Penile Enlargement Exercises: Enhance your Penis With Cost Free Ways

Pills, lotions, surgeries for penis enlargement can’t be trusted since there have been multiple cases of complaints. But exercising seems like the only natural, cost free and simple way to achieve the goal as many sex educators, men’s health professionals and urologists suggest. Find out what penile enlargement exercises can actually help your male member grow well here:


#Stretching Penis

Stretching is a common activity that is suggested for not just the penis but for all parts of the body. When you wake up, you should stretch your back and your arms well and this will help you not just relax but also make you feel relieved of fatigue. Similarly, when you stretch your penis, your penis feels relieved of fatigue and stress and receives a boosting blood circulation that helpful for maintaining a strong erection.

Once of the most basic Penile Enlargement Exercises, stretching requires practice and a relieved pace.

#How To Stretch The Penis?

Exercising the penis requires a warm penis that is well lubricated so apply a warm towel to the penis and then massage oil or a lotion to lubricate the penis well. Now, place one of your hands on the penis head and grasp the head with your fingers gently. Now, pull it outside in the horizontal direction and do it at a very slow pace and keep pulling for around 10 seconds. Now, stop and bring the penis back in the natural position and perform the pulling action again in a vertical position for similar duration.


After performing 10-15 repetitions for 10 seconds each, stop and relax your penis and extend the penis in a stretching manner in a circulation motion. The movement is easy as you will need to firmly grasp your penis and provide support under the penile shaft and then you can rotate the penis during the 10 second stretching gently. Rotational stretching is also one of the most feasible penile enlargement exercises but it needs practice and precision. So, if you are confused about the circulation motion of your penis or feel that you are not doing it the right away then it is best to check about the exercise through a video so you can check visually about how the penis is supposed to be moved in this exercise. This will help you lower the strain on your penis that you may otherwise cause due to uninformed performance of the penile motion exercise.


Another one of the most commonly performed, recommended and effective penile enlargement exercises, Jelqing is also called the milking technique.

#How To Jelq The Penis?


Well, this process may seem easy but it is a little tricky, especially for newcomers. So, if you have never performed any penile exercise, it is suggested that you started with a little stretching and then take some time to finally begin jelqing.

However, if you decide to perform this one, follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep a Lubricant handy and pour generous quantity over your penis to lubricate is well

  2. Use your right hand to grasp your penis by holding your hand through an OK sign and ensure that your hand is grasping the penis at the base

  3. Now, begin gently massing the phallus through pulling your hand over the penis in the outwardly direction

Perform every pulling for duration of 5-10 seconds and continue the process by switching hands for around 10-30 minutes. This exercise helps in pushing the blood from penile base towards glansĀ and improves the glans size. Remember to not Jelq inwards and don’t be extreme when putting pressure on the penis.



After practicing the stretching and milking technique, you can also move towards stretching penis in intricate directions and use the Kegel technique for healthier erection ability.