Side Effects of Sex-Are There any?

Can there be side effects to the amazing intertwining of bodies for heavenly pleasures? Well, it is hard to say how badly or good the results of sex can be but there have been some cases where sex didn’t turn out to be as mind-blowing as people thought. Let’s see the extent of damage that Sex can do to you here.

# Are you Addicted?

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Are you unable to control your sexual promiscuity? A sexual addiction is a well debated topic and has been discussed among the most reputed associations and professionals. But is there really anything like sex addiction?

Well, the answer is yes. Nobody knew that availability of marijuana and LSD would bring the counterculture movement. Even though sex doesn’t qualify as a substance with a binding chemical composition, it is something that you may be addicted to if you simply can’t stop fantasizing about sex or having sex with random strangers or focusing on a sex oriented relationship with zero commitment or emotional relationship, etc. The availability of excessive porn that sets unrealistic expectations for men as well as women is a major contributing factor. So, if you are having too much sex and just can’t control it, you may be in need of sex addiction help.