Do all Men Like Big Boobs?

#What Studies Tell?

Undoubtedly, the bra industry supports the idea ‘bigger is better’. They made padded bras to make the appearance of breasts look bigger and attractive. After that, push-up bra got introduced that make the breasts look even larger.

Apparently, there are two studies that tells, women with bigger boobs are preferred by men.

women breast2



    • Eye-tracking technology used by the New Zealand researchers in order to assess how men viewed women with different boobs size. Many women with small breast size do grab the attention of the men, but most men gazed at women with large size breasts (in fact, a lot of women complain that men talk to their boobs) :-O
    • The French researchers made women fitted with different size padded bras, and sent them to the cafes. The larger the bra size of the women, the more are the men who approached them