Weights and Other Stretching Activity for Ample Penis Growth

Weights are traditionally used in muscle building and their application is widely proven and known. However, the question that had led to a development of a new product in the penis enhancement industry is that can weights help the penis in development of size like it helps the muscle? Following the same logic of weights’ effect on bodybuilding, it can be safely assumed that results on penis size are significantly developing too. Let’s look into how weights work on penis and how they make the enhancement work in the male member.

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Penis weights are a non-surgical means of penis girth and length improvement. These are used to implement healthy stretching of the penis so the size multiplies naturally. Penis weights are stated to initiate an enhancement of around an inch and sometimes, more.

#What Happens When One Uses Weights to Stretch the Penis?

Primarily a ligament cutting surgery is performed but it is not a basic necessity as one can use the pulley style weights to hand onto the penis so proper stretching occurs. These weights are also called penis stretchers and enhancers and create a pull effect on the penis muscles as they hand towards the ground so basically, its gravity doing all the work. When the weights are dangling onto the penis freely (ensure that there is no interference caused by the hand or other factors to assist the weights), the muscle gets the best stretching effect. In addition to pulling, the penis gets toned and there is healthy blood flow activity within this area enabling improved growth.

Weights and Other Stretching Activity for Ample Penis Growth 2

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The principle that Penis weights works by is healing and regeneration.  As the cells and tissue is stretched, it tears a little and then the regeneration process allow the entire penis to whole again thus creating extra inches.

#Possible Complications

Penis weights work depending on the technique followed by the user as it they are used for too long such as 20 minutes or longer and without any lubrication or breaks to allow proper blood flow back into the penis. The first rule is to extend the stretching for not more than 5-12 minutes and then take time to soothe the penis of the strain and enable ample blood flow back in to it.