Penis Stretch Exercises

Stretching has always been underrated in the exercise Industry but it is the essential activity that helps in relaxing the entire body. And, in the case of penile development, numerous men have reported positive results with plain stretching exercises on their male member. Penis Stretches have around for much longer than the surgical options and are safe, effective and cost free. Find out what stretch style suits you for your new Penis exercising session.

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#The Plain and Simple Stretching

The simple stretching of penis aims at developing the blood flow and relaxing the penis so there is better healing and regeneration. Here is how you can do it:

  1. The exercise requires one to place the hand around the Penis glans and then hold it with gentle pressure.
  2. After maintaining the firm grasp, check that their blood flow is not blocked.
  3. Now, pull the male member penis away from the body.

Keep it in the pulled position for 10-30 seconds and then perform the exercise again.

By performing this Penis Stretch regimen for 5-10 minutes every day will enhance the penile size (flaccid and erect).

You can also use a variety of stretches such as using pulling the penis in the right or left direction but away from the body. Based on your personal convenience, you can stretch the male member, but the precision of the movement should maintain to avoid any form of internal injury.


Backward Stretching

Once you have mastered the art of plain stretching, it is time for moving a notch up. So, start with backward, stretching of the penis.

  1. Place both hands under the penis in such a ways that the fingers are under the penis and the thumbs are above it
  2. Now, gently start pulling the penile skin towards your body
  3. While maintaining the fingers under the penis shaft for strong support, keep the skin in the backwards pulled direction for 5-10 seconds

Repeat the process for duration of 5 minutes every day to see a visible change in penis.

Opposite Directions Penis Stretch

This stretching exercise may sound comparatively simple, but it is quite technical and if done the wrong way, may also affect the penis health. So, being cautious about the force and pressure placed on the penis is the first thing recommended. Now, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Grasp the glans with your one and penis base with the other hand
  2. Now, put very little pressure on the both penis parts suing your both hands and start pulling in the opposite directions

Ensure that you don’t pull any more than 10 seconds and repeat it for 5-10 minutes. Doing the same in 3 sessions with a 2 minute long single session will also help in maintaining a grasp on the exercise. This exercise yields healthy size boost results.
Circular Rotational Penis Stretch

This exercise is a variant of the basic stretching as it includes pulling in a circular motion. So, in simpler words, you can add in a couple of minutes of rotational stretching by simply pulling your male member in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction for 5-10 seconds each.

In addition to Penis stretchers, one can also try clamping which works on the blood circulation and functions effectively for an immediate erection. It is useful when you have erection issues and can be used right before sex as numerous clamping devices are easily available.

In addition to the conventional stretching methods, using a supplement that is herbal and has proven ingredients for development of testosterone in body will prove useful. Testosterone is the powerhouse of a man’s sexual life so without healthy testosterone, once can’t anticipate much sexual benefits.