Penis Injections: Initiating Healthy Sex With Strong Erection

Erection issues occur due to several psychological and physical complaints and sometimes, due to a combination of them. Medicines for managing the issue are prescribed through injection and oral basis that can be taken when you need an erection (before sex). The stability of the predictable erection through these medications is what makes it such a famous choice among men.

#Medicines For Maintaining A Healthy, Stable and Hard Erection



Alprostadil is one of the common medicines used in erectile dysfunction Penis injections. You can inject the medicine into your penis on your own or use assistance from a physician to get it injected. Auto- injecting devices are also available for those who are afraid of the needle (syringe) or can’t manage to perform the injecting part.

The medicine is developed to initiate arousal and a healthy erection in the penis right when you need to have sex. The injected medicine helps in soothing the muscles which are around penile blood vessels. This helps in hardening of the penis due to the development in circulation of blood and then an erection is produced. The approximate duration of the erection is 30 minutes and longer. The duration can be increased with high medicine injection nonetheless, it is best to seek consultation with the physician before using larger dosage that recommended.