Best Exercises for Penis – Increase Penis Size & amp; Performance

Exercising has been touted the solution for just about everything. Now, penis size issues can also be handled with exercising and it won’t require one to sign up for a professional training course either! There are certain special exercises for penis that can be performed at home, without any professional assistance to gain results in the long term. Find out what the effective methods for these exercises are and how they are performed here:

#Kegel Method

Kegel is one of the most renowned exercises for penis and can be performed on an everyday basis for 20-30 minutes.

This will required one to identify the location of the Pubococcygeus muscle in the penis and it can be by checking for it during urination. After one has found the location for this muscle, it simply needs to be contracted for 20-30 minutes. Healthy contraction will enable stronger control on erection and develop the overall appearance. It can be done for longer for better results.

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This is also a famous penis exercise but one must generously lubricate the penis well before getting started with the procedure.

After the lubrication, develop an OK sign at penis base with the hand and massage the phallus by gently pulling hand (with the okay sign still intact) outward. This pulling should be done from the base to the penis head and should be repeated every few seconds. . Doing these 5-10 minutes every day will facilitates healthy boost in the penis girth and length.

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#Plain Stretching

Place hand on the penis head and hold it firmly so as to block a little blood flow but not completely constrict it. Then begin pull it in the outwardly direction and then bring it back and perform the pulling action again. Do this stretching by keeping the penis in the pulled position after every 5-10 seconds.

This is one of simplest Exercises for penis and can be done in more than just the outward direction as stretching in upwards or downwards or right-left direction will also yield similar results. One can perform sessions of 5-10 minutes with stretching in different directions as per personal convenience.

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#Backward Exercise

This intricate Exercise requires one to practice the basics at first so those who have never exercised their penis before should equipped with the basics first. Those who understand the basics well should go ahead with this. One should use the thumbs above the shaft and the fingers under the shaft to pull the skin off towards the body and provide adequate support under the penis. Keeping penis in this position for few seconds at a time will help in measurement amplification.

#Opposite Directions Workout

Grasp the glans with one hand and the base of the penis with another and then pull the either sides in contradictory directions. Remember to not put too much force and be as gentle as possible during the pulling. Pull for 10 seconds at a time and repetition for 5 minutes a day will be sufficient for measure assistance. movement

#Circular Rotation

When stretching the penis, simply rotate in a clockwise and counter clockwise direction and repeated change directions every 10-30 seconds. Perform this exercise every 10-20 minutes to see visible boost in the penis size.

When exercising the penis, it’s indispensable to remember to stroking of the penis must be done in extremely gentle fashion as any excess force on the gentle muscle may lead to damage.

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Exercises for penis have remained that essential option for sizing and performance development but with the advent of technology, medical science and research, there are now options such as surgical enhancement, supplementary growth boost, herbal pills development etc that can be used to maintain some extra manliness.