Protein And Muscle Building

Nowadays, gym, protein shakes and muscle building have become the essential things for today’s generation. It seems like everyone wants to go for strong and ripped muscles by bulking up their body with protein shakes, foods and various other protein-rich things. I am sure, you too are among this lot and have great interest in PROTEINS. So, keeping interest in your interest, let me brief you more about the details regarding proteins.

# Role Of Proteins In Our Body

Protein plays a major role in enhancing the growth of our body muscles. It is responsible for the proper functioning of growth organs in our body. They are necessary not for the growth of our organs, but also for repairing our muscle fibers. It’s role does not end here, but there are many more benefits of it..



  • Proteins are indicated to be present in our body around the proportion of 20%. thus, in order to build muscles, we are required to continue the adequate supply of proteins in our body.

  • During our muscle building process, we tend to experience the breakdown of our muscles and here, the role of proteins comes in. it helps in repairing and rebuilding of our damaged muscles.

  • Some people also perform workout with the goal of eliminating fat from their body. Using proteins in your diet will definitely help in increasing the speed of your metabolism, thus making you lose fat at a high speed.

  • Proteins also help in suppressing your appetite, thus making you consume less calories and to make you sound free from fat production in your body.

# What To Consume As Proteins?

You may have been guided by many health experts (especially aunts) regarding their expert advise about the intake of proteins in your diet. But, we obviously can’t believe on anything and everything. It’s important for us to know about foods that can really help us with the build up of proteins in our body. Here, they are:

  • Egg WhitesSpinach-egg-white-salad-8


It is said to be the most protein rich food, which is even suggested by many gym professionals and health experts. If paired with oatmeal, an egg white omelet can really make you feel energized and packed with energy for all day long\.

  • Chicken Breastchicken_breast_raw_998010171


Meat is always a being’s best friend for his growth and development. The lean cuts present in red meat are loaded with great amount of protein in it and further helps in the good framing up of your body shape and size.

  • Sweet PotatoFruits-and-Vegetables-Nutrition-in-your-Pregnancy-Diet-sweet-potato


These not only help with the building of your strong muscles, but it also helps in serving as an excellent part of your dieting and mass gaining strategy. These are the simple and fast acting carbohydrates, which are best for the fulfillment of your body building purpose.

  • Salmon Fillet1743salmon_fillet


Hardcore lifters are desperately in need of fats and proteins in their diet and nothing can serve best for this other than Salmon fish. It is not only filled with adequate protein in it, but it also holds the benefits of unsaturated good fats in it.

  • Asparagusasparagus


Ahhhh, I can’t forget to mention green vegetables in this list. Be it weight loss, weight gain or muscle development, greenies play a major role in every field. Though broccoli and spinach are also the highly recommended options for this list, but Asparagus is surely the best because of its water-leaching quality.

# Other Forms Of Proteins

Protein has gone through a lot of phases and have developed in various forms year by year. Now, it is not just used by athletes, but it is even consumed by normal men and women, who are keen towards building ripped and strong muscles. Here are the various forms of its availability:

  • Soy Protein4


It is a low fat and low cholesterol protein source, which is specially developed for the use of vegetarians. You can achieve your good health and desired fitness goals easily with the regular consumption of soy proteins in your diet.

  • Whey Protein2


It is a fast absorbing source of protein, which really helps in the building up of lean muscle mass in your body. Although it tends to provide great benefits for anytime of the day, but it is considered best when it is consumed post workout.

  • Egg Protein5


It is a high quality lactose free protein, which is enriched with the richness of egg in it. It supports the building up of your toned physique and lean muscle mass.

  • Beef Protein3


It is a highly bio-available and refined protein source, which truly supports in the building up of your lean muscle mass. It serves to the purpose when taken any time of the day.

  • Micellar Casein Protein1


It is a slow digesting protein source and is considered ideal when taken before jumping into your bed. It feed your muscles with their required dose, thus helping to grow in a required manner.

  • Protein Powderprotein-powder-main


It is the most easiest way to gulp down protein down your throat. It comes in a powder form and is taken by mixing it up well with water. It even comes in delicious flavors and is often advised by gym professionals.

  • Protein Barspowerbar-protein-bar-zoom


These are the balanced and convenient sources of building lean muscle mass. It helps in providing the required amount of protein in your body.

  • Protein Ready-To-Drink Shakeshome-made-dinner-replacements-shake-concerning-better-dieting


Well, we all are well aware about them. These are the protein-rich shakes, which helps in the development of our strong muscles and ripped physique.

# Do Not Overdose!overdose-(1)


It is good to involve proteins in your diet as these are the essential components for your muscle growth. But, it must be kept in mind that their over dosage can lead to various issues. Actually the amount of protein required for our body depends on our weight and daily calorie intake. It is required by us to consume 0.36 grams of protein for every pound of body weight {according to recommended daily allowances (RDA) set by the Food and Nutrition Board}. So, from now onwards consume proteins in a required manner only!

This was the basic information that everyone needs to know while going for muscle building with the help of proteins. I hope I served your purpose well!


Proteins are making a big space for themselves in the world of muscle building. In this blog, you can learn more about Protein And Muscle Building.