Best Possible Penis Lengthening Surgical Procedures

#Penis Lengthening Surgical Procedures

When talking of a penile lengthening surgery, one must remember than it won’t have any impact on the girth unless one undergoes a separate or additional process for it. There are three famous procedures for surgical enhancement of the size of the penis:

  1. Dermal Grafting
  2. Liposuctioned Fat
  3. Ligament cutting

 #Liposuctioned Fat                                                                                                   

Best Possible Penis Lengthening Surgical Procedures 7


First the fat is suctioned from the body areas that are high fat like thighs, abdomen etc. Then this fat is placed inside the penis with the help of injections to develop the girth size of the male member. The disadvantage of this method is that fat begins to dissolve (as there are no blood vessels) within 10 months or longer duration and can’t be expected to give permanent results.