How to Cure Hangover?

You have managed to work for five full days, with two overtimes, have completed the weekly task with veracity, was rewarded for such an excellent work and you know you have earned it! Yes, I am talking about the weekend party. It’s Saturday and you have all the rights to ride the roller coaster of fun and wickedness (in all good means!). You indulge in those succulent dishes at the club and then, spend all night (after 12, the next day begins) dancing and showing your wild moves around. You don’t remember how you reached home, but wake up with a heavy brain, disturbed stomach and feel like you have been on acid.


Well, it’s not the dance that did the harm, but the alcohol. We all know, parties are extraneous without alcohol and you, being a beer lover, cannot spend your weekend without it. The very thought of dancing all night is quite tempting, but the next day, you could not help just regret it! You promise not to repeat it, but the cycle goes on and you feel helpless in getting away from the addiction.

Science says, there is no exact cure of hangover, but you surely can prevent it or make it better. So, what are the tips that you can follow so as to get rid of that heavy feeling the other day. Check out!


Difficulty – Hard

Time Required – As much as it takes you to feel better

Here’s how:

#  Sleep it off

Yes, if you can have that extra zzzz’s the next day, then nothing like it. If you have been too tipsy the night before, sleeping it off the other day helps a lot. So, unless you have that party on a Saturday, do not even think about drinking too much as you would not make it to office otherwise.

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# Be a Fish

No, not literally, but fall in love with water the next day. Drink as much as you can and mind it, it should just be plain water! No sodas, no sports drink (I don’t know why some people don’t understand the difference between them!). The main cause of hangovers is dehydration as that is what the alcohol does to our bodies, it dehydrates us badly. So, wine or any other drink should be the last thing on your menu if you want to spend the day without any head spin.


# Avoid Caffeine

As alcohol already sucks water from your body, making you feel like a lonely traveler on a desert ride, caffeine would just aggravate the symptoms. While a little bit of it is ok (as some cannot begin their day without their cuppa), large quantities of it would just make your condition woeful. You can have a glass of orange juice for Vitamin C if not

# Stay Away from Painkillers

Well, aspirin, Tylenol and ibuprofen are the first things you would be searching after waking up with a heavy head, experts suggest it’s better to stay clear of them. Reason? Aspirin is a blood thinner just like alcohol and can intensify the effects, Ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeding and Tylenol can cause more damage to your liver. So, it’s good to strangulate your desires of popping a pill and fall into slumber again. Try following the natural remedies. (Worry not, I am giving you more options)



# Move a Little Bit

Though heavy sweat generating exercises are recommended, but I am sure many of you won’t love the idea. So, move a little bit, try climbing the staircase, do a 5 min jog for half an hour after a 2 minute interval. Just get your body to sweat as that would eliminate toxins and get your body started.default-ds-photo-getty-article-99-174-160141146_XSSource:

# Bananas are your Friend of the Day

Alcohol causes your body to lose potassium and bananas being high in this should be eaten the next day. They are also a natural antacid to help ease nausea and also relax the pounding blood vessels causing the hangover. For these reasons, you can also munch on peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich on white bread.



# It’s Bathing Time

Put some fragrant body wash in your water tub, fill it with lukewarm water, put off your clothes (make sure nobody’s watching :P), and soak in. OMG! It sounds so relaxing that I am going to jump into mine straight after finishing this article. Once you get out, you would feel better and fresh.


# Greasy Food

Well, they help when you have it before drinking. It is more about what you eat before or while drinking that your hangover depends on. A full stomach would slow down the absorption of alcohol making it longer for your body to become intoxicated. And the next day, you can eat some toast to ease the symptoms.



# Hair of the Dog : Is it Allowed?

After the whole night torture, alcohol, wine or beer should be the last things you’d be grabbing. It is true that poison kills poison, but the adage does not prove good when it comes to cure hangover. Drinking more alcohol would dehydrate your body further and won’t give it a chance to recover. Instead, have a glass of juice, lots of water or may be vegetable based broth.

Avoid drinking Alcohol