How to Choose your Career Path

“Choose a job you love, and you will never
have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

If for a while, you read the above quote by one of world’s most famous philosopher, peacefully and let it digest, you’ll realize that talking about choosing a career path is unerringly another way of saying here’s life offering you one lifetime opportunity to choose your kind of future – time to live whatever you dreamt of, earn whatever you think you ever desired and make the world take notice of your work and presence in this planet of shining stars and shooting stars. Be in control of your mind, be very patient and wise while reading this guiding article and you’ll find all your dreams coming true right there in front of you. Have faith……and read.

# Faith

that’s what shapes up your life. You got to have faith in yourself. “You have to have believe in yourself,” as world’s top golfer Tiger Woods puts it in one of his televised interviews. Don’t ever think that anybody in world will believe your dreams until and unless you yourself believe in them first. If you sit relaxed and try analyze what is it that everybody seems to be saying “Schooling is finished” which means that ‘time to learn within four walls is simply over’. Mind it I never said that learning is over.

Please, please and please don’t follow any dotted lines or a herd of sheep blindly, if you wish to succeed in life. Because those who follow their friends or cousins or hearsay either end up doing something they hate or wail about in years to come or they reach a stage in life where they quit the spot i.e. career, where they have been digging for years and years and start searching for something new, repeating the mistake of listening to others and not what their heart or mind say.

To understand the importance of finding what you love, see those around you who failed. You’ll be surprised they always have excuses for things went wrong in their lives. And even if you watch videos online of the world’s most successful be it Beckham or Jordan or Ronaldo or Sachin Tendulkar or Bruce Lee – you’ll be astonishingly shocked how much time they spend practicing what they do and you’ll make out one thing common amongst all these who define success – they simply love what they do.

So, LOVE what you are planning to do. If you are not in love with anything you going to spend your life with, that is a recipe to make life hell! “If you are going to keep looking at your watch after 6 ‘0 clock after every five minutes, you are in going for a wrong career,” says Naomi Goldsmith, BBC world trainer to one of his trainee journalists. You cannot expect to spend your whole life at some work, where you are always in a hurry to end it or staring at the watch endlessly to see the end of so called ‘official timing’. You can never be great at something that you are waiting to end it all the time.
So, what we intend to say is don’t see choosing a career or future path as a mere formality to select something for the time being and wait to see if it suits you or not.actually-i-can (1)


# Talent

Now, after you gauge the strength of your faith and love for work, comes the real test – whether you have any visible talent or it’s still hidden deep within, like a dormant volcano and needs attention. Uninterrupted and persistent nurturing is required in both the cases. Visible talent is something that your parents or teachers, friends, relatives have been talking about. Now this could be any damn thing. Yes! “I used to talk a lot. And I was quite infamous everywhere for my spontaneity in answering any sort of queries. My elders used to tell me not to answer abruptly, as it sounds ill-mannered. Though I tried, that habit of sudden questioning and answering didn’t go. But all that came to my rescue when I became a journalist. That became my strength,” says a senior journalist who has worked with leading media houses across India.

“In their childhood, lots of players get scolding by their parents for playing all the time, till they or their sport coaches realize and tell their parents how talented their son or daughter is,” shares a career counselor Anjali, who feels it’s common for parents to overlook what a teacher or coach could see sometimes.

So, if there’s anything you like or literally love, mind it you got to spend lifetime doing it, share it with your parents and teachers/coaches as well. Sometimes, parents tend to overlook some talent that others, who come from various backgrounds, circumstances and learning, get to see it. Though you need to convince your parents, remember you got to share your passion and your practical vision first and its feasibility if you wish the world to believe in you and your dream. Make sure to demarcate the clear difference between influenced choice and choice driven by your talent i.e. judicious decision will make your life better. Here’s a serious warning: Don’t ever fall into the trap of what others will think of your choice, what choice of career will make you look great or some sort of hero in their eyes….just think what you love and if you have the talent to attain it. Keep it simple…don’t complicate. vmartines-2477


# Meet Winners and Successful

Once you finalize with what to do, look for those winners and success stories who have been through ups and downs of career in the industry you are planning to step in. Nothing prepares and educates you like failure. So, those who have failed will tell you what steps could make you fall. And getting lesson on how to fall, will teach you to rise from ashes, infinite times. No one shoots up and stay there on top without his or her share of struggles and hindrances. No matter what! Meet more and more people, take more experience, understand their stories and then write your own script. It will be one of its kinds….coz it’s going to be originally yours.success1


