Top 10 Muscle Building Exercises!

Strength..the word itself holds so much power in it! Isn’t it? Don’t believe me? Please allow me to provide some wings to your imagination. I am sure most of you must have experienced the aura of a strong guy or girl, the way they walk in style, the way they show off their strength and rule the gang, they way they do everything…sounds sooooo good! Now, bringing on a twist to your imagination, imagine a guy or girl with weak or rather say, an average personality. I think, he or she will not gain much attention from your side. How true! Moreover, a personality with strong built is able to play longer and even last longer on bed. I think I have now hit your right chord (wink). This fact must have motivated you more towards building strong and ripped muscles. So, what are we waiting for now? Let’s start with it..

#Dead Lift

The name may sound life-taking, but it is the most basic exercise anyone can do. Most of you (especially guys) must have picked up their partners in their arms, so why not replace that with weights now? Ha-ha! This exercise requires you to bend down and pick up weights off the floor. This will eventually put more pressure on your muscles and chest and will help in their growth.

Tip: The only thing you need to take care of is to add weights slowly. You must also take proper guidance for bending and picking up weights, so as you need not hurt your back while doing so.




#Chin Up

No no, this does not mean that you have to walk in a proud manner. He-he! It is also known as the Upper Body Squat, which helps in muscle building of your upper body. This exercise allows you to move or rather push your body in an upward direction with the help of some fixed implement. It requires a greater potential and good strength so as to build a strong body built.

Tip: In order to build muscles in a fast manner, don’t forget to include Chin Ups in your weight training program.



It has been regarded as the ‘king of all muscle building exercises’ for years. This exercise involves an enormous amount of muscle mass and helps in the release of anabolic hormones in our body. This exercise surely leads to the fast building of your muscles. During it’s practice, you need to put weights on your back and pick up them along with your bodyweight.

Tip: For developing lower body strength and building muscles in a fast manner, Squat serves as the must and benefited option.

Bench Press

This is again the power-lifting exercise for building upper body muscles. While performing this, you need to lie down on a bench in a straight position. Now, put some required weight on your chest and make the weight move away from your body in an upright direction. This will eventually put pressure on your Pectorals, Anterior Deltoids and Triceps.

Tip: For providing your chest with maximum stimulation, position your lower back with a slight arch, the ribcage held slightly high and the shoulders shrugged downward and back.



Parallel Bar Dip

It is an exercise which is quite close to Chin Ups and is obviously the fastest way of growing ripped muscles. It helps in adding slabs of muscles to your triceps and chest. For availing such benefits, you are required to bend a little of your upper body on some fixed implement and then push your body taking it off in air. It’s like an aeroplane (your body) taking off the platform. Ha-ha!

Tip: For bigger arms, you can even include Dips in your training program.


Hang Clean & Push Press

It is a total muscle building exercise, which tends to work on quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, traps, biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms and lower and upper back. While practicing this form of muscle building exercise, you need to first lift weights on your thighs, then lift it high on your shoulders and then raise it up in air. It is good for your overall muscle growth.

Tip: When performed with the intention of building muscles, Hang Clean & Push Press does not tend to provide you with explosive speed like most Olympic lifts are performed.



#  Bent Over Rows

It is regarded as the best exercise for the muscle building of your lats and upper back. It includes different versions of itself like palms down, palms up, close and wide grip to the sternum, abdomen, with an ez or straight bar.

Tip: It must be kept in mind that this exercise is only for the development of your muscular and well toned back.


Box Jumps

You do not need to box on jumps hard for this. It rather includes landing with soft feet on the top of a box with full hip extension, a sharp eye for proper landing and active arms for momentum. This will serve as an ideal exercise for your full body movements and bringing all your body parts in a good motion.

Tip: The only advise which would go with this form of exercise is that you can be explosive, but do not rebound.


Leg Press

Ohhh, we have paid much more attention on upper body, now it’s time to put some attention on your lower body or legs. This exercise mainly works on improving the tone of your hams, quads, hips and glutes. For this, first lie down on your leg press gym instrument and try to take weight in an upright direction with the help of your legs. It will help in building pressure on your legs thus, firming your legs.

Tip: Vary your foot and height of the platform for different workouts to put emphasis on the different areas of your thighs.

powertec-leg-press-p-pl13-1 Source:


Push Up

Yeah, this is the most preferred yet forgotten one. For a beginner, this can really prove as the best weight training exercise to build muscles. With the aim of increasing your delts, pecs and triceps, this form of exercise makes you feel stronger and ripped. The various forms of Pushups are elevated pushups on pushup handles, dumbbells, or chairs.

Tip: First start with Gymnastic rings and when, this becomes an easy challenge for you, then you can ask your partner to hold weight on your back or you can even drape heavy chain across your back.

Though I have provided you with side-by-side tips along with each and every exercise, but still there are some more tips in my store, which an prove really useful for the beginners opting for muscle building exercises. Here, they are:

  • Daily practice the big fours, that is, squat, bench press, shoulder press and deadlift for tremendous muscle gain.

  • Instead of trying on to all heavy equipments in the beginning, stick on to barbells and dumbbells only.

  • Maintain a proper log and track of your workouts to observe your improvement.

  • Do not overdo things and stick to 3-4 lifts per workout.

  • Remember that set of 5 reps offer the best blend of muscle size and strength gains.

  • Add weights to your exercise in a slow manner.

  • Follow a proper warm up before going for any exercise.



hardcore-push-up (1)

So, as a concluding note, your workout plan for body and muscle building has been prepared now. You only need to work on the plan to gain desired, strong and ripped muscular physique. So, get..set and go.. 😉