How to Get the Bigger Penis?

A number of discussion forums online provide insight into how men are bothered about their penis size regardless of how satisfactory their sex life is. The link between the sexual experience and penile size is obvious but it is not essential that to have a healthy sexual life, one must have a penis as big as the foot length! So, if you are bothered about your flaccid penis being shorter and often browse through ‘I want a bigger penis’ forums then you need to re-consider your opinion.

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#Mental and Physical Satisfaction

Women are bothered about being not attractive enough if they are flat-chested and it is pretty common among women to get breast implants. In fact, cosmetic surgeries like liposuction; Rhinoplasty, etc are widely undergone by men as well as women for cosmetic purpose. But the question is that does this affect how they body functions and how well their health is?

The link between men’s self-esteem and size of the penis is quite deep and has always been there. In fact, among men, the size of the penis is also considered as a means of measuring one’s virility, strength. It is hard to say anything about the origin of a man’s masculinity being measured by the size of his penis but it is safe to state that men often consider their manliness defined by their penis. This is where the mental satisfaction kicks in. the question of I want a bigger penis often arises in the mind when you find out that someone else has a penis that is 2 inches longer than your own.

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