# Be Flexible and Keep the Options Open

In this competitive era, please don’t see keeping fall back options open as a sign of lack of self confidence or determination. Today, even after spending decades and decades in a career, a full-fledged expert has to look for other options due to slowdown in industries and economies or long unemployment, to make his/her living. Flexibility is must these days. It helps you survive the jungle out there! Being flexible not only takes you far and on top, but will also help you reach pinnacle faster. “I never thought I can live without my job of a fashion designer with a leading designing house. But then when I saw my colleagues being asked to leave, I knew my time isn’t far. Besides freelancing, I also started teaching students. Initially, I found it stressful but with experience I learnt the tricks of the trade and maturity with flexibility gave me patience to stand back on something that I never thought I could do,” says Sachin. This mantra will help you survive even the worst – Whether today you run or not, but make sure to be on the move and never stop and stay out of the market. Go with the flow….time will take you to deeper oceans on its own.changing-careers-at-30-16-638


# Preparing for the Worst, will Make you Simply the Best

So you wish to live life like Shah Rukh Khan, for instance? Even if I offer you his life on platter, with all my experience, I can bet if you can barely carry his life on your shoulders even for a week! Yes, ‘bigger the head, bigger the headache’ goes an old proverb. Hectic schedules, deadline pressures, mammoth money involved and months and months away from family – isn’t this something you’ll never want to have? Managing all this makes him a real star in the eyes of the world. Stardom is a very small gift for him who works 24*7, 365 days a year….despite being so filthy rich. Now try to understand the contradiction – once you earn a lot, you tend to relax and get lazy, though it’s exactly opposite that happens in most cases. Dhoni after earning so much doesn’t need to get up at 5 in the morning, but he still does. So, it shows that your work is directly proportionate to your earnings. More you earn, the more you might have to work and not the opposite. So being in love with your work will only keep you growing.

“My friend was fascinated with army uniform and its salute culture. But when he got into training academy and then later posted in an insurgent area, he witnessed the other side of army. The tough life made him realized that golf or tennis were a very small part of army,” says Pankaj, who tried for army entrance tests but couldn’t make it.

Learning about the dark sides of any career will help you chalk out a rescue plan or a timely exit, if god forbids, is needed! It’s the most important trait that’s required these days. Be flexible, open and make sure to know all about your career’s other side. That will prepare you for the worst but make you simply the best! block


# Discpline, Preservance and Patience

These trio traits have always reaped unimaginable fruits to the most successful people in the universe. You can’t afford to be indiscipline just if you are born talented, sometimes you hit six at the first shot and sometimes it takes patience and insistence to keep getting singles and turn the game around. What matters at the end of the day is – You Win. Irrespective whether you hit sixes or you took singles. Right? So, if you agree, step out carefully, be patient and most important be confident of your victory. This brings me to another step in the series – visualization.block


# Be positive, visualise success

World’s famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey in one of his interviews on Oprah Winfrey show shared the power of visualization. He shared how, while driving back home, he used to visualize about owning big houses, cars, lots of money and waving at the hordes of people around like some big star. And he literally believes that his thinking of good time ahead all the time, attracted those things and makes all of them come true. “Of course, you need to put in hard work,” shares the actor on the show.

If you keep doing your best, executing all ideas you could ever think of, then staying positive will make you move rapidly towards you goal. During my journalism training I was repeatedly reminded by my BBC trainer, “Don’t think you are here to become a journalist or you will become a journalist after the course is over, imagine yourself to be a journalist already and work like one.” Try this. If you wish to be an accountant or an MBA or a designer or an army officer or an actor or whatever your inner passion desires, simply start acting like one. It won’t be far before you realize that you have actually become professionally what you were enacting.

“There’s no recipe to success” –must have heard it many times. Reason? Before you arrived, there was no ‘you’ ever before and will never be. You have your own destiny, different from others. Destiny….that’s what not so successful people give reason for those who becomes successful while successful, invariably, call it a result of hardwork, patience, intelligence, optimism and above all belief in themselves and their beautiful dreams. Things we have discussed above.

So dream beautiful, wake up with enthusiasm to give your best at this chance that life offers you. You may call it a career path; I’ll call it future in your fist.
Take your call…best of luck buddies.block


Do whatever, stay happy forever…
(Please let us know if you have any career related queries or problems that you want us to discuss and throw light on. We will be more than happy to help you sort out any of your problems at any step of life. Be assured, we are here as your best guide.)