Core Features of Free Board Meeting Software

It’s important, when selecting board management software to identify the essential features that can have the greatest impact on your company. These features could include efficient meetings preparation, document accessibility, and clear communication. Your business may also have to think about how to make use of the platform to ensure compliance and security.

The Meeting Planning Process is Streamlined

Many board directors spend the majority of their time preparing meetings. Software for board meetings can dramatically reduce the time spent preparing making directors more efficient during meetings themselves. These efficiencies can help accelerate the decision-making process that drives revenue operations, and also ensures strategic outcomes.

Members have access to all meeting materials, organizational policies and other information through intuitive board portals. They also have access to messages from fellow board members and the assignments they have been given. This means that there is no necessity for direct email communications that could pose a security risk and leaves your company open to fishing expeditions and frivolous lawsuits.

During the meeting, board members can use the tools available in their software for board members to create dynamic and fully digital agendas for meetings that have designated time limits for each portion as well as assignments for people. They can also use highlighters, comments, and questions to annotate documents. Additionally, some systems allow you to make decisions between meetings using tools such as voting and discussion channels.

Any board software should have a secure and unified record system. The most secure solutions offer secure encrypted data storage, as well as a clear separation between board communications and operational capabilities. They are geared towards accessibility to mobile devices and offer a seamless experience across all devices.

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