and herbal pills, on the other hand, are more famous counterparts for penile lengthening.

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Numerous weight products are also available that can be attached to the male member to allow optimal stretching. Certain magnetic and electrical devices are also sold that claim to trigger healthy penis growth. In addition, ‘hormone’ therapy through testosterone alone or along with growth hormone is also provided for overall sexual performance and penis size development.


100% pure assorted herbs solutions are also available with their penile size and sexual stamina developing benefits.

Before investing into a permanent penile lengthening solution, it is best to consider a discussion with the urologist or one’s physician to figure other effectual alternatives.