Do all Men Like Big Boobs?

#Boobs – This subject is very close to my heart!


Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I belong to the percentage of women with 34 cup sizes. Definitely, it’s a desirable feature for my many gal pals, and no doubt it also attracts lots of men, but my only reaction is ‘Someone should ask my heart’.

Like any other girl, I’m also conscious about the size of my boobs that make the things go from naughty to nice to kinky to good to naughty again…. and keep my man happy, of course! 😛

Men being men, there is not a denying fact that they are quite fascinated by the visuals. So, why else do you think that Playboy magazines or Bay-watch series are so popular? Uh? Believe it or not, but the size of boobs can get the things going for him.


Not all men are same! Yeah! I asked few of my male friends, that when it comes to boobs, does size really matter for them? Let’s see what are their takes

Friend no.1 – I’m unable to explain, but yeah! I don’t like big boobs at all. I like small ones – best to look and touch it.

women with small breast1


Friend no.2 – What I have noticed that women with big breasts looks attractive, but as far my experience goes, a woman with smaller boobs can be attractive too.



Friend no.3 – Small breasts, any day! They are easier to hold, and not at all bad to touch either.

men like women with big boobs


So, ladies. There is no point to invest a lot on enhancement cream, padded bras, gels and definitely silicon. They only make you feel inadequate and look unnatural. So love the body you’re in!