Top Gay Celebs-You’ll be Shocked!

When India banned homosexuality again in 2013, our hearts broke once again but this time, we weren’t afraid. Celebrities coming out the closet have made an immense impact on the not-so famous populace and have helped several (fans) embrace their sexuality with confidence. While David Bowie is still the poster child of many, find out who other shockingly gay celebrities came out of the closet here!

# Vikram Seth


This was the most surprising of all! Most of the populace grew up reading Seth’s writings that have frequently been honored as fine Indian literature but a lot of people didn’t know that Seth was in to women as well men. When Seth spoke against the horrendous 2013 Supreme Court Verdict on Homosexuality, it sure did shock a lot of people.

Seth is a well known name in Indian literary circle and is famous for a suitable boy, The Golden Gate among his several works.

# Onir

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When Onir spoke about his homosexuality, it wasn’t as shocking as hearing that he had received threats and insults because of it. It is a sad reality that several homosexual and LGBT people go through and IPC 377 is another major hellhole that guarantees their suffering in our country.

Onir is Bollywood’s only open director who has no qualms about talking about his homosexuality. A talented director indeed, he is well known for cinematic masterpieces like my brother Nikhil. Onir recently directed I Am which had four features out which one starring Rahul Bose showed the struggle that gay men go through.


#The Fashion Trio

Rohit Bal, Manish Arora and Suneet Varma have spoke about being homosexual and have talked extensively against the IPC 377.


The fathers of modern Indian fashion in their own right, they indeed shocked the Indian conservative fraternity.

# Matt Bomer


Biggest shocker of 2012 was Bomer coming out in an award acceptance speech. According to Bomer, he never came out but never hid his sexuality either. Bomer was the epitome of the masculine hunk and had a huge female base swooning after him with his famous stint as the suave con artist Neal Caffrey in White Collar. Ever after declaring his marriage to Simon Halls and his three lovely children, the fan base hasn’t declined!

Bomer sure tickled out hot spots with his incredibly sexy stripper role as Ken in Magic Mike.

# Ricky martin


Martin creates a sensation after accepting being a gay in 2010. Martin, whose more than 60 million albums sold in the market, said in a statement that “he is proud to say that he was a fortune homosexual man”. The 41 year young Grammy winning singer fathered two babies, is very open about his sexual status and loved to be fortune homosexual.


# Elton John

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Sir Elton John has been playing with the from the tender age of four. He can move his finger on the piano at the tone and melody he just heard.He is one of the biggest pop superstar of the early ’70s. In terms of sale he has achieved a bridge of records and owned multi Grammy award for his performance.

He could make his audiences soul dip into the fountain of music by classic pop balladry and even progressive rock. He accepted to be a gay and married David Furnish in England, where Gay marriage is legal. Inviting all the world to join on “Instagram”.