Does Size Matter in Bed?

Dick is a man’s first love… they care for it, fondle it and respect it :P. Men love their manhood and are mostly obsessive about it. It’s an age old quandary in the minds of men that if the size matter in bed. Do women like big, average, thick or what ?

Myth about big dicks is so overrated now a day. But in reality, big dicks are rare exceptions. The men who are over obsessed with the size of their penis lack self confidence as they place their self worth in their penises.

“The bigger it is, the better it is”, this doesn’t hold truth here as most women like to be loved and experience ecstasy when in bed with their partners. Women like wild fucking and sex is an inevitable part of life not only for women but for all humans.

does size matter


Last week I talked to my childhood friend and the topic of sex life started from nowhere and she told me that she likes her boyfriend in bed as he is wild and simultaneously takes care of her needs and fantasies. When I asked her about the size she said “I don’t care about the size of the dick no giant, no tiny I like a happy medium :)”

Women don’t care for the penis size until and unless the man is not able to satisfy her.  Rather women look penises as a toy to play with; a toy which they can suck, nibble, bite and what not …:P

Everyone knows women talk talk talk …yeah that’s true and we talk about the dicks too guys. But we don’t discuss your penis size with our women confidante, we discuss what we did with it and how. umm umm ummm!