Lower Body Workouts

# Ice Skater

Ice Skater

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Ice Skater is an interesting lower body workout as it focuses on toning the not only the hips, and outer thighs but also the abs and butt. Do it like this:

Stand straight with your feet apart (the width between feet should be just a little less than your shoulder-width) and keep your arms extended. Beginners can try holding a char with their extended arms for better support.

Now, slowly bend your left knee while you extend your right leg to your right direction (make sure your toes are open and pointing forward). Keep your right leg extended and bring it rotate your leg in the air to bring it behind he left leg but make sure that you do not touch the leg or the floor while doing so. Doing this ice skating exercise around 10-15 times is sufficient and for variation, you can work out on both of your legs by changing directions.

Ice Skater work out
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